Church Gresley Marriages 1831-1835
Church Gresley, St Mary & St George's
Marriages 1831-1835 
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Ref.   Date          H-Forename(s) H-Surname        H-Residence               Mar   W-Forname(s)  W-Surname       W-Residence        Mar  Witnesses
A450   10-May  1831  John          CORDEN           otp                       widr  Catharine     NEWBOLD         otp                sp   William NEWBOLD & Sarah PEACE
A451   24-May  1831  Philip        GOODWIN          Swadlincote               bach  Mary          REDFERN         Swadlincote        sp   William RILEY & Mary FROGGAT
A452   26-May  1831  James         TURNER           otp                       bach  Mary          BRUNT           otp                sp   William TURNER & Sophia TURNER
A453   30-May  1831  Joseph        MELLOR           Swadlincote               bach  Anne          ANCOCK          Swadlincote        sp   Samuel THORNHILL & Eliza HANCOCK
A454   4-Oct   1831  Joseph        JOHNSON          Appleby                   bach  Charlotte     CLARKE          otp                sp   Thomas CLARKE & Maria CLARKE
A455   22-Nov  1831  William       PEACE            otp                       bach  Catharine     KING            otp                sp   Thomas PICKERING & Anne KING
A456   22-Nov  1831  George        HEAP             otp                       bach  Frances       GRAINGER        otp                sp   John CORDEN & Anne GOUGH
A457   26-Dec  1831  Thomas        BETTRIDGE        otp                       bach  Mary          WHITAKER        otp                sp   John CLAMP & Mary MARRATT
A458   26-Dec  1831  William       WOLLEY           otp                       bach  Sarah         THOMPSON        otp                wid  Samuel COOPER & Elizebeth COOPER
A459   9-Jan   1832  Joseph        WILTON           Norton juxta Twycross LEI bach  Eliza         JURANCE         Linton             sp   Thomas WILTON & Mary JURANCE
A460   22-Jan  1832  Adam          KIRK             otp                       bach  Anne          CROXALL         otp                sp   Samuell KIRK & Mary CROXALL
A461   5-Feb   1832  Richard       CLEWES           Swadlincote               bach  Sarah         BROUGH          Swadlincote        sp   George ?DARE & Sarah KINGSTON
A462   12-Mar  1832  Thomas        BULLARS          otp                       bach  Elizabeth     BUCK            Ashby-de-la-Zouch  sp   Samuel TAYLOR & Elizabeth PERKINS
A463   16-Apr  1832  Samuel        DOLMAN           Hartshorn                 bach  Mary          DUMOLO          otp                sp   Henry DUMOLO & Elizabeth DUMOLO
A464   1-May   1832  Francis       HART             Oakthorpe                 bach  Mary          SMITH           Oakthorpe          sp   Thomas HART & Hannah SMITH
A465   21-May  1832  William       BUNTING          Uttoxeter STS             bach  Elizabeth     FLETCHER        Linton             sp   Jno. FLETCHER & Eliza Allport CROSS
A466   28-May  1832  John          REDFERN          otp                       widr  Rebecca       HERDSMAN        otp                sp   Richard HURDMAN & Mary ARCHER
A467   28-May  1832  John          COOPER           otp                       bach  Ann           GOFF            otp                sp   Thomas BUCKLEY & Mary PAYNE
A468   7-Jun   1832  John          WINFERDALE       Oakthorpe                 bach  Lydia         CLAMP           Oakthorpe          sp   Thomas WINFERDALE & Selina CLAMP
A469   20-Aug  1832  Thomas        HARDWICK         Round Wolds               widr  Edith         SESTERN         Midway             wid  William WATTS & Mary SMITH
A470   4-Oct   1832  Joseph        WAINWRIGHT       Donisthorpe                     Josion        MARSHALL        Donisthorpe             John NEWBOLD & Elizabeth LITHERLAND
A471   10-Oct  1832  Joseph        BOSTOCK          otp                       bach  Frances       BETTRIDGE       otp                wid  Valentine PEACE & Martha PEACE
A472   15-Oct  1832  Thomas        MERRIMAN         otp                       bach  Mary          BATES           otp                sp   John BATES & Sarah ELTON
A473   25-Oct  1832  William       LAWRANCE         Dun-Church WAR            bach  Jane          COOPER          otp                sp   Henry COOPER & Louisa COOPER
