Pigot’s Derbyshire Directory 1821-22 - Transcript

Pigot's Derbyshire Directory 1821-22

Transcript of Sections relating to the Repton & Gresley Hundred

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Measham, a parish and village, in the hundred of Repton and Gresley, three miles from Ashby-de-la-Zouch, contains a small church, in the patronage of the Hastings family, and in the incumbency of the Rev, John Buckley. The potteries of the neighbourhood, and cotton spinning, give employment to many of the inhabitants. The number in the whole parish as about 1,400.

Willesley is about two miles and a half from Ashby-de-la-Zouch, in the same hundred as Measham, part of the parish being cut off by the boundary line of Leicestershire. The Ashby-de-la-Zouch canal passes here, and a rail road from Willesley basin to Ticknell, passing Ashby-de-la-Zouch, is a conveyance for coals and limestone, worked in this neighbourhood, as well as for the carriage of the Moira spa-water, obtained about two miles from Measham; this water is in considerable repute, its properties being as valuable as the springs at Harrowgate. Willesley park, the fine seat of Sir Charles Hastings, is a great ornament to this parish.

Church Gresley, or Gresley, is thirteen miles from Derby, and six from Ashby-de-la-Zouch, and contains Drakelow hall, the seat of Sir Roger Gresley, baronet. The potteries and coal works in the parish are the only branches of trade here. The village contains about 300 inhabitants, and the parish, with its other dependent townships and hamlets, about 2,000.

Walton, or Walton-upon-Trent, four miles from Burton, contains a church and an endowed free school; the former erection being in the patronage of the Marquis of Townsend and in the incumbency of the Rev. Edward Blick, senior. About 420 inhabitants are in this parish.

Stapenhill, a parish, with a small village, is about two miles from Burton and has a small church; the vicarage is in the gift of the Marquis of Anglesea, and the minister is the Rev. F. Devaux. The parish contains about 1,800 inhabitants, 535 of which number are in the township.

Burton Mills, in this county, but in the parish of Burton-upon-Trent, is one mile from that town : the only manufactory here is the extensive cotton spinning concern of Messrs. John & Robert Peel; here is also a very large and respectable boarding school establishment.

Post Office, Measham, Thomas Jewsbury, Post Master. – Letters are forwarded by horse post to Ashby-de-la-Zouch every morning at half-past nine, and are received about half-past eleven. – Letters to Atherston are forwarded by horse post at half-past two in the afternoon, and are received at eleven in the forenoon.

Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Abney Edwd. Esq. Measham hall
Blick Red. Edward, Walton
Buckley Rev. John, Measham
Brown Rev. John, Stretton-in-the-fields
Brown Sir Wm. Cave, Stretton-in-the-fields
Clay Mrs. Sarah, Stapenhill
Clay Rev. Joseph, Stapenhill
Collins Rev. Chas. Edw. Lullington
Devaux Rev. F. Stapenhill
Dewes Court, esq. Church Greasley
Greasley Sir Roger, Drakelow Hall
Gregory Thos. Esq. Church Greasley
Halworthy Rev. Henry, Croxall
Hastings Sir Charles, Willesley
Perkins Jno. gent, surgeon, Measham
Prior Rev. John, Willesley

Academies and schools
Bailey Mrs. Clara, (and Ladies’ boarding school) Burton mills
Plackett John, (boys’ day) Walton

Inns, Taverns & Public Houses
Barley Mow, Mary Watson, Stapenhill
Black Horse, John Gadsby, Lullington
Bricklayer’s Arms, John Cooper, Willesley
Bull’s Head, Joseph Shaw, Rosliston
Crickett’s Inn, William Hutchinson, Stretton-in-the-fields
Greasley’s Arms, John Dolman, Lullington
Holly Bush, Richd. Moore, Edingale
Jolly Colliers, Joseph Bucknell, Swadlincote
Jolly Potters, William Swinden, Swadlincote
Plough, Abraham Durant, Rosliston
Punch Bowl, Nathan Granger, Stapenhill
Queen’s Head, John Cooper, Measham
Royal Oak, Sarah Gaunt, Burton mills
Swan, John Dennis, Measham
Swan, Abraham Yates, Walton
Union, Thomas Fisher, (& posting house) Measham

