Church Gresley Marriages 1876-1880
Church Gresley, St Mary & St George's
Marriages 1876-1880 
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Ref.  Date          Forename(s)              Surname          Age  Stat  Occupation         Residence                      Father's Name                Father's Occ.    Witnesses
B718  4-Mar   1876  Thomas                   IRONMONGER       23   bach  Engine Driver      Church Gresley                 William IRONMONGER           Blacksmith       Charles GILDER & Mary Ann KIRBY
------(wife)--------Mary Anne                TEBBETT          22   -                        Church Gresley                 William TEBBETT              Collier
B719  21-Mar  1876  Willoughby               HARDY            25   bach  Groom              Castle Gresley                 James HARDY                  Labourer         John CHAPMAN & Mary Jane ALESBROOK
------(wife)--------Eliza                    ALESBROOK        18   sp    Servant            Castle Gresley                 William ALESBROOK            Labourer
B720  4-Apr   1876  John                     STALEY           26   bach  Collier            Church Gresley                 William STALEY               Collier          George PATTISON & Sarah PATTISON
------(wife)--------Mary Jane                PATTISON         19   sp                       Newcastle STS                  William PATTISON             Bricklayer
B721  5-Apr   1876  George                   WHITE            25   bach  Collier            Church Gresley                 John WHITE                   Collier          Thomas CLARK & Harriet CLARK
------(wife)--------Anne                     CLARK            23   sp                       Church Gresley                 William CLARK                Labourer
B722  22-May  1876  Armin                    BIRCH            24   bach  Wheelwright        Linton                         George BIRCH                 Wheelwright      Samuel SHARP & Ann HAYWOOD
------(wife)--------Emma                     BROMLEY          21   sp                       Linton                         George BROMLEY               Collier
B723  22-May  1876  Jesse                    HOLLAND          18   bach  Collier            Church Gresley                 Benjamin HOLLAND             Tinker & Brazier William BROWN & Emily BROWN
------(wife)--------Eliza                    BOSWORTH         18   sp                       Church Gresley                 James BOSWORTH               Collier
B724  29-May  1876  James                    ONIONS           22   bach  Collier            Church Gresley                 John ONIONS                  Potter           Thomas BETTERIDGE & Mary Ann BETTERIDGE
------(wife)--------Charlotte                CURTIS           21   sp                       Church Gresley                 William CURTIS               Collier
B725  5-Jun   1876  John Thomas              HART             18   bach  Collier            Church Gresley                 John HART                    Collier          William STATHAM & Elizabeth GOODMAN
------(wife)--------Hannah                   STATHAM          19   sp                       Church Gresley                 -                            -
B726  7-Jun   1876  Thomas                   WINFIELD         25   bach  Collier            Annesley NTT                   Thomas WINFIELD              Farmer           William THORPE & Sarah Clowes DOOLEY
------(wife)--------Sarah Anne               THORPE           20   sp                       Castle Gresley                 Edward THORPE                Engine Driver
B727  2-Jul   1876  George                   HALL             26   bach  Potter             Church Gresley                 Joseph HALL                  Potter           William Simpson HALL & Mary Elizabeth HALL
------(wife)--------Fanny                    HEAP             26   sp                       Church Gresley                 Robert HEAP                  Inn Keeper
B728  4-Jul   1876  William                  BUCKLEY          27   widr  Collier            Church Gresley                 Thomas BUCKLEY               Collier          Henry TAYLOR & Faith WILEMAN
------(wife)--------Elizabeth                ALGER            28   sp                       Church Gresley                 Robert ALGER (dec)           Cooper
B729  4-Jul   1876  Henry                    FOREMAN          27   bach  Labourer           Church Gresley                 Henry FOREMAN                Labourer         James PICKERING & Hannah GOUGH
------(wife)--------Sarah                    GOUGH            19   sp                       Church Gresley                 Robert GOUGH                 Collier
B730  6-Aug   1876  James                    HEAP             21   bach  Bricklayer         Church Gresley                 Robert HEAP                  Inn Keeper       Benjamin WRIGHT & Fanny HALL
------(wife)--------Corlenear Kirk           WRIGHT           21   sp                       Church Gresley                 Benjamin WRIGHT              Collier
B731  16-Oct  1876  John                     CHASE            25   bach  Railway Signalman  Gresley                        John CHASE                   Labourer         Robert WARD & Emma PRUDENCE
------(wife)--------Catherine                BENNETT          29   sp                       Gresley                        Thomas BENNETT               Carpenter
B732  4-Dec   1876  Charles                  MORGAN           25   bach  Labourer           Drakelowe                      John MORGAN                  Labourer         Thomas MOORE & Hannah HARRISON
------(wife)--------Sarah Anne               WEST             21   sp                       Drakelowe                      Thomas WEST                  Labourer
B733  11-Dec  1876  Samuel                   STRETTON         25   bach  Labourer           Gresley                        Richard STRETTON             Carter           Joseph EDWARDS & Sarah Ann STRETTON