A474   20-Nov  1832  Matthew       TILLEY           Linton                    bach  Mary          SMITH           Donisthorpe        sp   John HANCOCKS & Mary SMITH
A475   25-Dec  1832  Richard       BOOTH            otp                       bach  Rebecca       HAYWOOD         otp                wid  Mary BOURNE & Thos. COOPER
A476   21-Jan  1833  Thomas        BARNET           otp                       bach  Anne          LEES            otp                wid  John REDFERN & Rebecca REDFERN
A477   22-Jan  1833  John          SHUTTLEWORTH     otp                       bach  Elizabeth     HASTELOW        otp                sp   Moses BURNE & Elizabeth SHUTTLEWORTH
A478   24-Jan  1833  James         SATCHWELL        otp                       bach  Elizabeth     BUCKLEY         otp                sp   Thomas BUCKLEY & Mary BALL
A479   11-Feb  1833  William       BEARD            otp                       bach  Mary          CROXALL         otp                sp   Adam KIRK & Ann KIRK
A480   11-Feb  1833  Enoch         MUMFORD          otp                       bach  Charlotte     SIDNEY          otp                sp   William MOON & Elizabeth HEAP
A481   18-Feb  1833  Thomas        DEAKIN           Linton                    bach  Dinah         WYATT           Linton             sp   John PRICE & Mary JURANCE
A482   14-Apr  1833  John          WRIGHT           Oakthorpe                 bach  Mary          GRICE           Oakthorpe          sp   Thomas WRIGHT & Sarah WRIGHT
A483   28-Apr  1833  Robert        ILLSLEY          otp                       bach  Sarah         WOODHATCH       otp                sp   James ?HARRIS & Elizabeth WALTON
A484   28-May  1833  Samuel        BENNETT          Swadlincote               bach  Hannah        HEAMS           Swadlincote        sp   Joseph BENNETT & Mary ?SERVELL
A485   4-Jun   1833  John          WOOTTON          Swadlincote               bach  Jane          BOSTOCK         otp                sp   John WHETTON & Anne CLIFF
A486   10-Jun  1833  George        LEACH            otp                       bach  Anne          BATES           otp                sp   John ALCOCK & Mary LEACH
A487   18-Jun  1833  Richard       SMEDLEY          Swadlincote               widr  Anne          PRICE           Swadlincote        wid  John PRICE & Mary WILSHEE
A488   30-Jun  1833  John          SMITH            Swadlincote               bach  Anne          WAYTE           Swadlincote        sp   Edward SMITH & Sarah WHETTON
A489   5-Jul   1833  William       DAWES            Swadlincote               bach  Elizabeth     WOOTTON         Swadlincote        sp   Henry TALBOTT & Mary-AnneTALBOTT
A490   4-Aug   1833  Thomas        HUTCHINSON       Oakthorpe                 widr  Mary          MASSEY          Oakthorpe          sp   John MASSEY & Maria BUCKLEY
A491   7-Sep   1833  Joseph        LANCASTER        otp                       bach  Susannah      HAYWOOD         otp                sp   Samuel HAYWOOD & Elizabeth COPESTICK
A492   10-Sep  1833  William       NADIN            Rollestone                bach  Elizabeth     HALL            otp                sp   Elizabeth INASON & Daniel FLETCHER
A493   23-Sep  1833  John Webster  SAVERY           Donisthorpe               bach  Mary          SYLVESTER       Donisthorpe        sp   Thomas BELLFIELD & Hannah SAVERY
A494   9-Oct   1833  Robert        WOODHOUSE        Donisthorpe               bach  Anne          MORRIS          Donisthorpe        sp   Wm. MORRIS & Elizabeth WOODHOUSE
A495   12-Nov  1833  George        BIRCHER          otp                       bach  Sarah         HILL            otp                sp   Sampson STURGES & Hannah COOPER
A496   17-Nov  1833  Thomas        SMITH            otp                       bach  Anne          BOOTH           otp                sp   Joseph HUTSBY & Charlotte HUTSBY
A497   17-Nov  1833  Thomas        WATERFIELD       otp                       bach  Sarah         DENNIS          otp                sp   Wm. WATERFIELD & Hannah COOPER
A498   3-Dec   1833  Josiah        BAMPKIN          Swadlincote               bach  Hannah        HARRISON        Swadlincote        sp   William HARRISON & Martha TAYLOR
