St Peter's Netherseal - Baptisms 1725-1750
St Peter's, Netherseal
Baptisms 1725-1750

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Date             First Name(s)        Surname            Parents                                     Location
4-May   1725     Jane                 MOUSLEY            dau of Tho.
4-May   1725     Thomas               WRITE              son of Thos.
5-May   1725     Elizabeth            INGE               dau of Richd.
23-May  1725     Tho.                 CUPLEY             son of Willm.
30-Jun  1725     James                SANSOME            son of Jno.
18-Jul  1725     Eliz.                MILNER             dau of Jno.                                 of Over Seale
29-Aug  1725     Dorothy              STRETTON           dau of Jno.
3-Oct   1725     Eliz.                GREENWOOD          dau of Jno.
21-Nov  1725     Jno.                 DYSON              son of Tho.
5-Dec   1725     Tho.                 TURNER             son of Tho.
20-Feb  1725/26  Tho.                 WAGSTER            son of Hen. junr.
4-Mar   1725/26  Joseph               LEEDHAM            son of Jno.
11-Mar  1725/26  Apollonia            GREENWOOD          dau of Jos.
20-Mar  1725/26  Joseph               GERVIS             son of Joseph
22-Mar  1725/26  Mary                 TROWELL            dau of Jno.
1-May   1726     George               NICKALLS           son of -                                    a Traveller
12-Jun  1726     Zachary              GILBERT            son of Geo. junr.
12-Jul  1726     Elizabeth            LEEDHAM            dau of Christr.
25-Jul  1726     Willm.               BRENTNALL          son of Saml.
30-Jul  1726     Joseph               STANDLY            son of Joseph
7-Aug   1726     Mary                 LUNN               dau of Geo.
12-Aug  1726     Anne                 INGE               dau of Richd.
18-Sep  1726     Willm.               SHAW               son of Tho.
25-Sep  1726     Mary                 BOOTH              dau of Jno.
4-Dec   1726     Richd.               HOW                son of Richd.
10-Feb  1726/27  Richd.               SANSOME            son of Jno.
12-Mar  1726/27  Eliz.                BLURTON            dau of Jno.
29-Mar  1727     Jno.                 GREENWOOD          son of Tho.
31-Mar  1727     Tho.                 MILNER             son of Jno.
3-Apr   1727     Tho.                 SMITH              son of Jno.
23-Apr  1727     Sarah                MOASLEY            dau of Richd.
30-Apr  1727     Susanna              COOKE              dau of Tho.
30-Apr  1727     Eliza.               MOUSLEY            dau of Tho.
11-Jun  1727     Sarah                DYSON              dau of Tho.
28-Jul  1727     Sarah                SPEIR              dau of Tho.
6-Aug   1727     Mary                 HAIR               dau of Iaack
1-Nov   1727     Willm.               LEEDHAM            son of Willm.
5-Dec   1727     James                NEWBOLD            son of Fran.
11-Dec  1727     Martha               LEEDHAM            dau of Christr.
17-Dec  1727     Mary                 JONES
18-Jan  1727/28  Jno.                 GREENWOOD          son of Jno.
6-Jun   1728     Anne Burd            GIBERT             Ricd. Burd & Katha. Gibert
2-Aug   1728     Anne                 DEANE
18-Nov  1728     Mary                 LAKIN
9-Dec   1728     John                 WILKS
23-Mar  1728/29  Daniel               GRICE              son of Jno.
30-Mar  1729     Willm.               STANDLY            son of Jos.
12-May  1729     Tho.                 DYSON              son of Tho.
13-Jun  1729     William              HOW                son of Richd.
5-Oct   1729     Mary                 LEEDHAM            dau of Willm.
19-Oct  1729     Tho.                 BRIGGS             son of Jno. & Eliz.
13-Nov  1729     Sibil                ATTWOOD            dau of Willm. & Katharin
20-Dec  1729     Sarah                ARMSON             dau of Richd.
1-Jan   1729/30  Joyce                WILKS              dau of Josph.
18-Jan  1729/30  Anne                 BROOKS             dau of Tho.
1-Mar   1729/30  Isabella             GREENWOOD          dau of Tho.
