Church Gresley Marriages 1851-1855
Church Gresley, St Mary & St George's
Marriages 1851-1855 
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Ref.  Date          Forename(s)          Surname        Age  Stat  Occupation    Residence           Father's Name              Father's Occ.     Witnesses
B257  2-Feb   1851  Henry                SOUTHERD       fa   bach  Potter        Woodville           Joseph SOUTHERD            Potter            Josiah COLCLOUGH & Eliza COLCLOUGH
------(wife)--------Mary                 COLCLOUGH      fa   sp                  Church Gresley      Josiah COLCLOUGH           Potter
B258  17-Feb  1851  John                 COLE           fa   bach  Potter        Swadlincote         John COLE                  Labourer          Thomas COLE & Tracey SIMPSON
------(wife)--------Susanna              SIMPSON        fa   sp                  Church Gresley      William SIMPSON (dec)      Potter
B259  9-Mar   1851  Thomas               UPTON          min  bach  Labourer      Drakelow            James UPTON (dec)          Labourer          James MEWIS? & Mary EATON
------(wife)--------Eliza                BATES          fa   sp                  Church Gresley      Thomas BATES (dec)         Labourer
B260  7-Apr   1851  John                 JOHNSON        fa   bach  Potter        Church Gresley      Thomas JOHNSON (dec)       Potter            Thomas BUCKLEY & Elizabeth STANDLEY
------(wife)--------Mary                 BEARDSMORE     fa   sp                  Ashby-de-la-Zouch   Samuel BEARDSMORE (dec)    Printer
B261  9-Jun   1851  Henry                BAGNALL        fa   bach  Collier       Church Gresley      Thomas BAGNALL (dec)       Carpenter         Frederick BAGNALL & Fanny DENT
------(wife)--------Elizabeth            DENT           fa   sp                  Newhall             John DENT                  Collier
B262  11-Jun  1851  Joseph               YARDLEY        fa   bach  Labourer      Morcott RUT         William YARDLEY (dec)      Labourer          William SUTTON & Mary LEA
------(wife)--------Sarah                LEA            fa   sp                  Linton              John LEA (dec)             Cordwainer
B263  6-Jul   1851  James                JONES          fa   bach  Potter        Church Gresley      Joseph JONES (dec)         Potter            Joseph JONES & Rhode JONES
------(wife)--------Ann                  NEWBOLD        fa   sp                  Swadlincote         Joseph NEWBOLD             Potter
B264  14-Oct  1851  William              KIRK           min  bach  Miner         Woodville           Joseph KIRK                Labourer          Henry KIRK & Elizabeth KING
------(wife)--------Anne                 CHAPMAN        fa   sp                  Church Gresley      John CHAPMAN               Brickmaker
B265  3-Nov   1851  John                 PATRICK        fa   bach  Confectioner  Burton on Trent     Thomas PATRICK (dec)       Baker             Henry TOOBY & Emily PATRICK
------(wife)--------Mary                 TOOBY          fa   sp                  Castle Gresley      Reginald TOOBY             Farmer
B266  23-Nov  1851  Edwin                HULL           fa   bach  Potter        Church Gresley      Richard HULL (dec)         Potter            Isaac HULL & Grace JONES
------(wife)--------Elizabeth            JONES          min  sp                  Church Gresley      William JONES              Potter
B267  30-Dec  1851  John William         ORPE           fa   bach  Farmer        Ellaston STS        John ORPE                  Farmer            William BURTON & Sarah WEST
------(wife)--------Ellen                WHETTON        min  sp                  Linton              John WHETTON (dec)         Farmer
B268  26-Jan  1852  James                MEAD           fa   bach  Wheelwright   Church Gresley      Thomas MEAD                Maltster          George SPENCER & Sabiner LEES
------(wife)--------Anne                 SPENCER        fa   sp                  Church Gresley      John SPENCER (dec)         Labourer
B269  5-Apr   1852  Edward               ROUSE          fa   bach  Bricklayer    Castle Gresley      William ROUSE              Butcher           William WOOD & Ellen FALKNER
------(wife)--------Jane                 FAULKNER       fa   sp                  Church Gresley      John FAULKNER              Maltster
