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Netherseal & Overseal Parish Page
Netherseal & Overseal
Parish Pages
Parish Registers (1566-1956) & Transcripts
Monumental Inscriptions
Trade Directory Extracts (1835-1895)

Parish & Non-Conformist Registers & Transcripts

Microfilm copies of Parish Registers and Bishop's Transcripts are held variously at the Derbyshire Record Office and The Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland.  They are also available for ordering via local LDS Family History Centres.

Church of England. Parish Church of St Peter, (Nether)Seal
Parish registers, 1566-1956
(Derbyshire Record Office no.: D809/A/PI/1/1-3,2/1,3/1-4,4/1-2,5/1)
LDS Film No 1752218
Item 10 - General Register: Baptisms, Marriages and Burials (1566-1725)
Item 11 - General Register: Baptisms, Marriages and Burials (1725-1787)
Item 12 - General Register: Baptisms, Marriages and Burials (1788-1812)
Item 13 - Baptism Register (1813-1833)
LDS Film No 1752219
Item 1 - Baptism Register (1833-1874)
Item 2 - Marriage Register (1754-1777)
Item 3 - Banns Register (1777-1801) & Marriage Register (1777-1812)
Item 4 - Marriage Register (1813-1837)
Item 5 - Marriage Register (1837-1901)
Item 6 - Banns Register (1823-1865) N.B. No Banns 1802-1822 - Records Missing
Item 7 - Banns Register (1865-1901)
Item 8 - Burial Register (1813-1902)
LDS Film No 2082370
Item 7 - Marriage Register (1901-1953)
Item 8 - Burial Register (1903-1956)
St Peter's, Netherseal - Photo © 2004 Roger Patrick
Parish chest materials, 1659-1835
(Derbyshire Record Office no.: D809 A/PO 1-8; A/PW/1)
Overseers accounts, 1744-1821
LDS Film No 1702631 Items 19-23
Overseers accounts, 1821-1835 Paupers list, 1824
LDS Film No 1702632 Items 1-3
Churchwardens and overseers accounts, 1659-1816 List of paupers, 1823-1824 (another filming)
LDS Film No 2104058 Items 5-6
Bishop's transcripts, 1563-1871
LDS Film No 595762
Monumental Inscriptions, 1711-1878
LDS Film No 973265 Item 11

Church of England. Chapelry of St Matthew, Over Seal
Parish registers, 1841-1925
(Derbyshire Record Office no.: D812/A/PI/1/1-2,2/1,3/1,4/1)
Baptisms 1841-1900 Marriages 1857-1900 Banns 1864-1900 Burials 1841-1906
LDS Film No 1752219 Items 10-14
Marriages, 1900-1925 (from 25 Dec. 1900)
LDS Film No 2082370 Item 9

Bishop's transcripts. 1842-1871
[Original at The Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland]
Baptisms and burials, 1842-43, 1845-1858, 1868-71
LDS Film No 1656182 Item 3

Overseers accounts, 1812-1821
Derbyshire Record Office no.: D812 A/PO 1-2
- LDS Film No 1702631 Items 17-18

St Matthew's, Overseal - Photo © 2001 Paul Greening
The following Non-Conformist Records are also available through the LDS Church Family History Centres:

Methodist Church, Netherseal
Registers [Derbyshire Record Office Call no.: D 4708/1]
Baptisms, 1891-1896, 1900 -  LDS Film No 2103927 Item 5

Parish Register Transcripts
Netherseal St Peter's, Baptisms, Marriages & Burials (1563-1724)
The Leicestershire & Rutland Family History Society has published Sue Brown's transcript of the parish register of Netherseal St Peter's for the years 1563 to 1724, on a set of three fiche.  This comprises baptisms, marriages & burials, indexed by surnames and place names, and includes cross-checks with entries from the Bishop's Transcripts.

Netherseal St Peter's, Baptisms, Marriages & Burials (1725-1812)
"The Register of the Parish of Seale in the County of Leicester in which is contained the names of all those that have been Baptized, Married, or Buried, & the time when, since the twenty fifth day of March in the year of our Lord one Thousand Seven Hundred & Twenty five."
N.B. This register is probably not the original. Notes contained within the register suggest that it was at least in part copied from the original by John M. Gresley, then Rector of Overseal, in October 1852.  Two pages of the register appear to be missing from the film, covering the period between 7 February and 14 September 1800. It is possible that they were missing from the register too.  Several pages at the end of the register contain notes relating to various people and events of local importance (see Parish Notes).
Transcribed and indexed by Brett Payne.