18-Mar  1729/30  Elizabeth            DEANE              dau of Will.
22-Jul  1730     Tho.                 LEEDHAM            son of Christr.
16-Aug  1730     Mary                 HOLLIER            dau of Tho.
22-Nov  1730     Willm. & Hannah      MOUSLEY            children of Tho. & Ellen
26-Nov  1730     Dorothy              GREENWOOD          dau of Jno. & Mary
27-Dec  1730     James                GLEN               son of Willm. & Sarah
17-Dec  1730     Rob.                 LUN                son of Rob.
9-Dec   1730     Katharetta & William NEWBOLD            children of Tho. & Eliz.
27-Dec  1730     Eliz.                ORT                dau of Saml. & Eliz.
2-Jan   1730/31  Jno.                 MILNER             son of Jno.                                 of Over Seale
8-Jan   1730/31  Joseph               HOW                son of Richd.
6-Mar   1730/31  Anne                 STANDLY            dau of Joseph
7-Mar   1730/31  Mary                 CONDUIT            dau of Rob.
14-Mar  1730/31  Anne                 BRIGGS             dau of Jno.
24-Mar  1730/31  Mary                 RADFORD            dau of James
2-May   1731     Charles              LAKIN              son of Charles
21-Sep  1731     Tho.                 NEWBALD            son of Tho. & Sarah                         of Over-Seale
3-Oct   1731     Eliza                CLEMONS            dau of Jos. & Anne
10-Oct  1731     Mary                 LEEDHAM            dau of Jno. & Mary                          of Over Seale
30-Nov  1731     Mary                 WILKS              dau of Jos. junr.
28-Dec  1731     Jno.                 ROTTEN             son of Jno. & Anne
23-Jan  1731/32  Anne                 TOMPSON            dau of Tho. & Sarah
25-Feb  1731/32  Eliza.               HOLLICK            dau of Tho. & Eliza.
27-Feb  1731/32  Eliza.               GREENWOOD          dau of Tho. & Eliza.
1-Mar   1731/32  Jos.                 HEIR               son of Joseph
5-Mar   1731/32  Sarah                LUN                dau of Rob. & Sarah
8-Mar   1731/32  Will.                DEANE              son of Will. & Hope
8-Mar   1731/32  Anne                 RADFORD            dau of James & Anne
12-Mar  1731/32  Jonathan Bouller     PEACE              son of Michael & Mary
12-Mar  1731/32  Sarah                GLEN               dau of Will. & Eliza.
24-Apr  1732     George               GREENWOOD          son of Jno. & Mar.
6-May   1732     Eliza.               GILBERT            dau of Eliza. & Geor.
17-May  1732     Eliza.               SPEIR              the bastard of Ezek Speir by Mary Chapman
28-May  1732     Eliza.               PATARICK           dau of Simon
29-May  1732     True                 LEEDHAM            dau of Jno.
18-Jun  1732     Willm.               BROOKS             son of Tho. Eliz.
25-Jun  1732     Dorothy              STANDLY            dau of Joseph
30-Jul  1732     Christopher          LEEDHAM            son of Christr.
20-Aug  1732     Jno.                 BRENTNALL          son of Sam. & Doro.
21-Sep  1732     Tho.                 MILNER             son of Willm. & Eliza.
24-Sep  1732     Mary                 DEANE              dau of Hen.                                 Stranger
28-Sep  1732     Jno.                 SMITH              son of Jno. & Mary
15-Oct  1732     Christ. & Doro.      LUN                children of Christopher
18-Nov  1732     Eliz.                WHITELOCK          dau of Jno. & Doro.
17-Dec  1732     Eliz.                MOUSLEY            dau of Richd.
1-Jan   1732/33  Ben.                 MOUSLEY            son of Tho. & Ida
21-Jan  1732/33  Joseph               CLARKE             son of Jno. & Mary
4-Feb   1732/33  Eliz.                BAXTER             dau of Jno.
11-Feb  1732/33  George               LEEDHAM            son of Will. & Sar.
21-Feb  1732/33  George               ALDRED             son of Jos.