Shopkeepers, Traders, &c.
Adams Jas. Shoemaker, Stapenhill
Brown Joseph, jun. Wheelwright, Church Greasley
Brown Joseph, sen. wheelwright, Church Greasley
Brown Wm. Tailor, Stapenhill
Bailey & Shakespear, coal masters, Swadlincote
Bodin Saml. shopkeepr, Swadlincote
Britton Saml. shopkeepr, Stapenhill
Burns Joseph, manufacturer of yellow ware, Church Greasley
Calais Thos. Shopkeeper, Measham
Campion Wm. Maltster, Rosliston
Clarke Joseph, tailor, Rosliston
Cooper Henry, agent to Sir Roger Greasley, Lullington
Cooper James, manufacturer of black ware, Church Greasley
Dalman John, joiner & carpenter, Lullington
Dalman Thos. shopkeeper & baker, Lullington
Daniel Wm. cheese factor, Stapenhill
Dennis Henry, butcher, Measham
Dennis Thos. butcher, Measham
Dewsbury Ths. shopkeepr. Edingale
Domilow Wm. baker, Measham
Draper Wm. shoemaker Walton
Durant Chas. wheelwright, Rosliston
Durant Francis, shoemakr. Rosliston
Durant Thos. wheelwright, Rosliston
Farmer Nicholas, shoemakr. Measham
Fernehough Thos. baker, Measham
Fisher Henry & John, cotton spinners & manufacturers, Measham
Fletcher Thos. tailor, Stapenhill
Gadsby John, blacksmith, Edingale
Granger Nathan, maltster, Stapenhill
Gretton Wm. tailor, Swadlincote
Harding John, saddler, Measham
Hardy Sarah, baker, Rosliston
Hargreave Thomas, wheelwright, Stapenhill
Hastelow Wm. tailor, Measham
Heafield Ann, shopkeeper, Stretton-in-the-fields
Hinds Sarah, draper, Lullington
Jewsbury Thos. shopkeepr. Measham
Ison Henry, butcher, Measham
Leger John, maltster, Croxall
Litherland Edward, blacksmith, Measham
Mansfield Wm. shopkeeper, Stapenhill
Meeson Edward, tape manufacturer, Measham
Morris Joseph, butcher, Stapenhill
Mosely Jas. shoemaker, Measham
Newbold Wm. joiner, Stretton-in-the-fields
Orton Timothy, plumber & glazier, Measham
Patrick James, blacksmith, Stretton-in-the-fields
Payne Peter, wheelwright, Church Greasley
Peel John & Robt. cotton spinners, Burton mills
Radford Wm. blacksmith, Lullington
Reasin Mary, shopkeeper, Rosliston
Reeves George, yellow ware manufacturer, Hartshorn
Riley Robt. wheelwright, Edingale
Roberts John, agent to Sir Charles Hastings, Willesley
Roberts Saml. blacksmith, Burton mills
Robinson Wm. yellow ware manufacturer, Swadlincote
Rotherham James, blacksmith, Measham
Rotherham William, wheelwright, Measham
Rupert Wm. blacksmith, Walton
Sanders Sarah, wheelwright, Stapenhl
Sharples Wm. yellow ware manufacturer, Swadlincote
Shaw Joseph, cooper, wheelwright and timber dealer, Rosliston
Shotten Wm. tailor, Walton
Simpson Andrew, yellow ware manufacturer, Church Greasley
Smith Wm. clock and watch maker, Walton
Thompson Joseph, yellow ware manufacturer, Hartshorn
Thorp James, shopkeeper & baker, Lullington
Walters Geo. maltster & blacksmith, Stapenhill
Warren Chas. butcher, Stapenhill
White George, wheelwright, Burton mills
White George, blacksmith, Stapenhill
White Thos. shoemaker, Stapenhill
Whitworth John, baker and flour dealer, Measham
Wiggins Robert, butcher, Walton
Wilson Joseph, corn miller, Burton mills
Wood Chas. shopkeeper, Stapenhill
Wotton Saml. wheelwright, Rosliston
Yeomans John, maltster, Stapenhill