------(wife)--------Judith                   EDWARDS          21   sp                       Gresley                        James EDWARDS                Butcher
B734  25-Dec  1876  John                     CURTIS           23   bach  Collier            Church Gresley                 Frederick CURTIS             Collier          John KIRBY & Sarah Jane HARRIS
------(wife)--------Emma                     HARRIS           22   sp                       Church Gresley                 James HARRIS                 Collier
B735  25-Dec  1876  James                    ATKIN            25   bach  Collier            Church Gresley                 Charles ATKIN                Collier          Joseph SHARP & Clara WAINWRIGHT
------(wife)--------Mary Anne                MASON            20   sp                       Church Gresley                 Richard MASON                Labourer
B736  26-Dec  1876  James                    PICKERING        22   bach  Collier            Church Gresley                 James PICKERING              Collier          Henry FORMAN & Martha NEWBOLD
------(wife)--------Hannah                   GOUGH            21   sp                       Church Gresley                 Robert GOUGH                 Collier
B737  4-Feb   1877  Charles                  FAIRFIELD        42   widr  Collier            Gresley                        Edward FAIRFIELD             Labourer         George FARMER & Elizabeth FARMER
------(wife)--------Mary Elizabeth           SMITH            42   wid                      Gresley                        John WHITEHALL               Groom
B738  6-Feb   1877  William                  BARNES           25   bach  Tar      Hyde Stockport                 Thomas BARNES                ?Gilter          Solomon WHITAKER & Edith WHITAKER
------(wife)--------Mary                     WHITAKER         21   sp                       Gresley                        Thomas WHITAKER              Labourer
B739  6-Feb   1877  George                   THOMPSON         26   bach  Labourer           Gresley                        Charles THOMPSON             Labourer         Samuel CHAPMAN & Sarah STEWART
------(wife)--------Mary Elizabeth           CHAPMAN          22   sp                       Gresley                        William CHAPMAN              Brickmaker
B740  25-Mar  1877  Moses                    BRIGHTMAN        21   bach  Labourer           Church Gresley                 James BRIGHTON               Labourer         John SHREEVE & Mary PLUMMER
------(wife)--------Agnes Jane               SHREEVE          19   sp                       Church Gresley                 John SHREEVE                 Labourer
B741  2-Apr   1877  Thomas                   JONES            25   bach  Collier            Church Gresley                 Aaron JONES                  Potter           Charles GILLIVER & Eliza GILLIVER
------(wife)--------Eliza                    MARTIN           23   sp                       Church Gresley                 William MARTIN               Collier
B742  22-May  1877  John                     MELLOR           19   bach  Labourer           Church Gresley                 William MELLOR               Labourer         John WOOTTON & Jane EVANS
------(wife)--------Alice Leedham            WOOTTON          18   sp                       Church Gresley                 John WOOTTON                 Collier
B743  22-May  1877  Thomas                   STATHAM          27   widr  Collier            Church Gresley                 Thomas STATHAM               Collier          William STATHAM & Anne Elizabeth STATHAM
------(wife)--------Ann                      POULTON          21   sp                       Church Gresley                 Richard POULTON              Collier
B744  6-Jun   1877  John                     GRAYSTER         26   bach  Labourer           Castle Gresley                 Abraham GRAYSTER             Labourer         Albert GARWOOD & Martha GARWOOD
------(wife)--------Ruth                     GARWOOD          24   sp                       Woodbridge SFK                 Thomas GARWOOD               Dairyman
B745  18-Jun  1877  Joseph                   BRADFORD         21   bach  Collier            Church Gresley                 Thomas BRADFORD              Collier          Edward EVANS & Emma EVANS
------(wife)--------Louisa                   WOODFIELD        22   sp                       Church Gresley                 John WOODFIELD               Labourer
B746  30-Jul  1877  George                   ISON             28   bach  Labourer           Gresley                        Henry ISON                   Shoemaker        Robert HARRISON & Sarah Ann MORLEY
------(wife)--------Catherine                MATHER           22   sp                       Gresley                        Joseph MATHER                Labourer
B747  6-Aug   1877  Frederick                POINTER          21   bach  Collier            Linton Heath                   Frederic POINTER             Collier          James YARDLEY & Lillia BATES
------(wife)--------Mary                     SKIDMORE         19   sp                       Linton Heath                   Daniel SKIDMORE              Collier
B748  6-Aug   1877  James                    SHEAVYN          19   bach  Pipe-maker         Mount Pleasant                 James SHEAVYN (dec)          -                John HODGKINS & John NEWBERRY
------(wife)--------Eliza                    HODGKINS         19   sp                       Mount Pleasant                 John HODGKINS                Collier
B749  11-Sep  1877  William                  HALL             20   bach  Collier            Church Gresley                 Joseph HALL                  Collier          Arthur INSLEY & Ann HALL
------(wife)--------Ellen                    STREET           23   sp                       Church Gresley                 Joseph STREET (dec)          -
B750  12-Sep  1877  George Thyoth            JOHNSON          30   bach  Backman?           Drakelowe                      William JOHNSON              Farm Bailiff     Charles DYCHE & Kate BILLSON?