B270  20-Jul  1852  William              LEEDHAM        20   bach  Labourer      Netherseale LEI     Stephen LEEDHAM            Labourer          Joseph LEEDHAM & Elizabeth LEEDHAM
------(wife)--------Ann                  WINTERTON      19   sp                  Church Gresley      John WINTERTON             Farmer
B271  1-Aug   1852  John                 BODELL         25   bach  Labourer      Church Gresley      John BODELL (dec)          Potter            William BODELL & Mary BODELL
------(wife)--------Mary Ann             BODELL         21   sp                  Church Gresley      Joseph BODELL (dec)        Labourer
B272  2-Aug   1852  George               INSLEY         22   bach  Potter        Church Gresley      William INSLEY (dec)       Potter            Edward WHETTON & Mary BEARD
------(wife)--------Jane                 MORTEN         19   sp                  Church Gresley      Thomas MORTEN              Labourer
B273  28-Oct  1852  John                 ALLBRIGHTON    68   widr  Surveyor      Swadlincote         Charles ALBRIGHTON         Clerk             John ROWLEY & Sarah BIRCH
------(wife)--------Elizabeth            CARVER         49   wid                 Swadlincote         Samuel BUCKNALL            Farmer
B274  9-Nov   1852  Thomas               NEWMAN         22   bach  Labourer      Linton              William NEWMAN (dec)       Labourer          John LUNN & Elizabeth DEAKIN
------(wife)--------Caroline             DEAKIN         33   sp                  Linton              Thomas DEAKIN (dec)        Labourer
B275  15-Nov  1852  John                 LEA            36   bach  Collier       Linton              John LEA (dec)             Cordwainer        John LUNN & Mary LEA
------(wife)--------Elizabeth            WHYATT         33   sp                  Linton              Luke WHYATT (dec)          Collier
B276  22-Nov  1852  James                PICKERING      22   bach  Collier       Church Gresley      Richard PICKERING          Labourer          Thomas FREEMAN & Harriet FREEMAN
------(wife)--------Sarah                LEECH          23   sp                  Church Gresley      Joseph LEECH (dec)         Labourer
B277  23-Nov  1852  James                MEWIS          22   bach  Labourer      Walton on Trent     Thomas MEWIS (dec)         Labourer          John MEWIS & Mary EATON
------(wife)--------Anne                 EATON          22   sp                  Church Gresley      William EATON              Labourer
B278  28-Mar  1853  Luke                 FLETCHER       27   bach  Wheelwright   Linton              Luke FLETCHER              Wheelwright       Frederick FARMER & Hanah PRICE
------(wife)--------Jane                 PRICE          26   sp                  Linton              John PRICE                 Farmer
B279  26-Apr  1853  John                 SWINDELL       29   bach  Coal Miner    Ashby-de-la-Zouch   Edward SWINDELL (dec)      Hatter            Thomas MEAKIN & Fanny KINSEY
------(wife)--------Charlotte            KINSEY         25   sp                  Linton              Thomas KINSEY (dec)        Farmer
B280  30-May  1853  John                 JURANCE        29   bach  Labourer      Castle Gresley      William JURANCE (dec)      Labourer          John ALLCOCK & Frances MASON
------(wife)--------Emma                 THOMPSON       23   sp                  Castle Gresley      William THOMPSON (dec)     Farmer
B281  8-Aug   1853  Jarvis               EYLEY          27   bach  Collier       Church Gresley      Thomas EYLEY               Mining Agent      Thomas TOON & Emma PEACE
------(wife)--------Mary                 PEACE          25   sp                  Linton              James PEACE (dec)          Sheep scabber
B282  3-Oct   1853  George               MORLEY         21   bach  Labourer      Church Gresley      Joseph MORLEY              Labourer          James FOSTER & Anne FOSTER
------(wife)--------Hannah               FOSTER         31   sp                  Castle Gresley      Joseph FOSTER (dec)        Labourer
B283  17-Oct  1853  Charles              HOLDEN         21   bach  Labourer      Drakelow            Joseph HOLDEN              Labourer          John HOLDEN & Emma TRICKLEBANK
------(wife)--------Louisa               TRICKLEBANK    23   sp                  Drakelow            Thomas TRICKLEBANK         Tailor
B284  30-Oct  1853  Joseph               BENNETT        23   bach  Collier       Church Gresley      John BENNETT (dec)         Gardener          John BATES & Catherine PEACE