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Melbourn, or Melburn, a considerable village, of some antiquity, in the hundred of Repton, is seven miles and a half S.S.E. from Derby, and is mentioned by Camden as having a castle, in which John, Duke of Bourbon, of the blood royal of France, was confined nine years, after being taken prisoner at Agincourt : the only remains now visible is a wall of considerable thickness and height, about twenty yards in length. Lord Melbourn has a seat here, but it is seldom visited by its owner. This is a populous village, and its inhabitants are chiefly employed in combing and spinning wool, and working upon the stocking frame ; ther is also a manufactory for silk flowered shawls and handkerchiefs of a peculiar nature, by Mr. William Haimes. Here is a church, under the establishment ; and the parish is remarkable for the variety of religious sects, the presbyterians, calvinists, baptists, and quakers, having each a place of worship. The parish contained, in 1821, upwards of 2,000 inhabitants.

Repton, a parish and village, in the same hundred as Melbourn, is seven miles from Derby and four and a half N.E. from Burton-upon-Trent : it is situated upon the declivity of a hill, and consists of one street of scattered houses, extending about a mile in length, having a fine trout stream running by it, which flows into the Trent. At the lower part of the village, pleasantly elevated above the meadows, stands the church, a large handsome structure, with an elegant lofty spire, forming a very beautiful and distinguished object in the surrounding scenery. In the area before the church is an old stone cross, terminating in a column : and a plain pointed arch or gateway, leading into the schoolyard. Near the church are the remains of a priory, now converted into a free-school, richly endowed by Sir John Porte, of Etwall, in 1557. Repton is not signalized by any particular manufactures ; but there are many malting concerns, some of which are upon an extensive scale. This parish is celebrated by antiquaries as the head of the Saxon kingdom of Mercia, and the burial place of several of its sovereigns. The parish contained, in 1821, about 1,800 inhabitants.

Ticknall parish is extensive, in the same hundred as Repton ; the village is about five miles and a half from Ashby ; and about two miles from it are large lime works, wrought to great advantage ; the lime being conveyed by a rail road to the Ashby canal, and from thence forwarded to every part of the country. Ticknall parish contains about 1,300 inhabitants, having no other dependent township.

Calk, Calke or Caulk, is a very small parish, two miles from Melbourn. Calk hall and park, the seat of Sir George Crewe, Baronet, is about three quarters of a mile from the village : this gentleman is building a church at his own expense.

Formark, or Foremark, three miles W. from Melbourn and six and a half S.S.E. from Derby, is distinguished as having within its precincts the beautiful seat of Sir Francis Burdett, most judiciously and romantically placed, amidst scenery of a rich, bold, and varied character, upon the southern bank of the Trent ; the hanging hills being crowned by thriving plantations : the house is spacious, and its appearance imposing in a considerable degree ; the pleasure grounds are very tasteful, and lead down a valley through finely wooded avenues, to the banks of the river. The population of this parish, including the township of Ingleby, is upon the increase.

Bretby, or Bradby, is a hamlet to Repton, about a mile and a half from it, and three miles from Burton. Bretby park, the seat of the Earl of Chesterfield, is here ; though not extensive, presents a variety of beautiful scenery.

Smisby, a small parish, containing a church, in the patronage of the Hastings family, is four miles from Melbourn and two and a half from Ashby-de-la-Zouch. The parish contains about 300 inhabitants.

POST OFFICE, Melbourn, Receiving House at John Bailey’s, carrier. – Letters are conveyed to Derby, by a post cart, every morning (except Sunday), and arrive at half-past three in the afternoon.

Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Burdett Sir Francis, Formark hall
Chesterfield the Earl of, Bretby park
Crewe Sir George, Calk hall
Crewe Rev. Henry, Calk
Eyre Rev. John, Repton
Farnham the Countess of, Catton hall
Gilbert Captain Robert, Repton
Hastings Misses, Smisby
Jenning Henry, esq. Newton castle
Lamb the Honble. George, M.P. Melbourn hall
Lees Robert, esq. Newton Solney
Matthews Wm. esq. Lascon
Middleton Rev. John, Melbourn
Oskin Abraham, esq. Newton Solney [Hoskins]
Pattison Rev. John, Repton
Pearson Thomas, esq. Formark
Sleath Rev. Wm. D.D. Repton
Wheldon Miss Ann, Calk
Whitt Rev. Matthew, Repton

Professional Persons.
Ashley Joseph, agent to the Earl of Chesterfield, Bretby
Child Beaumont, surgeon, Melbourn
Crabtree William, agent to Sir Francis Burdett, bart. Formark
Dolman James, surgeon, Melbourn
Fox Henry, agent to the Right Honble. Wm. Lamb, Melbourn
Greatorex Thomas, (professor of music) Newton Solney
Hutchinson Geo. surgeon, Repton
Smith Wm. agent to Sir George Crewe, bart. Formark
Taberer Benjamin, surgeon, Repton

Inns, Tavers and public houses
Boot, Richard Somers, Repton
Black Horse, John Smith, Coton
Bull's Head, Wm. Brear, Melbourn
Bull's Head, Matth. Marples, Repton
Chequers, Ann Rollings, Ticknall
Elm Tree, Wm. Palmer, Calk
Hasting's Arms, James Ridgway, Melbourn
Melbourn's Arms, Francis Dalman, Melbourn
Mitre, Joseph Bradbury, Repton
Nelson, Lydia Hopkins, Smisby
New Inn, Ann Warren, Melbourn
Queen's Head, Daniel Fearn, Coton
Roebuck, Jos. Brooks, Melbourn
Royal Oak, John Hardy, Ticknall
Star, Peter Meekins, Repton
Swan, Sarah Dunicliffe, Melbourn
Three Tuns, Joseph Walter Cockram, Smisby
Wheel, Gilbert Hutchinson, Ticknall
White Lion, John Buck, Melbourn
Unicorn, Wm. Eaton, Newton Solney