4-Mar   1732/33  Fr.                  HART               son of Jno.
6-Apr   1733     Hen.                 ARMSON             son of Richd. & El.
7-Apr   1733     Joseph               GLEN               son of Will. & El.
28-Apr  1733     Anne                 LAKIN              dau of Richd. & Mary
6-May   1733     Ed.                  FLORANCE           son of George                               of Gerley
7-May   1733     Anne                 MASON              dau of Joseph
13-May  1733     Jno.                 BRIGGS             son of Jno. & Eliz.
5-Jun   1733     Adams                BURGES             son of Richd.                               of Gresley
28-Jun  1733     Sarah                TOMLYSON           dau of James
1-Jul   1733     Ed.                  LEEDHAM            son of Jno.
29-Jul  1733     Joseph               PAIN               son of Jos.                                 of Cawdwell
23-Aug  1733     Sar.                 HOLYOAKE           dau of Tho.
2-Sep   1733     Eliz.                WRITE              dau of Jno.
3-Sep   1733     Joseph               WILKS              son of Jos.
24-Sep  1733     Andrew               BURTON             son of Jno.
4-Nov   1733     Anne                 GILBERT            dau of Geor.
25-Nov  1733     Jno.                 BROWN              son of Jno.
1-Jan   1733/34  Allice               CLARKE             dau of Rob.
27-Jan  1733/34  Jos.                 CLEMENTS           son of Joseph
1-Mar   1733/34  Martha               BROOKS             dau of Tho.
11-Apr  1734     Anne & Eliz.         HARVY              children of Will.
12-May  1734     Eliz.                BOOTH              dau of Jno.
14-May  1734     Katharine            HAIR               dau of Jos.
26-May  1734     Joseph               BRIGGS             son of Henry
29-May  1734     Willm.               MILNER             son of Willm.
10-Jun  1734     Freelove             USHAWOOD           dau of Willm.
21-Jul  1734     Eliz.                ROTTON             dau of Jno.
19-Sep  1734     Tho.                 ABELL              son of Jno. & Eliz.
22-Sep  1734     Allice               ARNOLD             dau of Tho.
28-Sep  1734     Jno.                 DEANE              son of Willm.
29-Sep  1734     Anne                 GREENWOOD          dau of Jno.
5-Oct   1734     Jno.                 HART               son of Jno.
13-Oct  1734     Rebecca              STANDLY            dau of Jos.
28-Oct  1734     Mary                 GREENWOOD          dau of Jno.
10-Nov  1734     Rob.                 LUN                son of Rob.
17-Nov  1734     Dor.                 WITLOCK            dau of Jno.
29-Nov  1734     Mary                 LEEDHAM            dau of Christr.
22-Dec  1734     Katharine            THORP              dau of Henry
25-Dec  1734     Tho. Jno. & Eiza.    ROTTON             children of Josh. & Mary
27-Dec  1734     Sarah                NEWBOD             dau of Tho.
7-Jan   1734/35  Jno.                 SALISBURY          son of Tho.
30-Jan  1734/35  Jno.                 CHAMBERLIN         son of Jno.
23-Feb  1734/35  Anne                 CLARKE             dau of Jno.
6-Mar   1734/35  Tho.                 MOUSLEY            son of Richd.
25-Apr  1735     Sarah                HULL               dau of Richd. & Jane
14-May  1735     Mary                 THOMSON            dau of Tho. & Anne
25-May  1735     Will.                CLARK              son of Tho. & Sarah
26-May  1735     Anne                 LUN                dau of Geor. & Mary                         of Gresley
27-May  1735     Jno. & Mary          BAXTER             children of Jno. & Eliz.
13-Jul  1735     Anne                 BRENTNALL          dau of Saml. & Dor.
3-Aug   1735     Anne                 TOMLISON           dau of James
18-Aug  1735     Eliza.               WILKS              dau of Jos.
5-Oct   1735     Geor.                GILBERT            son of Geor. & Eliza.
26-Oct  1735     Mary                 LITHERLAND         dau of Will.
30-Nov  1735     Anne                 BROWN              dau of Jno.
