Bagshaw's 1846 TD - Walton-upon-Trent

Bagshaw's 1846 Trade Directory of Derbyshire

WALTON-UPON-TRENT parish and large well-built village, on the east bank of the Trent, 4¼ miles S. by W. from Burton-upon-Trent, contains 2,310 acres of fertile land, 88 houses, and 472 inhabitants - of whom 224 were males, and 248 females.  Population, in 1801, 342 ; in 1831, 408.  Rateable value, £3,381.  Marquis of Townsend is the principal owner and lord of the manor.  Lady Wilmot Horton, Sir Edward Disbrowe and others, have estates.  Church, St John Baptist, is a rectory valued in the King’s book £17 2s. 8½d, now £862.  Marquis of Townsend patron, and the Rev. Thomas Perrott, rector.  The church, a neat ancient structure, with a very beautiful east window, was repaired at considerable expense, in 1827, by subscription.  It contains many ancient monuments of rectors and others, particularly one to Lady Charlotte, daughter of George, Earl of Buckinghamshire, and wife of Edward Disbrowe, Esq., who died 1798.  The rectory is a handsome mansion S.W. of the church, has 69A. 36P. of glebe ; the tithes were commuted in 1840 for £677 18s.  King Edward II. is said to have forded the Trent at this place, when in pursuit of Thomas, Earl of Lancaster, and the rebellious Barons.  A handsome bridge was erected over the Trent, in 1834, at a cost of £5,500, raised in £10 shares.  It is built of iron and wood and rests on iron piles.  The Hall, a handsome house in the village, is the seat of Matthew Gisborne, Esq.  The Birmingham and Derby Railway have a station ½ a mile W. from the village.  Borough Field, 1½ mile, Hill Farm, 1 mile, Oaklands, 1½ mile, are farms S.E. from the village.

At domesday survey this manor was in the crown ; it was afterwards given to Hugh Lupus.  Queen Isabella, in 1337, granted it to Henry de Ferrars of Chartley, from whom it passed by descent to the present possessor.

CHARITIES. - Mrs Levett and Mrs Bailey gave £260 for the use of a schoolmaster, with which a close called the Sherrard Heath, at Linton, containing 11A., was purchased in 1760, and vested in trustees, to pay the rent to a person they should appoint, to teach poor children.  The close os now divided into two parts, and let for £20 per annum.  There is also a good dwelling-house, with a garden, in the occupation of the schoolmaster, supposed also to have been given by Mrs Levett and Mrs Bailey, and a schoolroom with a small playground in front.  The premises were thoroughly repaired in 1825, partly by the sale of timber from the estate, amounting to £30, and the sale of a small allotment of land at the Linton inclosure for £13 10s.  About 1824, the national system was introduced into the school, and the master instructs all the children of the parish in reading and writing, icluding the chapelry of Rosliston, every child (except those of the poorest description) paying from 1½d. to 3d. a-week, if any additional instruction is required.  The rent of the land is appropriated to the master, with the yearly sum of 25s., derived from the gifts of William and Bridget Bradford, the residue of the expenses being defrayed by voluntary contributions.

The Rev. William Bedford, rector of Walton, in 1659, bequeathed to the poor £10, the interest thereof to buy bread, to be distributed at the church ; and he also gave £20 for the maintenance of a school at Walton, as his wife Bridget should think fit.  The said Bridget, in 1672, gave £5 to the uses abovementioned.  By indenture 1674, the above sums, amounting to £35, were laid out in a close at Lullington, called Walton Way, for a yearly rent-charge of 35s. to be issuing thereout.  The premises are now (1826) the property of Mr Walter Bach.  His tenant pays 25s. to the rector, which is applied towards the support of a school, and 10s. is expended in bread.

Mrs Abigail Baily, in 1782, gave £37 to be laid out in land, the produce thereof to be given to the poor of Walton, yearly.  In the year 1820, this sum was lent to the trustees of the school, and in 1825 was repaid, with the arrears of interest, amounting to £13, which was given to the poor at Christmas 1825.  In 1826, £37 was in the hands of the incumbent, the Rev. Edward Blick ; but it had been agreed that it should be laid out in erecting some new pews in the church, and the rents distributed to the poor.

Rent-charge. - A yearly sum of 30s. has for many years been distributed at Christmas, in respect of a field called Birch’s Close, now the property of Edward Cromwell Disbrowe, Esq., but the origin is unknown.

The Rev. Thomas Bearcroft, in 1680, gave his little tenement and close in Walton, the rents to be distributed in bread at Easter and Michaelmas, during the term of his lease, which was for 2,000 years, at a peppercorn rent.  These premises consist of a cottage and garden, with a small piece of waste land adjoining.  They are now in possession of Alice Morgan, who pays about £4 per annum for them.

Robert Tomlinson gave £10, the interest to be distributed to the poor.  Richard Tomlinson and Christopher Nevill having in their hands the above sum, agreed to give £10 each for the same purpose.  In 1700, the £30 was invested in a rent-charge of 30s., payable out of land called the Moor Furlong, in Walton.  Mr Hamp was the proprietor of certain lands known by the name of Moor Furlong, and paid 20s. yearly till 1814, when he sold these lands to the late Edward Disbrowe, Esq.  It appears Mr Disbrowe was not aware of these lands being charged with any payment to charitable uses, but if on examination of the title deeds it so appears, he will take proper steps for obtaining compensation from the vendor.

POST-OFFICE. - National School. Letters are despatched ½ past 4 afternoon, and arrive ½ past 9 morning.

Draper Ann, national school
Gisborne Matthew, Esq., Hall
Hawksford Daniel, national school
Heath Rupert, blacksmith
Newbold Wm. valuer
Perrott Rev. Thos. rectory
Ridgway James, Esq
Shakeshaft Thomas, wheelwright
Shotton Thomas, tailor
Smith Samuel, watch and clock maker
Warren Thomas, toll collector, Bridge

Shoulder of Mutton, Wm. Hudson
White Swan, John Shotton

Draper John
Tomlinson John

Bunting Wm
Farmer John
Holmes Robert

Bradshaw John
Cox Mary
Cox Thos. Esq. Hill
Goodall Ed. Oaklands
Hollier Walter, Borough hill
Leedham Stph. Hill
Orgill Joseph
Radford John, Borough field
Tomlinson Wm

Clayton John
Tilley Wm

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