Overseal St Matthew - Memorial Inscriptions
Overseal St Matthew
Memorial Inscriptions
Transcript by Nigel Wilton, of Moira
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Sacred to the memory of Thomas Hair who died April 19th, 1853, aged 76. Also of John Hair, son of the above who died December 12th, 1837, aged 35 and interred in Netherseal Churchyard.

In affectionate memory of Hannah Capenhurst who died December 12th, 1847, aged 67. Also of Mary Haynes daughter of the above who died May 30th, 1861, aged 50.
In affectionate memory of Benjamin Sturgess who departed this life March 27th, 1854, aged 65.  Also of Frances his wife who departed this life July 17th, 1860, aged 67.
In memory of Samuel Winterton of Woodlands Farm Overseal who died December 13th, 1906, aged 69.  Also Harriet his wife who died January 21st, 1919, aged 83.
In affectionate remembrance of Jane the wife of Thomas Priestley of Overseal who departed this life September 20th, 1872, aged 55. Also of Thomas Priestley who departed this life October 13th, 1885, aged 67.
In memory of Arthur Haskins who departed this life 13th March 1856, aged 2 years and 11 months.
In loving memory of Thomas Marriott who died July 25th, 1889, aged 75.
In memory of Thomas Kirby who died March 22nd, 1903, aged 71.  Also of Catherine his wife who died September 18th, 1898, aged 65.
In memory of Sarah the wife of Charley Moore, who fell asleep June 6th, 1895, aged 31.
In memory of John Harris, yeoman, who died aged 65, November 25th, 1856.  Also Sarah his wife who died ............ (remainder below ground level)
In affectionate memory of George Edward, grandson of Edward and Elizabeth Smith of Spring Cottage who died January 2nd, 1870, aged 3 years 6 months.
In memory of Mary, the wife of James Henry Pharaoh, who died June 2nd, 1875, aged 27. Also of James Henry Pharaoh who died April 19th, 1876 aged 28.
Sacred to the memory of Thomas Newbold who died July 21st, 1875 [probably 1873; see Note], aged 76.
In memory of Harry Tunnadine, son of Joseph and Mary White, who died January 6th, 1888, aged 2 years 1 month. Also Harold Tunnadine White born August 3rd 1889, died January 21st, 1941.
In memory of Mary Elizabeth Adams who died March 14th, 1873, aged 26.  Also ?Arthur? Charles Adams who died January 12th, 1871, aged 15.  Also ?Klara? Charlotte Adams who died July 6th, 1884, aged 31.
In affectionate memory of John Newbold of Overseal who fell asleep July 6th, 1872, aged 19.
In loving memory of Joseph Litherland of Overseal who died June 25th, 1892, aged 59.
To the memory of Benjamin Coulton, late of Chilcote, who departed this life November 18th, 1856, aged 68.
To the memory of Richard Collumbel who died April 25th, 1886, aged 48.
In memory of Eliza, the wife of Richard Collumbel who died February 25th, 1876, aged ?41?  Also Mary Anne, daughter of the above who died September 16th, 1862, aged 3 months.
In loving memory of Selina Anne, daughter of Richard and Eliza Collumbel.
Lydia daughter of Charles and Jane Freeman of Overseal who died  .........ary 26th, 1886, aged ?16? years.
In memory of Ann Simpson who died January 27th, 1875, aged 65.  Also in loving memory of William Thomas Wright who died April 3rd, 1954, aged 42.
In memory of Thomas Chadburn who died September 7th, 1870, aged 78.
Thomas Adams of Overseal who died November 6th, 1876, aged 61.  Also Mary, his wife, who died March 2nd, 1885, aged 68. And five of their children:- Walter John who died January 26th, 1859, aged 7; Jane Ann who died February 7th, 1859, aged 11; William, Clara and William John who died in infancy.
To the memory of William Adams of Overseal, farmer, who died August 31st, 1841, aged 71.
In affectionate memory of Catherine, the wife of Robert Statham, who died May ..................
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