------(wife)--------Anne                 HICKLING       22   sp                  Church Gresley      John HICKLING              Framework Knitter
B285  28-Nov  1853  Thomas               TOON           25   bach  Collier       Linton              Daniel TOON                Labourer          John LEECH & Sarah EYLEY
------(wife)--------Frances Whyatt       HOLMES         21   sp                  Church Gresley      Rowland HOLMES             Labourer
B286  28-Nov  1853  William              SALT           21   bach  Collier       Church Gresley      John SALT                  Collier           Ralph JONES & Elizabeth CHAMBERLAIN
------(wife)--------Maria                CHAMBERLAIN    18   sp                  Church Gresley      John CHAMBERLAIN (dec)     Labourer
B287  28-Nov  1853  Thomas               ASTBURY        22   bach  Labourer      Drakelow            William ASTBURY            Labourer          Jarvis EYLEY & Martha PEACE
------(wife)--------Emma                 PEACE          20   sp                  Linton              James PEACE (dec)          Sheep scabber
B288  4-Apr   1854  John                 STARTIN        28   bach  Farmer        Bretby              Charles STARTIN            Farmer            James WOODWARD & Emma WOODWARD
------(wife)--------Hannah               PRICE          31   sp                  Church Gresley      John PRICE (dec)           Farmer
B289  16-Apr  1854  Henry                KIRK           20   bach  Labourer      Woodville           Joseph KIRK                Labourer          William KIRK & Hannah HULL
------(wife)--------Rachael              HULL           21   sp                  Church Gresley      Richard HULL (dec)         Potter
B290  6-Aug   1854  Timothy              HILL           39   widr  Plasterer     Church Gresley      Timothy HILL (dec)         Labourer          Henry CHAMBERLAIN & Charlotte CHAMBERLAIN
------(wife)--------Mary                 NEWBOLD        43   wid                 Church Gresley      Joseph HOLDING (dec)       Labourer
B291  11-Sep  1854  Henry                TOOBY          30   bach  Labourer      Castle Gresley      Reginald TOOBY             Farmer            Thomas TOOBY & Elizabeth ASBURY
------(wife)--------Elizabeth            WRIGHT         26   sp                  Burton on Trent     Henry WRIGHT               Labourer
B292  23-Oct  1854  Joseph               HALL           24   bach  Collier       Church Gresley      Joseph HALL                Collier           William NEWBOLD & Elizabeth NEWBOLD
------(wife)--------Sarah                NEWBOLD        18   sp                  Church Gresley      William NEWBOLD (dec)      Labourer
B293  2-Nov   1854  Frederick Harrington FARMER         28   bach  Farmer        Linton              John FARMER                Farmer            Joseph SIMPKIN & Alice SIMPKIN
------(wife)--------Emily                CLAMP          19   sp                  Linton              -                          -
B294  27-Nov  1854  Thomas               COLLINS        23   bach  Potter        Woodville           Thomas COLLINS             Potter            John COLLINS & Ann ROWLEY
------(wife)--------Mary                 TRUMAN         30   wid                 Church Gresley      William COOPER             Labourer
B295  17-Dec  1854  John                 WARREN         26   bach  Collier       Swadlincote         Thomas WARREN              Collier           William WARREN & Mary BODELL
------(wife)--------Hannah               BODELL         21   sp                  Church Gresley      John BODELL (dec)          Potter
B296  3-Jan   1855  John                 SWAIN          23   bach  Cordwainer    Castle Gresley      Thomas SWAIN (dec)         Butcher           Charles AYRE & Mary BANTER?
------(wife)--------Hannah               HAIR           18   sp                  Castle Gresley      Wm. HAIR                   Labourer
B297  22-Jan  1855  Charles              DEAKIN         28   bach  Collier       Linton              Thomas DEAKIN (dec)        Labourer          Charles WINFIELD & Elizabeth DEAKIN
------(wife)--------Fanny                WINFIELD       20   sp                  Linton              William WINFIELD           Labourer
B298  6-Feb   1855  George               KIRK           21   bach  Brickmaker    Church Gresley      Thomas KIRK                Potter            Thomas KIRK & Sarah PEAT?