------(wife)--------Maria                    DYCHE            25   sp                       Drakelowe                      Charles DYCHE                Groom
B751  15-Oct  1877  Thomas                   TOPLISS          23   bach  Labourer           Stapenhill                     Thomas TOPLISS (dec)         -                Edward WEBB, Sarah Jane LEES & Mary Jane PARKER
------(wife)--------Louisa                   WEBB             20   sp                       Drakelowe                      James WEBB                   Collier
B752  4-Nov   1877  John Thomas              TREMELLING       20   bach  Miner              Whittington                    John TREMELLING              Miner            Luke WYATT & Rebecca WYATT
------(wife)--------Sarah Ann                WYATT            20   sp                       Gresley                        John WYATT                   Miner
B753  5-Nov   1877  John                     CAUSER           24   bach  Miner              Linton                         William CAUSER               Miner            William CAUSER & Mary Ann CAUSER
------(wife)--------Rosa                     STONES           18   sp                       Castle Gresley                 William STONES (dec)         -
B754  12-Nov  1877  George                   LANGFORD         20   bach  Miner              Linton                         Reuben LANGFORD              Miner            George LEA & Mary Ann TOON
------(wife)--------Edith                    TOON             17   sp                       Linton                         Thomas TOON                  Miner
B755  27-Nov  1877  Henry                    TOON             20   bach  Collier            Linton                         Isaac TOON                   Collier          William SMITH & Maria SMITH
------(wife)--------Elizabeth                SMITH            18   sp                       Linton                         William SMITH                Collier
B756  27-Nov  1877  Leonard                  FAULKNER         23   bach  Miner              Church Gresley                 -                            -                William CAUSER & Jane BOUN?
------(wife)--------Ellen                    VICKERS          32   wid                      Church Gresley                 Richard SIBSON               Labourer
B757  2-Dec   1877  Henry                    BRADFORD         23   bach  Wheelwright        Church Gresley                 John BRADFORD                Carpenter        Isaac COATES & Emily EYLEY
------(wife)--------Harriett                 POOLE            22   sp                       St Pauls Burton-on-Trent       Ambrose POOLE                Labourer
B758  24-Dec  1877  Thomas                   SMITH            19   bach  Collier            Castle Gresley                 William SMITH                Collier          Lewis John BETTERIDGE & Maria WHITMAN
------(wife)--------Charlotte                BARNETT          18   sp                       Church Gresley                 Thomas BARNETT (dec)         -
B759  25-Dec  1877  James                    HARE             23   bach  Collier            Hartleberry                    John HARE                    Labourer         Henry CARTER & Ada CARTER
------(wife)--------Elizabeth                CARTER           22   -                        Gresley                        Charles CARTER               Labourer
B760  25-Dec  1877  Thomas                   CAUSER           18   bach  Collier            Linton                         William CAUSER               Collier          Joseph BATES & Sarah ROSS
------(wife)--------Edith Lily               ROSS             17   sp                       Linton                         Levi ROSS                    Collier
B761  22-Jan  1878  Alfred                   HAWKINS          23   bach  Blacksmith         Church Gresley                 Joseph HAWKINS               Blacksmith       John ARMSTED & Elizabeth ARMSTRONG
------(wife)--------Emma                     WYATT            18   sp                       Church Gresley                 William WYATT                Labourer
B762  11-Feb  1878  Francis Burdett          BUNNING          20   bach  Malster            Church Gresley                 Francis Burdett BUNNING      Engine Fitter    George HILL & Mary HILL
------(wife)--------Elizabeth                HILL             19   sp                       Church Gresley                 William HILL                 Malster
B763  3-Mar   1878  George                   LEA              22   bach  Miner              Church Gresley                 William LEA                  Miner            Henry BRADFORD & Susan LEA
------(wife)--------Mary Ann                 TOON             23   sp                       Linton                         Thomas TOON                  Miner
B764  26-Mar  1878  George                   WHITTAKER        20   bach  Brick M'fturer     Church Gresley                 John WHITTAKER               Collier          Henry REDFERN & Louisa CHANDLER
------(wife)--------Mary Ann                 CHANDLER         25   sp                       Church Gresley                 John CHANDLER (dec)          -
B765  19-Apr  1878  Charles                  MARTIN           23   bach  Joiner             Church Gresley                 Samuel MARTIN                Joiner           James SATCHWELL & Elizabeth SATCHWELL
------(wife)--------Jessie                   NEWBERRY         21   sp                       Church Gresley                 John NEWBERRY                Blacksmith
