St Peter's Netherseal - Parish Register Notes
St Peter's, Netherseal
Parish Register Notes

Several pages at the end of the St Peter's, Netherseal parish register contain notes relating to various people and events of local importance, as follows. 

The Rev. Thomas Gresley, M.A., of Hertford College, Oxford, was instituted to the Rectory of Nether Seil, October 31st., AD 1759 ; - & read in Decr. 23rd.

The Rev. William-Nigel Gresley, B.A., Rector of Seile, and Georgina-Ann Reid, were married in Lichfield Cathedral Church, 24th. Of March, AD. 1831. 
S. Matthew's Chapel, OverSeile ; - the first stone laid by Elizabeth Pycroft, 27 Augt., AD. 1840 ; consecrated by George Davys, lord bishop of Peterborough, 26 July, AD. 1841. 
John Morewood Gresley, - licensed curate of Seile, Leicestershire, 7 March, AD. 1841. - instituted to the rectory of the same, 19 Novr., AD. 1847, - inducted 25 Nov., AD. 1847, - resigned the restory of Seile, 30 June, AD. 1860, - and again licensed to the curacy, 6 July of the same year. - Married 23 January, AD. 1849, at Ashby de la Zouch, Penelope, eldest daughter of the Revd. Marmaduke Vavasour. She dies 22 Feby., AD. 1858, and was buried at Over Seile, 1 March. -     J.M. Gresley. 4 Augt., AD. 1860 
Nigel Gresley, - licensed curate of Chewton Mendip Somersetshire, 19 June A.D. 1859, - instituted to the Rectory of Seale Leicestershire, 5 July, AD 1860, - inducted 13 July 1860 
Netherseale Church Clock was put up in Janry. 1861. 
The Church Tower was struck by lightning 22 June 1861; and a lightning conductor was put up the same year. 
The New Cemetery was consecrated by the Bishop of Peterborough on Saturday Oct 30th. 1869. 
The Churchyard was closed for burials by Order of the Privy Council on Febry. 5th. 1870 
Netherseale Church was reopened after its complete restoration at a cost of upwards of £2700 on May 10th. 1874 
The Stained Glass window at the East end of the chancel by Messrs Burlison & Grylls and the Reredos by MessrsPowell & Sons in "opus sectile" were put up at a cost of £344 in memory of J T Woodhouse Eqre in 1879. 
The chancel screen was put up at a cost of £20 in 1885.

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