Overseal St Matthew's, Baptisms & Burials (1842--1871)
Sharon Kay has very kindly provided her transcripts of the St Matthew's, Overseal BTs for use on this site.  Indexing and conversion to web format has been done by Brett Payne.  N.B. The years 1844 and 1859-1867 are completely absent from the Bishop's Transcripts.
St Peter's Transcripts Surname Index St Matthew's Transcripts Surname Index
Baptisms 1725-1750
Baptisms 1842-1845
Marriages 1725-1812 A-Z
Burials 1725-1750
A-Z Burials 1842-1850

Monumental Inscriptions
St Peter's Netherseal (1500-1914)
The bulk of this collection has been transcribed from various sources by Nigel Wilton of Moira, and edited by his sister Geraldine Bancroft.  Additonal entries have been extracted by Sharon Kay from the LDS film of Monumental Inscriptions for St Peter's (original transcriber unknown, but apparently carried out in April 1973).  I am very grateful to all three for permission to include the results of their efforts on this web site.  The Surname Index and minor additional notes have been provided by myself.
Monumental Inscriptions Transcript & Surname Index

St Matthew's Overseal
Compiled by Nigel Wilton of Moira, edited by Geraldine Bancroft and indexed by Brett Payne.
Monumental Inscriptions Transcript & Surname Index

Parish Descriptions & Trade Directory Extracts
Extracts from 19th Century Trade Directories relating to Overseal & Netherseal.  Compiled by Brett Payne.
Pigot 1835 | White 1846 | Slater 1850 | Kelly 1855 | Drake 1861 | White 1863 | Harrod 1870 | Kelly 1881 | Wright 1887-88 | Kelly 1891 | Kelly 1899
This section is devoted to Transcripts of Wills relating to the parishes of Netherseal and Overseal.  Wills often contain items of local historical interest, material of significance to unrelated families, and will sometimes include that vital piece of information which will break through the "brick wall" that has been impeding the progress of your research for so long.  If you have the transcripts of any wills which you would care to have included on this web site, please Email me.  If you've had trouble deciphering a will, and would like some assistance, I'd be happy to give it a try.

Census Records & Transcripts
The LDS church has filmed the 1841-1891 Census records for Seal, which includes both Netherseal & Overseal:
1841 - LDS Film No 438746
1851 - LDS Film No 87710
1861 - LDS Film No 542945
1871 - LDS Film No 839275
1881 - LDS Film No 1341748
1891 - LDS Fiche No 6097619 (RG 12/2509 - 4 fiches)

1841 Census of Netherseal
Enumeration District No. 12 (Enumerator: Richard Elton), Hartshorne Registrar's District, Ashby-de-la-Zouch Superintendent Registrar's District, Goscote Hundred of Leicestershire.  PRO Reference HO107/596.
Transcribed from a poor quality microfilm very ably by Bryan Small, with minor amendments and indexing by Brett Payne.  Further corrections would be gratefully received. N.B. Overseal is not included.
Full Transcript & Surname Index

1851 Census of Netherseal
PRO Piece No. HO107/2084 Folios 202-220, Superintendent Registrar's District : Ashby de la Zouch, Registration District : Hartshorne, Enumeration District 3a
Transcribed by Bryan Small, with minor amendments and indexing by Brett Payne.
Full Transcript & Surname Index

1861 Census of Netherseal
PRO Piece No. RG9/2268 Folios 83-98, Superintendent Registrar's District : Ashby de la Zouch, Registration District : Hartshorne   Enumeration District No. 5, Enumerator: W. Jones.
Description: All the Township of Netherseal including Field Farm, Tinder Gate, the Whitehouse, The Hollow, Seal Grange, Grangewood Lodge and Cottages, Grangewood house and Cottages, Scattergood, the Wood Cottage, Wood Farm, Gunby Farm, Grangewood Farm, Crickets Inn and Cottages, The Rectory, Brickkiln Cottages.
Transcribed and indexed by Brett Payne.
Full Transcript & Surname Index

1871 Census of Netherseal
PRO Piece No. RG10/3246 Folios 33-45, Hartshorne Sub-District E.D. No. 6, Enumerator: Edwin Leavesley
Description: All the Township of Netherseal in the Parish of Seals including the Fields Farm, Tinkers Gate, the White House, the Hollows Farm, Seal Grange, Windmill House, Grange Wood Farm and Cottages, Woodside Farm, Grange Wood Lodge, Seal Wood, Cottages, Gunby Farm, Gunby House Farm, Mount Pleasant, Seal Pastures, Cricketts Inn House and Cottages.
Transcribed by Bryan Small, with minor amendments and indexing by Brett Payne.
Full Transcript & Surname Index

History & Place Names
Some historical material can be found in the Trade Directory descriptions above.