B766  21-Apr  1878  William                  HOSPOOL          23   bach  Collier            Church Gresley                 Thomas HOSPOOL (dec)         -                John BOOTH & Jane WHEAT
------(wife)--------Edith                    BOOTH            21   sp                       Church Gresley                 John BOOTH                   Inn Keeper
B767  22-Apr  1878  Timothy                  LANGFORD         22   widr  Collier            Linton                         Reuben LANGFORD              Collier          John JOHNSON & Ann LANGFORD
------(wife)--------Lydia                    JACKSON          18   sp                       Church Gresley                 Samuel JACKSON               Collier
B768  22-Apr  1878  John                     TAYLOR           22   bach  Stoker             Church Gresley                 John TAYLOR                  Engine Driver    Alfred HALL & Hannah TAYLOR
------(wife)--------Ann Hill                 WALLBANK         18   sp                       Church Gresley                 James WALLBANK               Labourer
B769  5-Jun   1878  Joseph                   MATTHEWS         28   bach  Blacksmith         Linton                         Joseph MATTHEWS (dec)        -                George SUTTON & Elizabeth SUTTON
------(wife)--------Rosa                     SUTTON           29   sp                       Linton                         William SUTTON               Labourer
B770  10-Jun  1878  John                     EATON            27   bach  Collier            Gresley                        John EATON                   Potter           James WRIGHT & Levi CHAPMAN
------(wife)--------Elizabeth                BELLINGHAM       20   sp                       Hullberry Green WOR            Edward BELLINGHAM            Collier
B771  10-Jun  1878  Thomas                   COXALL           30   widr  Potter             Gresley                        William COXALL (dec)         -                James WRIGHT & Vevi CHAPMAN
------(wife)--------Harriet                  HUME             29   wid                      Gresley                        William WHETTON (dec)        -
B772  8-Jul   1878  William                  SHARPE           21   bach  Collier            Gresley                        George SHARPE                Collier          William HALL & Ellen BUXTON
------(wife)--------Ann                      HALL             23   sp                       Gresley                        Joseph HALL                  Collier
B773  4-Aug   1878  George Hackett           SWIFT            24   widr  Collier            Church Gresley                 George SWIFT                 Labourer         Henry NURSE & Sarah SWIFT
------(wife)--------Rebecca                  NURSE            20   sp                       West Derehouse NFK             Henry NURSE                  Labourer
B774  9-Sep   1878  William                  THOMPSON         35   bach  Labourer           Church Gresley                 William THOMPSON (dec)       -                Albert KNIGHTON & Amy ELLIOTT
------(wife)--------Ellen                    WOOD             28   sp                       Church Gresley                 William WOOD (dec)           -
B775  16-Sep  1878  Isaiah Satchwell         ARNOLD           27   bach  Labourer           Church Gresley                 Henry ARNOLD                 Collier          Josiah ARNOLD & Emily BROWN
------(wife)--------Voira                    HOLLAND          18   sp                       Church Gresley                 Benjamin HOLLAND             Tinman
B776  21-Oct  1878  Charles                  WILSHIRE         24   bach  Bricklayer         Gresley                        Daniel WILSHIRE              Bricklayer       Thos. STATHAM & Ann STATHAM
------(wife)--------Lucy                     POULTON          24   sp                       Gresley                        Richard POULTON              Collier
B777  4-Nov   1878  Joseph                   SOUTH            25   bach  Cooper             Castle Gresley                 Joseph SOUTH                 Labourer         Thomas SWAIN & Hannah SWAIN
------(wife)--------Eliza                    SWAIN            22   sp                       Castle Gresley                 John SWAIN                   Bootmaker
B778  11-Nov  1878  Saville John             HYDE             25   bach  Painter            Loughborough                   Humphrey HYDE (dec)          -                John BISHOP & Mary Ann SHAW
------(wife)--------Hannah Bonnet            HILL             19   sp                       Linton                         John HILL                    Driver of Team
B779  24-Nov  1878  Chase                    CHAPMAN          60   widr  Collier            Church Gresley                 James CHAPMAN (dec)          -                James SATCHWELL & Elizabeth SATCHWELL
------(wife)--------Sarah Hill               LEE              48   wid                      Castle Gresley                 Thomas HILL                  Labourer
B780  19-Dec  1878  William                  MIDDLETON        38   widr  Blacksmith         Church Gresley                 William MIDDLETON            Carpenter        Thomas Litherland MIDDLETONE & Ann MIDDLETON
------(wife)--------Mary Elizabeth           TIMMIN           41   sp                       St. Paul's Leicester           William TIMMINS              Coal Merchant