1-Jan   1735/36  Willm.               CHAPMAN            bastard of Mary
18-Jan  1735/36  Jane                 HAIR               dau of Jos. & Harr.
25-Jan  1735/36  Jno.                 MIDLETON           son of Willm. & Sa.
12-Feb  1735/36  Anne                 SANS               bastd. of Sarah
15-Feb  1735/36  El.                  BRIGGS             dau of Jno. & El.
12-Mar  1735/36  Mary                 HODSKIN            bastd. of Sarah
14-Mar  1735/36  Eliz.                MASON              dau of Jos.
14-Mar  1735/36  Mary                 SHILCOCK           dau of Jno.
21-Mar  1735/36  Catha.               ATWOOD             dau of Willm.
28-Mar  1736     Math.                RIGHT              son of Jno.
11-Apr  1736     Sus.                 USHAWOOD           dau of Willm.
18-Apr  1736     Jno.                 WILLS              son of Tho. & El.
2-May   1736     Mary                 CAPEHUST           dau of Hen.
9-May   1736     Robt.                CLARK              son of Robt. & Allice
1-Aug   1736     Anne                 ROTTEN             dau of Jno.
8-Jul   1736     Anne                 PATRICK            dau of Tho.
3-Oct   1736     Anne                 CLEMENTS           dau of Jos.
23-Oct  1736     Tho.                 HOLLICK            son of Tho. & Ell.
12-Dec  1736     Anne                 NEWBOULD           dau of Will. & Han.
4-Jan   1736/37  Anne                 GREENWOOD          dau of Jno.
6-Feb   1736/37  Willm.               TOMLISON           son of James
7-Feb   1736/37  Tho.                 RADFORD            son of Tho. & Mar.
13-Feb  1736/37  Tho.                 CHALENGWOOD        son of Jno.
20-Feb  1736/37  Anne                 ROBINSON           dau of Will.
11-Mar  1736/37  Sar.                 LUNN               dau of George                               of Measham
25-Mar  1736/37  Mary                 TOMLYSON           dau of Jno. & Mary
16-Apr  1737     Edward               LEEDHAM            son of Cristo. & Eliz.
24-Apr  1737     Will.                USHAWOOD           son of Will. & Freelove
30-May  1737     Will.                WILKS              son of Jos. & Eliz.
19-Jun  1737     Mary                 CLARK              dau of Jno. & Mary
26-Jun  1737     ??                   STANDLY            dau of Jos. & Doro.
30-Aug  1737     ??                   BRIGGS             dau of Hen. & Mary
21-Sep  1737     Tho.                 STANDLY            son of Henry & Reb.
2-Oct   1737     Eliz.                STRETTON           dau of Will. & Anne
28-Oct  1737     Mary                 MIDLETON           dau of Will. & Sarah
6-Nov   1737     Tho.                 SALISBURY          son of Tho. & Mary
14-Nov  1737     Jane                 GILBERT            dau of Geo. & Eliz.
11-Dec  1737     Will.                PARKER             son of Richd. & Mary
19-Dec  1737     Jno.                 NEWBOULD           son of Chr. & Sar.
27-Dec  1737     Will.                LAKIN              son of Richd. & Mary
1-Jan   1737/38  Mary                 BAXTER             dau of Jno. & Eliz.
7-Jan   1737/38  Tho.                 LEEDHAM            son of Will. & Sa.
22-Jan  1737/38  Jos.                 HAIR               son of Jos. & Han.
19-Feb  1737/38  Tho.                 BROOKS             son of Tho. & Eliz.
26-Feb  1737/38  Mary                 TILLY              dau of Jno. & All.
5-Mar   1737/38  Anne Jaques          BAXTER             bastard of An.
12-Mar  1737/38  Jno.                 RADFORD            son of Tho. & Mary
21-May  1738     Eliz.                WALKER             dau of Richd. & Frans.                      of Gresley
25-Jun  1738     ??                   LEEDHAM            dau of Chr. & Eliz.
25-Jun  1738     Abigail              CLARK              dau of Chr. & Rebeccah
23-Jul  1738     Anne                 MOUSLEY            dau of Richd. & Mary
4-Aug   1738     Will.                PATRICK            son of Tho. & Eliza
6-Aug   1738     Tho.                 LUN                son of Rob.