Place Names
Extracted from: The Place Names of Derbyshire, Vol. XXIX, Part Three, by Kenneth Cameron, published in 1959, by the Cambridge University Press.
NETHERSEAL (Transferred from Leicestershire in 1897)
It is impossible to separate adequately the forms for Netherseal and Overseal, except when they have distinctive epithets.  All the early forms have therefore been placed here for convenience.
Scel(l)a 1086 DB
Sela 1086 DB
Scegla c. 1125 LeiSur, Sceyle c. 1141 Tutbury
Seyla c. 1125 LeiSur, Seile 1135-9 France (p), c. 1158 Bemrose (p), 1198 Cur, Seyle 1166 RBE (p), 1215 BurtCh (p), 1215 BurtCh (p), Seille 1208 FF (p), Seylle 1247 Cl
S(c)heile, -eyle 1225, 1247 Rydeware, 1255 BurtAn (p), 1273 Rydeware et passim to 1396 Pat (p), Scheill 1306 Ass
Seal Ed I DbCh
Nether Scheyle Hy 3 Rydeware, Nether Shayle 1454 DbA xxxiv, Nethersheyle 1532 Burton
Chirchescheyle 1276 Rydeware, Chirchesheil 1331 ib
Magna Scheyle c. 1300, 1314 Rydeware
Probably 'little copse', v.scegel.

CORN MILL (6"), Seal Mill 1835 ib.
CRICKET'S INN (6"), Crickets Inn 1804 Smith
THE DUMBLES (6"), cf. Dymple Hyll 1549 Lanc, v.dumpel, hyll.
EASTFIELD (6"), The Field 1835 O.
THE GRANGE, Seale grange 1577 Saxton, v.grange.
GUNBY LEA (6"), Ganby Lea 1835 ib.
POTTER'S WOOD, Potter Wood 1835 ib.
SEAL PASTURES, Seal Pasture 1835 ib.
SEALWOOD FM (6"), cf. bosco de Scheyle 1247 Rydeware, Sealwood side 1661 Dep.
SHORT WOOD (6"), le Shertwode c. 1300 Rydeware, Shorte Wode 1306 Ass, v. sc(e)ort, wudu.
WOOD FM (6"), 1835 O.
WOODSIDE FM (6"), Woodside 1835 ib.

The principal forms in (a) are 1842 TA; those dated 1661 are Rental, the rest Gresley except where noted.

(a) Alex Close; Arnolds Croft Meadow, Bancroft (v.bean, croft); Barley Bottoms and Close; Barn Close; Black Flatt; Black Pit Close; Blenham Close; Bowling Alley; Broad Close and Meadow; Brooks Meadow; Broomy Close (Broome close 1661, v. brom(ig), clos); Cadbro'; Calf Close; Calves Close; Catherine Pit Close; Clattercut (Clatercote 1257, v. clater, cot); Clover Close and Piece; Coal Hill; Cockshoots (v. cocc-sciete); Common Hill; Connery (v.coninger); Coppice; Cote Close; Cow Flat; Cuckoo Close; Cullymoor; Dadmoor; Dog Lane Croft; Eachill (v.ecels); Filberts; Fine Ditch; Fishpools; Five Acres; Flatts; Fords Close; Four Acres; Garden Close; Gate Close; Gore (Gore c. 1300 Redeware, v.gara); Gorse Meadow; Gorsey Lane Close; Gorsty Pit (v. gorstig, pytt); Green Oak Meadow; Groundless Pit Close; Hall Flatt; Hane Butts; Hill Meadow; Hillocky Leas; Hilly Piece; Hole; Holly Bush; Home Croft; Hoobro' Meadow; Hook Meadow; (v. hoc, maed); Hoppins Pit Close (cf. Hopynges 1247, v.hopping); Hop Yard Meadow; Hornet Hill (Hortnoteshullesheved (sic) e. 13th); Horse Pool Close; House Close; Hurst Meadow (v.hyrst, maed); Inn Meadow; Insleys Yard; Intake (v. intak); Kiln Close; Lane End; Limpshill; Little Hill and Meadow; Loath Meadow; Long Close and Piece; Marlpit Close; Meadow below Rough; Meadow Close; Meadow over Mease (named from R. Mease supra 12); Meer Pit Field; Meers (v.(ge)maere); Middle Close, Hill and Piece; Mill Green; Moor Meadow (le Moremedewe 1314 Rydeware, v. mor, maed); Moss Close, Nether Close; Newgate Close; New Knob; Nook; Oak Tree Close; Old Mans Close; Old Pasture; Ox Way; Pear Tree Nook; Pit Close; Plank Pit; (v. planke, pytt); Plantation Close; Quagmire Close; Quarry, Rick Close; Rickyard Close; Rough; Round Knob; Royals Knob; Rushey Close; Saint Mary Greaves (v. infra760); Sand Hole; Seale End; Sheep Pen; Short Hedges; the Slates (v.sletta); Small Meadow; Smith Pits; Smithy Irons (v. smidde, hyrne); Spinney Close and Meadow; Stone Pit Close; Swain Pipes; Taggs Yard; Thornhill; Three Cornered Close; Tinkers Close and Croft; Tithe Nook; Town Leys (v.tun, laes); Townsend (Towns end 1661); Upper Meadow and Piece; Water Fallow, Field and Hill; Watering Piece; Water Piece; Wet Furrows; Wholesitch; Windmill Close and Hill; Withy Bed Nook; Wright's Meadow.