B781  25-Dec  1878  Joseph                   WOOD             45   bach  Collier            Church Gresley                 Francis WOOD (dec)           -                Charles GILDER & Mary Ann GILDER
------(wife)--------Eliza                    BARNETT          51   wid                      Church Gresley                 John HERBERT (dec)           -
B782  14-Jan  1879  George William           WEBSTER          32   bach  Engineer           Buxton                         Edward WEBSTER               Gentleman        William ELEY & Edward WEBSTER
------(wife)--------Emily                    ELEY             33   sp                       Gresley                        William ELEY                 Colliery Manager
B783  19-Jan  1879  Thomas                   BARNETT          37   bach  Signalman          Church Gresley                 William BARNETT (dec)        -                William BARNETT & Elizabeth COOPER
------(wife)--------Rosanna                  PLATTS           25   sp                       Church Gresley                 Benjamin PLATT               Collier
B784  2-Feb   1879  John                     MILLER           24   bach  Collier            Church Gresley                 William MILLER               Collier          George BODELL & Elizabeth WARREN
------(wife)--------Emma                     WARREN           23   sp                       Church Gresley                 John WARREN                  Collier
B785  16-Feb  1879  Thomas Robert Woodward   HEAP             21   bach  Potter             Church Gresley                 Robert HEAP                  Retired          James HEAP & Fanny HALL
------(wife)--------Mary Ann                 BERRINGTON       17   sp                       Christ Church parish Liverpool Charles BERRINGTON           Fruiterer
B786  18-Feb  1879  Joseph                   SCOTT            24   bach  Malster            Castle Gresley                 William SCOTT                Gardener         Arthur SCOTT & Harriette BAGNALL
------(wife)--------Eleanor                  BAGNALL          22   sp                       Castle Gresley                 Joseph BAGNALL               Labourer
B787  23-Feb  1879  Eli                      FEARN            23   bach  Collier            Church Gresley                 Charles FEARN                Labourer         Richard CLARKE & Susan FEARN
------(wife)--------Sarah Ann                DEAKIN           21   sp                       Church Gresley                 Charles DEAKIN               Collier
B788  3-Mar   1879  John William             ALLEN            23   bach  Engine Driver      Castle Gresley                 William ALLEN                Labourer         Sam Walter ALLEN & Selina SMITH
------(wife)--------Mary                     LOVATT           18   sp                       Castle Gresley                 Joseph LOVATT                Labourer
B789  17-Mar  1879  John                     KINSEY           27   bach  Farm Labourer      Church Gresley                 James KINSEY                 Collier          Thomas KINSEY & Caroline YATES
------(wife)--------Maria                    COX              21   sp                       Church Gresley                 John COX (dec)               -
B790  17-Mar  1879  William                  BOAM             23   bach  Collier            Newhall                        Thomas BOAM                  Collier          Daniel HART & Jane BOAM
------(wife)--------Amelia                   KIRK             29   sp                       Church Gresley                 John KIRK                    Collier
B791  23-Mar  1879  James                    WALLBANK         49   widr  Labourer           Church Gresley                 Richard WALLBANK (dec)       -                Henry BANTON & Jane ASTBURY
------(wife)--------Ann                      SHAW             48   wid                      Church Gresley                 George SHORTHOUSE (dec)      -
B792  2-Apr   1879  Philip                   ORME             30   widr  Blacksmith         Castle Gresley                 John ORME                    Blacksmith       Thomas ORME & Annie ?ALE
------(wife)--------Mary                     LANE             27   sp                       Linton                         Thomas LANE                  Carpenter
B793  15-Apr  1879  Albert                   KNIGHTON         24   bach  Schoolmaster       Church Gresley                 Job KNIGHTON                 Grocer           George MYOTT, Pat.. MYOTT & Maria MYOTT
------(wife)--------Clarissa Martha          MYOTT            24   sp                       Church Gresley                 George MYOTT                 Book-Keeper
B794  28-Apr  1879  Arthur                   INSLEY           22   bach  Engine Fitter      Church Gresley                 William INSLEY (dec)         -                William HALL & Ellen HALL
------(wife)--------Annie                    STIRLAND         19   sp                       Church Gresley                 Joseph STIRLAND              -
B795  11-May  1879  Willoughby               MEE              22   bach  Potter             Church Gresley                 Thomas MEE                   Potter           Herbert MEE & Ellen BUCKLEY
------(wife)--------Elizabeth                BUCKLEY          19   sp                       Church Gresley                 Thomas BUCKLEY               Collier
B796  20-May  1879  George                   WILKINSON        29   bach  Inn Keeper         Crich                          Elias WILKINSON              Labourer         Thomas WOOD & Agnes EDWARDS