13-Aug  1738     Willm.               THORNTON           son of John & Anne
27-Aug  1738     Jno.                 CLARKE             son of Tho. & Sar.
19-Sep  1738     Willm.               BRIGGS             son of Jno. & Eliz.
5-Oct   1738     Anne                 EAMS               son of Henry & Doro.
15-Oct  1738     Mary                 BRENTNALL          dau of Sam. & Dor.
18-Nov  1738     Jno.                 WILLS              son of Tho. & Eliza.
19-Nov  1738     Mary                 GILBERT            dau of Geo. & Eliza.
3-Dec   1738     Margaret             GREENWOOD          dau of Jno. & Mary
27-Dec  1738     Eliza.               NEWBOULD           dau of Tho. & Sar.
28-Dec  1738     Richd.               ROTTEN             son of Jno. & Anne
27-Feb  1738/39  Mary                 TOMLYSON           dau of James & Margt.
28-Mar  1739     Jno.                 CALINGSWOOD        son of Jno. & Anne
1-Apr   1739     Jno.                 RIGHT              son of Jno. & Mary
15-Apr  1739     Freelove             USHAWOOD           dau of William & Freelove
22-Apr  1739     Hannah               HAIR               dau of Jos.
20-May  1739     Robert               WILKS              son of Jos.
27-May  1739     Willm.               ATWOOD             son of Willm.
7-Jun   1739     Eliza.               HULL               dau of Richd.
24-Jun  1739     Mary                 BOOTH              dau of Jno.
16-Dec  1739     Willm.               WETTON             son of Jno.
27-Dec  1739     Saml. & Jane         CLARKE             children of Jno.
6-Jan   1739/40  Richd.               CLEMENS            son of Jos.
7-Feb   1739/40  Mary                 TOMLYSON           dau of Jno.
11-Feb  1739/40  Jno.                 STANDLY            son of Henry
9-Mar   1739/40  Lydia                WILSON             dau of Hum.                                 of Gresley
20-Mar  1739/40  Tho.                 WILLS              son of Tho.
20-Apr  1740     Joseph               THORTON            son of Jno.
4-May   1740     Jno.                 STANDLY            son of Jos.
26-May  1740     Jno.                 HART               son of Willm. & Mary
1-Jun   1740     Mary                 STRETTON           dau of Willm. & Anne
15-Jun  1740     Sarah                BATE               dau of Richd. & Mary
20-Jul  1740     Mary                 GREEN              dau of Richd.
10-Aug  1740     Jno.                 LUN                son of Robt.
10-Aug  1740     Willm.               NEWBOULD           son of Willm.
24-Aug  1740     Mary                 SMITH              dau of Jno. & Mary
12-Oct  1740     Elizabeth            ATTWOOD            dau of Richd.
19-Oct  1740     Dorothy              GREENWOOD          dau of Jno.
19-Oct  1740     Tho.                 RADFORD            son of Tho.
26-Oct  1740     Willm.               GILBERT            son of Willm.
2-Nov   1740     Sarah                BAXTER             dau of Jno.
8-Nov   1740     Elizabeth            TOMLISON           dau of James
7-Dec   1740     Mary                 BRIGGS             dau of Jno.
2-Feb   1740/41  Anne                 WALKER             dau of Richd.                               of Gresley
8-Feb   1740/41  Jno.                 GILBERT            son of Sherrad
15-Feb  1740/41  Jane & John          CLARKE             children of Jno.
22-Feb  1740/41  Eliza.               MARROT             bastard of Mary
1-Mar   1740/41  Anne                 WRIGHT             dau of Jno.
19-May  1740/41  Sybil                GILBERT            dau of Geo.
22-Mar  1740/41  John                 LEEDHAM            son of Christr.
1-Apr   1741     Anne                 HILL?              dau of Joshua                               of Anstrey
3-May   1741     Jno.                 HAIR               son of Joseph
3-May   1741     Willm.               ROTTEN             son of Jno.
10-May  1741     Richd.               FICHETT            son of Willm.