------(wife)--------Charlotte            EARDLEY        21   sp                  Church Gresley      Robert EARDLEY             Labourer
B299  19-Apr  1855  Thomas               BUCKLEY        41   bach  Agent         Church Gresley      George BUCKLEY (dec)       Farmer            George BUCKLEY & Hannah RHODES
------(wife)--------Elizabeth            STANDLEY       40   sp                  Hartshorne          Thomas STANDLEY            Pot Manufacturer
B300  13-May  1855  George               THOMAS         28   bach  Collier       Church Gresley      James THOMAS               Labourer          John ALRIDGE & Martha ALRIDGE
------(wife)--------Sarah                NEWBOLD        22   sp                  Church Gresley      Thomas NEWBOLD (dec)       Labourer
B301  6-Aug   1855  Joseph               EYLEY          23   bach  Engineer      Church Gresley      Thomas EYLEY               Mining Agent      Solomon WHITTAKER & Sarah EYLEY
------(wife)--------Elizabeth            BULLER         21   sp                  Church Gresley      William BULLER             Labourer
B302  12-Aug  1855  Joseph               WHETTON        23   bach  Labourer      Church Gresley      James WHETTON              Labourer          William NICHOLS & Sarah WHETON
------(wife)--------Ann                  INSLEY         21   sp                  Church Gresley      Thomas INSLEY (dec)        Gardener
B303  26-Aug  1855  Thomas               BIRD           24   bach  Labourer      Swadlincote         William BIRD (dec)         Carpenter         Aaron JONES & Ann HARVEY
------(wife)--------Harriett             JONES          18   sp                  Church Gresley      Edward JONES (dec)         Potter
B304  22-Oct  1855  John                 KINSON         20   bach  Labourer      Drakelow            Thomas KINSON              Gardener          James COLLIER & Patience LEEDHAM
------(wife)--------Fanny                COLLIER        16   sp                  Drakelow            Charles COLLIER            Labourer
B305  29-Oct  1855  Joseph               GILLIVER       25   bach  Labourer      Castle Gresley      Joseph GILLIVER            Labourer          Thomas HAIN & Mary GILLIVER
------(wife)--------Fanny                MASON          19   sp                  Castle Gresley      George MASON               Labourer
B306  6-Nov   1855  William              EDWARDS        26   bach  Collier       Castle Gresley      Thomas EDWARDS             Labourer          Joseph FOSTER & Hannah WOOD
------(wife)--------Elizabeth            WOOD           22   sp                  Castle Gresley      Francis WOOD               Labourer
B307  22-Nov  1855  George Knight        PILKINGTON     22   bach  Cabinetmaker  Church Gresley      Henry PILKINGTON           Lawyer            John COLE & Allice SIMPSON
------(wife)--------Tracey               SIMPSON        28   sp                  Church Gresley      William SIMPSON (dec)      Potter
B308  4-Dec   1855  Edward               LEEDHAM        51   widr  Farmer        Church Gresley      Thomas LEEDHAM (dec)       Farmer            William STAFFORD & Sarah WILDMAN
------(wife)--------Elizabeth            PRICE          26   sp                  Church Gresley      William PRICE (dec)        Labourer
B309  9-Dec   1855  Thomas               HULL           30   bach  Labourer      Church Gresley      Richard HULL (dec)         Potter            Isaac HULL & Elizabeth ROWLSTON
------(wife)--------Jane                 ROULSON        24   sp                  Church Gresley      Joseph ROULSON             Labourer
B310  24-Dec  1855  William              GILLIVER       29   bach  Labourer      Church Gresley      Daniel GILLIVER            Labourer          Daniel GILLIVER & Anne GILLIVER
------(wife)--------Dorothy              STURROCK       28   sp                  Stanton, Stapenhill William STURROCK           Cooper
B311  31-Dec  1855  Henry                GREEN          24   bach  Labourer      Linton              Joseph GREEN               Labourer          William DESTER & Sarah SIMPSON
------(wife)--------Sarah                DEAKIN         23   sp                  Linton              Thomas DEAKIN              Labourer

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