(b) Bovieresflat Hy 3 (from the occupational surname Bovier 'cowherd, oxherd' and flat); Bowerflat 1400 (probably from the occupational surname Bower 'maker of bows' and flat); Cambell alias Camville wood 1661 (named from Clifton Campville Lei, an adjacent parish); Chirchehul 1244 (v. cirice, hyll); Cramwode 1331 Rydeware (v.cramb, wudu); Crosseforthe 1330 Ass (v. cros, ford); Culverwelle Hy 3 ('dove spring or stream', v. culfre, waella); Fulbertdunstall e. 13th ('Fulbert's farmstead', v.tun-stall); Goldeburwehauedlond 1402 (perhaps rather 'gold mound', v. gold, beorg than 'gold fortification', referring to some well-known tumulus in the area; v. also heafod-land); Grymmeswode 1331 (named from the family of Ralph Grym 1331 and wudu); Henry butt 1661 (from the pers.n. Henry and butte); Hongindehaseles c. 1280 (v. hangende, haesel); Pipe-wood 1661; Ruedych 1247 (v. ruh, dic); Steniltre 1243 ('Steinhild's tree', v.treow); le Tounhous 1314 Rydeware (v. tun, hus)

OVERSEAL (Transferred from Leicestershire in 1897)
OVERSEAL, Vuerseila 1186-1205 Gresley, Overe Scheyle 13th Rydeware, Oversheile 1313 ib, Ouerscheyle 1343 BM, Oversheyle 1357 Pat, Ouerseale 1577 Saxton, Over Seal 1610 Speed, Parva Sheyle Hy 3 BM, c. 1300 Rydeware, 1320 Pat.
BARRATT POOL, Barrat Pool 1835 O.

The principal forms in (a) are 1842 TA.

(a) Barn Butts, Close and Piece; Bear Leys, Beggers Bush, Brick Kiln Close, Brook Flat, Broomhill, Broomy Lands (v. bromig, land); Bulls Nook; Buswell; Calves Close; Cander Fen; Catsford Close; Church Way; Common Hill; Cottage Yard; Cross Gap; Ell Close; Far Cross; Farm Pits; Ferny Flat; Fold Yard; Four Acres; Harry Hedge; Hays (v.(ge)haeg); Heath; Hill Piece; Hollow; Home Close; Hound Rushes; Intake (v.intak); Jarvases Close; Lambersitch; Lingy Close; Long Close and Meadow; Lower Piece; Lunns Yard; Megs Garden; Middle Nook; Mirey Meadow; New Close; Nine Leys (v.nigon, laes); Pingle (v.pingel); Pit Close; Quaintery Way; Rolls Croft; Roman Way; Rough; Short Heath; Sough Piece (v.sogh, pece); Spang; Square Close; Stocker tor; Stonyard; Stony Ford Close; Ten Pikes; Thieves Hill; Thistle Close; Three Cornered Close; Townsend; the Trail; Turf Hill; Upper; Usherwoods Close; Wadlands Way; Withys.

Two photographs of the Row of Cottages opposite St Peter's church in Netherseal, by kind courtesy of Paul Greening.

Surname Interests
If you would like to add your Netherseal and Overseal surname or other historical interests to this web site, please Email me.  I can also insert hyper-links from the entries in the Trade Directory Listings to your web site or contact details.  If you are able to provide some genealogical or historical information about your family and its relationship with the area, this would also be most welcome.
Index to Surnames

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