17-May  1741     Tho.                 WETTON             son of Jno. & Sarah
19-Jul  1741     Jno.                 STANDLY            son of Henry
19-Jul  1741     Anne                 CHALINGWOOD        dau of Jno.
20-Sep  1741     Saml.                BRENTNALL          son of Saml.
13-Dec  1741     Jno.                 SIMMONDS           son of Jonathan
20-Dec  1741     Anne                 BATE               dau of Ricd. & Mary
29-Dec  1741     Jno.                 ATWOOD             son of Willm.
12-Jan  1741/42  Willm.               WILLS              son of Tho.
2-Feb   1741/42  Isaac                WILKS              son of Joseph
7-Feb   1741/42  Ann                  ENSER              dau of Richd.
24-Mar  1741/42  Richd.               SPAIR              son of Ezecl.
25-Apr  1742     Jno.                 NEWBALD            son of Tho.
25-Apr  1742     Willm.               AMES               son of Henry
20-Jun  1742     Willm.               JAQUES?            son of Zach.
26-Jun  1742     Geor. & Mary         FITCHET            children of Willm. & Mary
29-Jun  1742     Eliza.               LEEDHAM            dau of Tho.
20-Aug  1742     Willm.               HART               son of Willm.
4-Sep   1742     Anne                 MILLS              bastard of Eliza.
6-Sep   1742     Mary                 SPENCER            dau of Jno. & Mary
5-Nov   1742     Tho.                 HULL               son of Richd.
29-Nov  1742     Eliza.               MILNER             dau of Willm.
11-Dec  1742     Mary                 CLEMMONS           dau of Jos.
12-Dec  1742     Jno.                 ?..ON              son of Willm.
24-Jan  1742/43  Jno.                 CLARK              son of Jno. & Mary
11-Feb  1742/43  Mary                 REDFERN            dau of Joseph & Dor.
27-Feb  1742/43  Willm.               BAXTER             son of Jno.
27-Feb  1742/43  Tho.                 BAXTER             son of Tho.
20-Mar  1742/43  Jno.                 THORNTON           son of Jno.
22-Mar  1742/43  George               BATE               son of Richd. & Mary
26-Mar  1743     Mary                 BRADFORD           dau of Jno.
17-Apr  1743     Anne                 BOOTH              dau of Jno.
4-May   1743     Willm.               HAIR               son of Jos.
27-Jun  1743     Robert               WETTON             son of Jno.
3-Jul   1743     Tho.                 WILLS              son of Tho.
31-Jul  1743     Jonathan             SIMMONS            son of Jonathan
1-Aug   1743     Joseph               LUNN               son of Robt.
11-Aug  1743     John                 NEWBOULD           son of Willm.
11-Sep  1743     Eliza                BAXTER             dau of Abraham
30-Sep  1743     Willm.               CHALINGWOOD        son of Tho.
6-Oct   1743     Tho.                 GILLIVER           son of Joseph
31-Oct  1743     Uriah                PATRICK            son of Tho.
6-Nov   1743     Willm.               DEAN               son of Richd.
9-Nov   1743     John                 LATHBURY           son of -                                    of Ashby
4-Dec   1743     Sarah                FLORANCE           dau of Geor.                                of Gresley
24-Jan  1743/44  Jno.                 ENSER              son of Richard
24-Mar  1743/44  James                TOMLYSON           son of James
15-Apr  1744     Mary                 BAXTER             dau of Tho.
15-Apr  1744     William              WITHNALL           son of Job
4-May   1744     Willm.               LEEDHAM            son of Tho. & Eliza.
20-May  1744     ?                    ?                  son of �?
6-Aug   1744     Joseph               TOMLYSON           bastard of Mary
3-Oct   1744     Jno.                 MILNER             son of Willm.
22-Oct  1744     Eliza.               JAQUIS             dau of Zah.
5-Nov   1744     Frances              WETTON             dau of Jno.
13-Nov  1744     Richd.               BATE               son of Richd.
23-Dec  1744     Richd.               LATHBURY           son of Richd.                               of Ashby
30-Dec  1744     Ann                  SIMMONS            dau of Jonathan
28-Jan  1744/45  Eliza.               WILLS              dau of Tho.