A499   8-Dec   1833  William       LUNN             otp                       bach  Dorothy       BENFIELD        otp                sp   Joseph BENFIELD & Caroline GOUGH
A500   9-Dec   1833  John          HAYNES           Willington DBY            bach  Rebecca       EATON           otp                sp   Richard HAYNES & Mary EATON
A501   16-Dec  1833  Samuel        LAKIN            Linton                    bach  Sarah         POINTON         Linton             sp   Joseph POINTON & Dorothy SANDERS
A502   24-Dec  1833  Joseph        DENNIS           Oakthorpe                 bach  Mary          HART            Oakthorpe          sp   Thomas BOURNE & Sarah DICKEN
A503   24-Dec  1833  Joseph        DICKEN           Swadlincote               bach  Charlotte     BAILEY          Swadlincote        sp   Thomas ORTON & Elizabeth DENNIS
A504   25-Dec  1833  William       WATERFIELD       otp                       bach  Hannah        COOPER          otp                sp   John CROXALL & Elizabeth COOPER
A505   6-Jan   1834  Joseph        WOOD             Linton                    bach  Mary          JURANCE         Linton             sp   John HANCOX & Mary JURANCE
A506   20-Jan  1834  James         BRADFORD         Oakthorpe                 bach  Mary Anne     WRIGHT          Oakthorpe          sp   Thomas PATRICK & Margaret WRIGHT
A507   3-Feb   1834  John          HART             Oakthorpe                 bach  Mary          BUCKLEY         Oakthorpe          sp   Thomas HART & Maria BUCKLEY
A508   4-Feb   1834  Joseph        GERVICE          Swadlincote               bach  Elizabeth     SHAKESPEAR      Swadlincote        sp   George GERVICE & Sarah DICKEN
A509   31-Mar  1834  William       ALDRIDGE         otp                       bach  Martha        DAWES           otp                sp   William DAWS & Elizabeth ALDRIDGE
A510   8-Apr   1834  Peter         POYSER           otp                       bach  Elizabeth     SLATER          otp                sp   William HUFTON & Maria HOLMAN
A511   1-May   1834  John          MANSFIELD        otp                       bach  Hannah        ELLIS           otp                sp   Thomas MANSFIELD & Ann SIMPSON
A512   19-May  1834  James         BOFFEY           Swadlincote               bach  Hannah        WOODWARD        Swadlincote        sp   Edwin EARDLEY & Mary MEESON
A513   19-May  1834  John          HARRISON         otp                       bach  Phobe         DEAN            otp                sp   George HARRISON & Mary ORGILL
A514   19-May  1834  William       COLLIER          Caldwall                  bach  Elizabeth     RUSSELLL        Linton             sp   Henry COLLIER & Sarah RUSSELL
A515   4-Aug   1834  John          HEAP             otp                       bach  Anne          KINSTON         otp                sp   Thomas HEAP & Mary KINSTON
A516   4-Aug   1834  Thomas        WALTON           Swadlincote               bach  Sarah         DICKEN          Swadlincote        sp   George WALTON & Elizabeth DICKEN
A517   5-Aug   1834  Reuben        NEWBOLD          otp                       bach  Elizabeth     WILTON          Smisby             sp   J.P. WILTON & Johanah WILTON
A518   5-Aug   1834  Robert        MEE              Stapenhill                bach  Mary          ORGILL          Swadlincote        sp   William HAIN & Mary COLE
A519   6-Oct   1834  James         KENT             otp                       bach  Anne          CLIFF           otp                sp   George POINTON & Catharine CLIFF
A520   4-Nov   1834  Thomas        TIPPER           Tutbury STS               widr  Charlotte     BOTT            otp                wid  George PIPES & Patiance TIPPER
A521   4-Nov   1834  George        BUTLER           Burton-on-Trent           bach  True          BOSTOCK         otp                sp   Charles HEAP & Elizabeth DRABWELL
A522   2-Dec   1834  Thomas        CARTER           Repton                    bach  Esther        SMITH           otp                sp   Joseph BOURNE & Elizabeth EARDLEY
A523   15-Dec  1834  Samuel        HUFTON           Swadlincote               bach  Elizabeth     BENNETT         Swadlincote        sp   William HOUFTON & Martha TAYLOR
A524   15-Dec  1834  Joseph        BENNETT          Swadlincote               bach  Catharine     BODILL          otp                sp   John BENNETT & Elizabeth EARDLEY