------(wife)--------Mary                     EDWARDS          25   sp                       Gresley                        William EDWARDS              Collier
B797  20-May  1879  Arthur                   HANSON           37   bach  Farmer             Church Gresley                 James HANSON (dec)           -                William TURNER & Ann MASSEY
------(wife)--------Emma                     LEE              43   wid                      Church Gresley                 Joseph TURNER (dec)          -
B798  26-May  1879  John                     PRIESTLEY        21   bach  Labourer           otp                            William PRIESTLEY            Labourer         James SMITH & Rachel WOOD
------(wife)--------Jane                     MOSLEY           19   sp                       otp                            John MOSLEY (dec)            -
B799  30-Jun  1879  George                   BODELL           34   bach  Potter             Church Gresley                 William BODELL (dec)         Labourer         John SANKEY & Zillah SANKEY
------(wife)--------Susan                    SANKEY           25   sp                       Church Gresley                 Mathew SANKEY (dec)          -
B800  6-Jul   1879  Henry                    WALKER           24   bach  Cooper             Holy Trinity Burton on Trent   Frederic WALKER (dec)        -                Jabez HARVEY & Hannah Elizabeth HARVEY
------(wife)--------Sarah Ann                ADEY             20   sp                       Church Gresley                 John ADEY                    Collier
B801  4-Aug   1879  John Edward              THOMPSON         21   bach  Potter             Church Gresley                 James THOMPSON               Potter           George THOMPSON & Eliza SHAW
------(wife)--------Fanny                    FEARN            19   sp                       Church Gresley                 George FEARN (dec)           -
B802  4-Aug   1879  Eli                      PEAT             20   bach  Pipe Maker         Church Gresley                 -                            -                John HODGKINS & Eliza SHAVYN
------(wife)--------Jane                     WILSON           19   sp                       Church Gresley                 John WILSON                  Farmer
B803  30-Aug  1879  Edward                   SHAW             41   bach  Labourer           Church Gresley                 Thomas SHAW                  Labourer         Thomas SHUTTLEWORTH & Catherine COPELAND
------(wife)--------Mary Ann                 AUGRAVE          38   wid                      Church Gresley                 William WEST                 Labourer
B804  10-Sep  1879  Jesse                    WICKS            23   bach  Joiner             Burton on Trent                George WICKS                 Hoopmaker        Thomas James BOUCHER & Sarah Anne CARPENTER
------(wife)--------Ellen Elizabeth          WINKLESS         22   sp                       Linton                         Stephen WINKLESS             Clerk
B805  22-Sep  1879  Thomas                   KIRBY            60   widr  Collier            Church Gresley                 Thomas KIRBY (dec)           -                Edwin KIRBY & Alice FRETTSOME
------(wife)--------Dinah                    FRETTSOME        51   wid                      Church Gresley                 John HIND                    Labourer
B806  12-Oct  1879  John                     BIRKIN           21   bach  Labourer           Church Gresley                 William BIRKIN               Labourer         Elizabeth SATCHWELL & William Buckley WHATTON
------(wife)--------Alice                    WHATTON          20   sp                       Church Gresley                 Samuel WHATTON               Wood-Turner
B807  27-Oct  1879  William                  BEEBY            25   bach  Collier            Church Gresley                 Thomas BEEBY                 Labourer         Edward BEEBY & Rhoda HARRISON
------(wife)--------Emma                     HARRISON         27   sp                       Church Gresley                 Charles HARRISON             Potter
B808  17-Nov  1879  Thomas                   FISHER           52   widr  Gardener           Overseale                      Thomas FISHER (dec)          -                William HILL & Anne HILL
------(wife)--------Rebecca                  BAREHAM          52   wid                      Castle Gresley                 Joseph SMITH (dec)           -
B809  4-Dec   1879  Charles                  FEWKES           29   bach  Builder            otp                            Edward FEWKES                Miner            Thomas WHETTON & Sarah Ann SUTTON
------(wife)--------Emma                     CROSLEY          20   sp                       otp                            -                            -
B810  11-Dec  1879  Harrington               FARMER           24   bach  Engineer           otp                            Fred. Harrington FARMER (dec)-                George SIMPKIN & Sarah Gertrude WARD
------(wife)--------Elizabeth Ann            SMITH            22   sp                       otp                            William SMITH                Farmer
B811  23-Dec  1879  Herbert Edwin            COX              23   bach  Clerk              otp                            Thomas COX                   Inn Keeper       Edward GRICE & Louis GRICE