Shopkeepers, Traders, &c.
Astley Chas. shopkeeper, Smisby
Astley Joseph, shoemaker, Smisby
Atkins Wm. wheelwright, Coton
Bach John, maltster, Coton
Bailey Wm. corn miller, baker and butcher, Smisby
Baker Wm. basket maker, Repton
Bakewell William, shopkeeper, Melbourn
Bamford Peter, blacksmith, Repton
Bott Saml. shopkeeper, Ticknall
Bott Samuel, watch & clock makr. Melbourn
Bradbury Joseph, maltster, Repton
Brooks John, tailor, Ticknall
Brown Jas. butcher, Newton Solney
Brown John, shopkeeper, Repton
Brown John & Son, wood turners, Repton
Bull Richd. Wheelwright, Repton
Cartledge John, blacksmith, Ticknall
Cartwright Wm. baker, Melbourn
Chapman Thos. butcher, Coton
Cluer Wm. fellmonger, Melbourn
Collier Wm. shoemaker, Melbourn
Cooper Moses, tailor, Smisby
Cope John, maltster, Ticknall
Coxon Francis, shoemakr, Melbourn
Coxon Jas. shoemaker, Melbourn
Dickin John, shopkeeper, Newton Solney
Dickins Edw. wheelwright, Ticknall
Dunicliffe Edwd. shoemaker, Melbourn
Dunnicliffe Frank, shopkeeper, Melbourn
Dunnicliffe Ts. shopkeeper, Melbourn
Duroe Wm. shoemaker, Coton
Earp Edwd. woolstapler, Melbourn
Earp John, maltster, Melbourn
Earp Joseph, baker, Melbourn
Eaton John, blacksmith, Repton
Eyre James, wheelwright, Newton Solney
Eyre William, shoemaker & shopkeeper, Newton Solney
Feaks Robert, blacksmith, Repton
Fearn Edward, blacksmith, Coton
Gee Wm. shoemaker, Ticknall
Green John, bookseller, Melbourn
Gutteridge John, shopkeeper, Melbourn
Hadcock Stephen, baker, Melbourn
Haimes Ts. woolstapler, Melbourn
Haimes William, manufacturer of flowered silk shawls and handkerchiefs, Melbourn
Hancock John, corn miller, Melbourn
Hardy Wm. shopkeeper, Repton
Hatton John, shoemaker, Melbourn
Hazard Nathaniel, shoemaker, Newton Solney
Helmsley William, tallow chandler, Melbourn
Hide Henry, butcher, Ticknall
Holbrook John, tanner, Repton
Hollis John, shopkeeper, Ticknall
Holton John, woolstapler & spinner, Melbourn
Hopkin Wm. maltster & brickmakr. Melbourn
Horton Sarah, corn miller, Calk
Hulse Wm. blacksmith, Melbourn
Hutchinson Gilbert, maltstr, Ticknal
Kinsey Thos. blacksmith, Melbourn
Marples Wm. butcher, Repton
Martin John, blacksmith, Ticknall
Mason Jas. tallow chandlr, Melbourn
Matchett John, tailor, Ticknall
Mills Saml. woolstapler & spinner, Melbourn
Minnion Hen. Blacksmith, Ticknal
Morley Robt. shoemaker, Repton
Muggliston James & Geo. plumbers and glaziers, Repton
Newstead William, watch & clock maker, Repton
Newton John, baker, Melbourn
Nicholson Richard, Ticknall
Ordish Jas. shopkeeper, Repton
Orgill Thos. maltster, Smisby
Parker Benjamin, brazier, Repton
Peach Thos. wheelwright, Repton
Pearson Geo. schoolmaster, Coton
Peat Henry, butcher, Smisby
Peech Charles, tailor, Ticknall
Pegg John, wood-turner, Melbourn
Pegg Wm. baker, Melbourn
Powell Jas. shopkeeper, Ticknall
Ratcliffe Ann, shoemaker, Repton
Ratcliffe Thos. shoemaker, Ticknall
Redfern Hugh, shopkeeper, Coton
Richdale Wm. butcher, Ticknall
Sales Thos. butcher, Ticknall
Shaw John, butcher, Ticknall
Shaw Thos. wheelwright, Ticknall
Shepherd Jas. blacksmith, Melbourn
Simpkin Hanh. Shopkeeper, Coton
Simpkin Wm. blacksmith, Coton
Smedley Elizabeth, blacksmith, Newton Solney
Smith Francis, shoemaker, Ticknall
Smith Jas. builder & architect, Repton
Smith Thos. shopkeeper, Repton
Smithard Wm. jun. Saddler, Repton
Smithard William, sen. Collar maker, Repton
Somers Wm. shoemaker, Repton
Taylor Wm. shoemaker, Coton
Thorp Henry, butcher, Repton
Thorp Thos. butcher, Repton
Tunks Stringer, basket mkr. Repton
Ward Francis basket makr. Repton
Ward John Clark, maltster, Repton
Ward John Woodhouse, maltster, Repton
Wheldon John, dyer, Melbourn
Whetton Thos. blacksmith, Repton
Woodward Francis, auctioneer, Smisby
Woodward Wm. maltster, Ticknall
Wragg John, wheelwright, Ticknall

Carriers To Derby, John Bailey, from Melbourn, every Friday morning at five o'clock, & returns the same evening at eight ; a Caravan, with passengers and goods, same day at eight, and returns at seven in the evening ; John Ward's Cart, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, and returns at eight the same evening.

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