2-Feb   1744/45  Mary                 SPENCER            dau of Jno.
3-Feb   1744/45  Martha               GILBERT            dau of Geor.
17-Feb  1744/45  Tho.                 WILKS              son of Jos.
6-Apr   1745     Eliza.               MAW                dau of Eliza.
10-Apr  1745     Sarah                TILLY              dau of Jno. & Mary
15-Apr  1745     Eliza.               ATWOOD             dau of Willm.
14-Apr  1745     Eliza.               BAXTER             dau of Jno.                                 of Gresley
4-May   1745     Willm.               STANDLY            son of Henry
14-May  1745     Tho.                 BATE               son of Richd.                               of Gresley
10-Aug  1745     Jno.                 WALKER             son of Richd.
18-Aug  1745     Eliza.               SHILCOCK           dau of -
20-Sep  1745     Mary                 NEWBOULD           dau of Willm.
22-Sep  1745     Ann                  SHAW               dau of Jno.
23-Sep  1745     Jno.                 CLARKE             son of Gilbert
13-Oct  1745     Jno.                 HITCHINSON         son of Tho. & Ann
24-Oct  1745     Thomus               HAIR               son of Joseph
26-Oct  1745     Thomas               BAXTER             son of Abra.
10-Nov  1745     Mary                 CALINGWOOD         dau of Jno.
16-Nov  1745     Tho.                 MILNER             son of Willm.
16-Nov  1745     Benjamin             STONE              son of Jos.
21-Nov  1745     Jno.                 BAXTER             son of Tho.
19-Dec  1745     Ann                  PATRICK            dau of Tho.
13-Jan  1745/46  Amy                  BALL               dau of Jos.
23-Mar  1745/46  Anne                 DEANE              dau of Richd.
12-Apr  1746     John                 ARNOLD             bastard of Sarah
12-Apr  1746     Thomas               WITHNALL           son of Job
16-Apr  1746     Hellen               BIRD               dau of Jno.
11-May  1746     -                    SPENCER            dau of Jno.
9-Jun   1746     Jno.                 TOMLYSON           son of James
22-Jun  1746     Richd.               BATE               son of Richd.
4-Jul   1746     Jno.                 CAPENHUST          son of Jno. junr.
27-Jul  1746     Tho.                 LEEDHAM            son of Christr.
2-Aug   1746     Eliza.               TAFT               dau of Richd.                               of Gresley
3-Aug   1746     Eliza.               MASON              dau of Saml.
3-Aug   1746     Richd.               ENSER              son of Richd.
20-Aug  1746     Sarah                LAKIN              dau of Tho.
31-Aug  1746     Tho.                 LEEDHAM            son of Tho. & Eliza.
10-Oct  1746     Samuel               BOOTH              son of Jno.
23-Nov  1746     Robt.                WETTON             son of Jno.
??-Nov  1746     Mary                 ROTTEN             dau of Jno.
1-Jan   1746/47  Jno.                 HAYS               son of Edward
1-Jan   1746/47  Willm.               CLAK               son of Gilbert
4-Jan   1746/47  Robert               CLEMONS            son of Joseph
29-Jan  1746/47  Willm.               TILLY              son of Jno.
22-Feb  1746/47  Eliza.               SHAW               dau of Jno.
29-Mar  1747     Mary                 TROWELL            bastard of Hellen
7-Apr   1747     Sarah                JAQUIS             dau of Zach.
7-Apr   1747     Christr.             HART               son of Willm.
9-Aug   1747     Ann                  STRETTON           dau of Jno. & Ann
13-Sep  1747     Jno.                 MILNER             son of Jno.
23-Sep  1747     Sarah                HOLDEN             dau of Han. wid.
10-Oct  1747     Mary                 FLORANCE           dau of Geor.
12-Oct  1747     Jno.                 CALINGWOOD         son of Jno.
1-Nov   1747     Tho.                 BAXTER             son of Jno.
8-Nov   1747     Thos.                LATHBURY           son of Richd.                               of Ashby
13-Nov  1747     Mary                 BOOTH              dau of Jno.