------(wife)--------Alice Elizabeth          GRICE            20   sp                       otp                            Edward GRICE                 Tile Maker
B812  24-Dec  1879  Darius                   BRADMAN          20   bach  Hawker             otp                            Darius BRADMAN               Hawker           Isaiah Satchwell ARNOLD & Voira? ARNOLD
------(wife)--------Edner                    SMITH            19   sp                       otp                            Thomas SMITH                 Hawker
B813  25-Dec  1879  George                   GREEN            21   bach  Collier            otp                            Joseph GREEN                 Collier          John CURTIS & Annie GREEN
------(wife)--------Mary                     CURTIS           22   sp                       otp                            Joseph CURTIS                Collier
B814  25-Dec  1879  Thomas                   LORD             22   bach  Collier            otp                            Henry LORD                   Collier          Samuel JOHNSON & Beatrice ELLIOTT
------(wife)--------Elizabeth                EDWARDS          19   sp                       otp                            -                            -
B815  25-Dec  1879  William                  SMITH            26   bach  Collier            otp                            Thomas SMITH                 Labourer         George SMITH & Ellen SMITH
------(wife)--------Caroline Annie           SMITH            20   sp                       otp                            -                            -
B816  28-Dec  1879  George                   BAILEY           21   bach  Labourer           otp                            John BAILEY (dec)            -                George WALDRAM & Maria EARDLEY
------(wife)--------Esther                   WALDRAM          19   sp                       otp                            George WALDRAM               Labourer
B817  9-Feb   1880  Alfred                   HALL             21   bach  Collier            otp                            Joseph HALL                  Inn Keeper       Thomas COXON & Ellen HALE
------(wife)--------Hannah Maria             BLOOD            19   sp                       otp                            Joseph BLOOD                 Farmer
B818  16-Feb  1880  James                    LABAN            27   bach  Labourer           otp                            John LABAN                   Labourer         James MERRIMAN & Kezia HODGKINS
------(wife)--------Elizabeth                HODGKINS         19   sp                       otp                            John HODGKINS                Collier
B819  29-Mar  1880  John                     COULTHARD        22   bach  Labourer           Burton on Trent                William COULTHARD (dec)      -                George ADEY & Jane Elizabeth SMART
------(wife)--------Rachel Bowles            LUNN             31   sp                       Linton                         -                            -
B820  5-Apr   1880  Thomas Edward            FOX              25   bach  Butcher            otp                            Thomas FOX                   Farmer           Tho. FOX & Sarah Ann KIRBY
------(wife)--------Elizabeth                GOODMAN          20   sp                       otp                            Henry GOODMAN                Collier
B821  13-May  1880  George Vaughan           SANKEY           37   bach  Potter             otp                            Matthew SANKEY (dec)         -                William HALL & Mary HALL
------(wife)--------Lucy                     HALL             32   sp                       otp                            Isaac HALL (dec)             -
B822  16-May  1880  William                  BARBER           21   bach  Collier            otp                            Thomas BARBER                Labourer         William MATTHEWS & Evelyn ROSS
------(wife)--------Sarah Ann                ROSS             21   sp                       otp                            Levi ROSS                    Collier
B823  17-May  1880  Thomas                   READER           28   bach  Miner              Cauldwell                      Thomas READER                Labourer         Thomas WEBSTER & Maria READER
------(wife)--------Harriett                 AUCOTE           26   wid                      Linton                         William WEBSTER              Miner
B824  18-May  1880  Edward                   NOON             20   bach  Collier            otp                            Thomas NOON                  Collier          George WOODWARD & M... JONES
------(wife)--------Louisa                   WOODWARD         22   sp                       otp                            George WOODWARD              Brick Maker
B825  6-Jun   1880  Simeon                   TOPLISS          21   bach  Collier            otp                            William TOPLISS              Collier          Thomas MASON & Esther BOSWORTH
------(wife)--------Mary Ann                 WILKINS          19   sp                       otp                            John WILKINS                 Labourer
B826  21-Jun  1880  Jesse                    DENNIS           22   bach  Collier            otp                            John DENNIS                  Collier          Joseph MASSEY & Clara TIM
------(wife)--------Elizabeth Ann            MASSEY           20   sp                       otp                            John MASSEY                  Wheelwright