A525   24-Dec  1834  Joseph        MILES            Oakthorpe                 bach  Elizabeth     BATES           Oakthorpe          sp   William BETTRIDGE & Maria MILES
A526   24-Dec  1834  John          MASSY            Oakthorpe                 bach  Elizabeth     JORDAN          Oakthorpe          sp   Thomas WILFINDALE & Elizabeth SHUTTLEWORTH
A527   25-Dec  1834  Richard       WINFIELD         otp                       bach  Maria         HENSHAW         otp                sp   Samuel SMITH & Elizabeth SMITH
A528   25-Jan  1835  Charles       HARDWICK         Swadlincote               bach  Anne          SMITH           Swadlincote        sp   Thomas CARTER & Esther SMITH
A529   26-Jan  1835  John          WOOLLEY          otp                       bach  Mary          EATON           otp                sp   William EATON & Sarah GREEN
A530   16-Feb  1835  Thomas        CORDIN           Clifton-Campville STS     bach  Elizabeth     HEAP            Swadlincote        sp   William DICKINSON & Mary CORDIN
A531   26-Feb  1835  William       ELTON            Gillsborough NTH          bach  Sarah         IRONMONGER      otp                sp   John IRONMONGER & Ellen PRATT
A532   22-Apr  1835  Samuel        HAYWOOD          otp                       bach  Elizabeth     COPESTAKE       otp                sp   Joseph LANCASTER & Susanana LANCASTER
A533   19-May  1835  John          RHODES           Swadlincote               bach  Sarah         TAYLOR          Swadlincote        sp   William HOUFTON & Martha TAYLOR
A534   13-Jul  1835  William       REDFERN          otp                       bach  Jane          TRUEMAN         Hartshorn          wid  John WILDMAN & Selina CLAMP
A535   10-Aug  1835  William       JURANCE          otp                       widr  Rebecca       ELVERSON        Seale LEI          sp   John PRICE & Sarah PRICE
A536   10-Aug  1835  John          OAKTON           otp                       bach  Sarah         KING            otp                sp   William THOMAS & Ann KING
A537   8-Sep   1835  John          BOSTOCK          otp                       bach  Sarah         TOON            Ashby-de-la-Zouch  sp   George JEBB & Ann TOON
A538   8-Sep   1835  Adam          KIRK             otp                       bach  Elizabeth     PEACE           otp                sp   Joseph SWAIN & Martha PEACE
A539   8-Sep   1835  William       HUFTON           Swadlincote               bach  Martha        TAYLOR          Swadlincote        sp   Robert TAYLOR & Margaret HUDSON
A540   13-Sep  1835  Roland        HEWITT           Sheepshead LEI            widr  Mary          WHETTON         Linton             wid  Francis BURTON & Elizer BURTON
A541   14-Sep  1835  John Edward   FLETCHER         otp                       bach  Sarah Mary    WILKINSON       otp                sp   Thos. SHAKESPEAR & Maria Fraser WILKINSON
A542   25-Oct  1835  Thomas        CROXALL          otp                       bach  Elizabeth     MARSHALL        otp                sp   William DEAN & Sarah MARSHALL
A543   8-Nov   1835  Henry         EARDLEY          otp                       bach  Mary          ROWLEY          otp                sp   William ATKINS & Elan ROWLEY
A544   8-Nov   1835  William       COOPER           Swadlincote               bach  Anne          BECK            Swadlincote        sp   John COOPER & Ann COOPER
A545   9-Nov   1835  George        MASON            Castle Gresley            bach  Mary          JURANCE         Linton             sp   John JURANCE & Selina SMITHARD
A546   16-Nov  1835  William       PAYNE            otp                       bach  Maria         WHITAKER        otp                sp   Thomas BETTRIDGE & Mary BETTRIDGE
A547   7-Dec   1835  William       BATES            Yardley WOR               bach  Anne          WETTON          Linton             sp   Robt. ORME & Anne BATES
A548   23-Dec  1835  Robert        TAYLOR           otp                       bach  Margaret      HUDSON          otp                sp   Edward STRAIT & Mary WILCOX
A549   29-Dec  1835  Joseph        STORER           Cole-Orton LEI            bach  Mary          BRADLEY         otp                sp   James STORER & Mary KENDRICK

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