18-Jan  1747/48  Willm.               MILNER             son of Willm.
24-Jan  1747/48  Rebecca              STANDLY            dau of Hen.
2-Mar   1747/48  Sarah                MASON              dau of Sam.
10-Mar  1747/48  Mary                 BATE               dau of Richd.
17-Mar  1747/48  Jos.                 WITHNALL           son of Job
24-Mar  1747/48  Jos.                 ROTTEN             son of Jno.
15-Apr  1748     James                REDFERN            son of Jos.
17-Apr  1748     Tho.                 CAPENHUST          son of Jos.
8-May   1748     Elizabeth            SPENCER            dau of John
13-Jun  1748     Anne                 SPEAR              dau of Ezekl. & Dorothy
26-Jun  1748     John                 WETTON             son of John
23-Jul  1748     Thomas               PATRICK            son of Thomas
6-Aug   1748     Sarah                SHAW               dau of John
7-Aug   1748     John                 BAXTER             son of Abraham & Mary
30-Aug  1748     Mary                 BATE               dau of Thos. & Anne
2-Oct   1748     Sarah                BALL               dau of Joseph
18-Nov  1748     John                 TILLY              son of John
18-Dec  1748     John                 LEEDHAM            son of Tho.
18-Jan  1748/49  Mary                 BUDWORTH           dau of Wm.
1-Feb   1748/49  Richard              NEWBOLD            son of William & Ruth
2-Feb   1748/49  Edward               LEEDOM             son of Christopher & Elizabeth
10-Mar  1748/49  Edward               HAYES              son of Edward & Catharine
30-Apr  1749     Mary                 SALT               dau of John
21-May  1749     William              BIRD               son of John
9-Jul   1749     Francis              HART               son of William
18-Jul  1749     Joseph               WILKES             son of William & Mary
26-Jul  1749     Laurence             HAYS               son of Laurence
13-Sep  1749     Sarah                CLEMENT            dau of Joseph & Anne
29-Sep  1749     James                PARKER             son of Joseph & Katharine                   of Orton on the Hill
6-Oct   1749     Joseph               BAXTER             son of Martha � Widow
15-Oct  1749     Sarah                MIDDLETON          dau of William & Sarah
18-Oct  1749     George               BATE               son of Richard & Mary
22-Oct  1749     Joseph               MILNER             son of John & Sarah
19-Nov  1749     Mary                 GRICE              dau of James & Catharine
19-Nov  1749     William              KAPENHURST         son of John & Elizabeth
3-Dec   1749     Anne                 GRICE              dau of Robert & Anne
16-Dec  1749     John                 SHERWIN            son of Job & Elizabeth
20-Dec  1749     Rebecca              LUN                dau of William & Sarah
25-Dec  1749     Thomas               WAGSTAFF           son of John & Elizabeth
26-Dec  1749     John                 HEAPE              son of William & Elizabeth
14-Mar  1749/50  Richard              BAXTER             son of John
8-Apr   1750     Sarah                STRETTON           dau of William & Anne
9-Apr   1750     Mary                 MILNER             dau of William & Anne
23-Apr  1750     John                 SHAW               son of John & Elizabeth
13-May  1750     George               SIMMONS            son of Jonathan & Anne
13-Jun  1750     James                BOOTH              son of John
1-Jul   1750     Anne                 MASON              dau of Samuel & Mary
8-Jul   1750     Zachary              JAQUES             son of Zachary & Frances
27-Jul  1750     Zachary              GILBERT            son of Zachary & Anne
6-Aug   1750     Thomas               PATRICK            son of Thomas & Elizabeth
15-Sep  1750     Henry                TROWELL            base born son of Eleanor
22-Sep  1750     Thomas               BATE               son of Thomas & Anne
26-Sep  1750     William & Sarah      SPENCER            children of John & Mary
7-Oct   1750     Thomas               RUSHEN             son of James & Sarah
11-Nov  1750     Isaac                CALINGWOOD         son of John & Anne
16-Nov  1750     Elizabeth            WITHNALL           dau of Job & Mary
21-Nov  1750     Elizabeth            HALL               dau of Richard & Elizabeth

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