B827  7-Jul   1880  James                    CHAMBERLAIN      23   bach  Labourer           Castle Gresley                 Thomas CHAMBERLAIN (dec)     -                Aurthur BAKER & Mary Maria POCOCK
------(wife)--------Rosehannah               POCOCK           21   sp                       Church Gresley                 Thomas POCOCK                Labourer
B828  25-Jul  1880  Joseph                   DAY              23   bach  Labourer           otp                            Thomas DAY (dec)             -                George WINFIELD & Hannah BATES
------(wife)--------Sarah Ann                WINFIELD         21   sp                       otp                            George WINFIELD              Collier
B829  2-Aug   1880  Herbert                  MORTON           21   bach  Collier            otp                            Charles MORTON               Labourer         Thos. LANGLEY & Agnes MORTON
------(wife)--------Annie                    STALEY           20   sp                       otp                            Henry STALEY                 Collier
B830  2-Aug   1880  Arthur                   YATES            21   bach  Collier            otp                            Abraham YATES                Collier          George THOMPSON & Caroline YATES
------(wife)--------Edith                    BETTERIDGE       20   sp                       otp                            William BETTERIDGE (dec)     -
B831  16-Aug  1880  William                  EYLEY            23   bach  Collier            Church Gresley                 Henry EYLEY                  Collier          Walter EYLEY & Alice EYLEY
------(wife)--------Mary Jane                CRESSWELL        28   sp                       Church Gresley                 Jedediah CRESSWELL           Shop-Keeper
B832  31-Aug  1880  James Louis              HODGKINSON       23   bach  Engineer           otp                            James HODGKINSON             Dairy Man        Henry BLOOR & S.J. BLOOR
------(wife)--------Fanny                    BLOOR            20   sp                       otp                            Henry BLOOR                  Dairy Man
B833  16-Sep  1880  John                     REDFERN          28   bach  Bricklayer         Church Gresley                 Joseph REDFERN               Mason            Joseph SMITH & Matilda SMITH
------(wife)--------Anne                     SMITH            28   sp                       Newhall                        Joseph SMITH                 Labourer
B834  24-Oct  1880  John                     CHAPMAN          20   bach  Collier            otp                            Chase CHAPMAN                Collier          Herbert MORTON & Annie MORTON
------(wife)--------Mary Jane                WALBANK          19   sp                       otp                            William WALBANK              Tailor
B835  27-Oct  1880  Amos                     WHITTAKER        21   bach  Signalman          Roystone (Bocks?)              Samuel WHITTAKER             Collier          Nehemiah ADEY & Clara WHITTAKER
------(wife)--------Mary Ann                 KIRK             24   sp                       Gresley                        Samuel KIRK (dec)            -
B836  7-Nov   1880  Herbert Henry            ROBINSON         21   bach  Bricklayer         otp                            Benjamin ROBINSON            Potter           Benjamin ROBINSON & Naomi BANTON
------(wife)--------Ellen                    TAYLOR           20   sp                       otp                            William TAYLOR               Collier
B837  16-Nov  1880  George                   GOACHER          24   bach  Collier            Church Gresley                 Thomas GOACHER               Collier          Samuel ORGILL & Jane GOACHER
------(wife)--------Caroline                 LUNN             24   sp                       Newhall                        John LUNN                    Collier
B838  20-Nov  1880  Thomas                   DICKENS          29   bach  Labourer           otp                            Joseph DICKENS (dec)         -                Henry MORTON & Mary Ann WHETTON
------(wife)--------Emma                     MORTON           24   sp                       otp                            Charles MORTON               Labourer
B839  22-Nov  1880  John Brown               ARMSTEAD         32   bach  Bricklayer         otp                            Joseph ARMSTEAD (dec)        -                Peter NACHLIGALL & Lucy Jean ARMSTEAD
------(wife)--------Eliza                    NICHOLLS         25   sp                       otp                            -                            -
B840  11-Dec  1880  John                     CHADBOURNE       30   widr  Collier            Church Gresley                 Frederick CHADBOURNE (dec)   -                Henry GOODMAN & Elizabeth GOODMAN
------(wife)--------Amelia                   WRIGHT           21   sp                       Measham                        Richard KNIGHT               Collier
B841  28-Dec  1880  George Henry             MASSEY           20   bach  Butcher            Swadlincote                    Thomas MASSEY                Publican         Arthur WHYATT & Emma MASSEY
------(wife)--------Sarah Jane               MITCHELL         19   sp                       Church Gresley                 James MITCHELL (dec)         -

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