Woodville Trade Directory Listings
Woodville, St Stephen's
(formerly Wooden Box)
Trade Directory Listings

Pigot 1835  Bagshaw 1846  Slater 1850  White 1857  Harrison 1860  White 1863  Wright 1874  Kelly 1881  Kelly 1887  Kelly 1895  Bulmer 1895 
Pigot and Co.'s National Commercial Directory of Derbyshire, 1835
Atkin William, Boot and Shoe Maker
Bailey Nathan, Gardener & Seedsman
Bailey Nathan, vict. Queen Adelaide
Betteridge John, Butcher
Brunt Thomas, vict. Nelson
Brunt William, Grocer and Druggist
Brunt William & Thomas, Iron-Stone and Coarse Earthenware Manufcr.
Brunt and Bucknall, Maltsters
Eardley John, Iron-Stone and Coarse Earthenware Manufcr. (& Church Gresley & Swadlincote)
Hall & Davenport, Iron-Stone and Coarse Earthenware Manufcr. (& Old Midway & Swadlincote)
Harrison Thomas, Shopkeeper & Dealer in Groceries & Sundries
Harrison and Cash, Iron-Stone and Coarse Earthenware Manufcr.
Hough William, Fire Brick Maker
Hough William, Brick and Tile Maker
Hudson Thomas, Blacksmith
Hurd Samuel, Butcher
Johnson Thomas, Retailer of Beer (near Wooden Box)
Nadin James, Carpenter and Joiner
Nadin James, Retailer of Beer
Read George Simpson, Grocer and Druggist
Read George Simpson, Iron-Stone and Coarse Earthenware Manufcr.
Reed Geo Simpson, vict. New Inn
Sharratt Edward, Retailer of Beer
Standley Thomas, Retailer of Beer
Thompson Joseph, Coal Master
Thompson Joseph, Iron-Stone and Coarse Earthenware Manufcr. (& Harthsorne)

Coaches (Passing through Wooden Box)
TO LONDON, the Red Rover (from Liverpool) every night about eight ; goes through Burton, Leicester, Northampton, Newport Pagnell, Woburn, Dunstable and St. Albans.
TO ASHBY-DE-LA-ZOUCH, the Royal Mail (from Burton-upon-Trent) every afternoon at half-past three.
TO BURTON-UPON-TRENT, the Royal Mail (from Ashby-de-la-Zouch) every morning at half-past nine.
TO LIVERPOOL, the Red Rover (from London) every morning at half-past eight ; goes through Burton, Uttoxeter, Lane End, Sandbach, Middlewich, Northwich and Warrington.

TO ASHBY-DE-LA-ZOUCH, Robert Orchard, from Wooden box, every Monday and Thursday.
TO BURTON-UPON-TRENT, Robert Orchard, from Wooden box, every Monday and Thursday.
TO LEICESTER, a Carrier from Wooden box, twice a week.
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History, Gazetteer and Directory of Derbyshire, by Samuel Bagshaw, 1846
Marked * are situate in Leicestershire
Betteridge John, Butcher
*Brunt Thomas, Earthenware Manufacturer
*Brunt Thomas, vict. Nelson
Brunt and Bucknell, Brewers
Brunt & Bucknell, Maltsters
Cash George, Butcher
Cash William, Shopkeeper
Hall John, Earthenware Manufacturer
Hall John, vict. Queen Adelaide
*Hall Thomas, Earthenware Manufacturer
Hallam John, Beerhouse
Harrison Thomas, Earthenware Manufacturer
*Holmes Richard, Butt house
Nadin Elizabeth, Joiner
*Read Geo. Simpson, Earthenware Manufacturer
*Read Geo. Simpson, vict. New Inn
Sharratt Edward, Beerhouse
Stanley Thomas, vict. Potters' Arms
Thompson Jph. Brickmaker
Thompson Jph. Snr. Earthenware Manufacturer
Thompson Jph. Jun. Beerhouse
Thompson Jph. Jnr. Earthenware Manufacturer
Ward Mary, Shopkeeper
Watts Wm. Farmer
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Slater's Directory of Derbyshire, 1850
Atkin William, Boot & Shoe Maker
Barson Elizabeth, Milliner & Dress Maker
Barson Thomas Thurman, Baker, Flour Dealer & Confectioner
Beech Edward, Iron-Stone & Coarse Earthenware Manuftr.
Betteridge John, Butcher
Brown Charles, Gardener & Seedsman
Brunt Thomas, Iron-Stone & Coarse Earthenware Manuftr.
Brunt Thomas, vict. Nelson
Brunt Thomas & John, Iron-Stone & Coarse Earthenware Manuftrs.
Brunt & Bucknall, Maltsters & Brewers
Cash William, Shopkeeper & Dealer in Groceries & Sundries
Cowdell - master, NATIONAL SCHOOL
Gardener Joseph, Miller
Hall Thomas, Fire-Brick Maker
Hall Thomas, Iron-Stone & Coarse Earthenware Manuftr.
Hallam Ellen, Straw Bonnet Maker
Hallam John, Retailer of Beer
Heap Robert, Crate Maker
Holmes George, Butcher
Hough William, Brick & Tile Maker
Hough William, Fire-Brick Maker
Hudson Thomas, Blacksmith
Nadin George, Carpenter & Joiner
Newbold John, Tailor
Newbold John, vict. Queen Adelaide
Read Geo. Simpson, vict. New Inn
Read George Simpson, Grocer & Druggist
Read George Simpson, Iron-Stone & Coarse Earthenware Manuftr.
Rhodes Thomas, superintendent, LOCK-UP
Rimmington Adam, Boot & Shoe Maker
Sharratt Edward, Retailer of Beer
Standley Thomas, vict. Potters' Arms
Sweet Rev. James Bradby, M.A., Curate, Saint Stephen's Church
Thompson Joseph, Brick & Tile Maker
Thompson Joseph, Fire-Brick Maker
Thompson Joseph, Iron-Stone & Coarse Earthenware Manuftr.
Thompson Joseph, vict. Joiners' Arms
Villiers Thomas, Shopkeeper & Dealer in Groceries & Sundries
Wallis John, Shopkeeper & Dealer in Groceries & Sundries
Ward Mary, Shopkeeper & Dealer in Groceries & Sundries
Ward Mary Ann & Elizabeth, Academy/School
Watts & Cash, Iron-Stone & Coarse Earthenware Manuftrs.
Wood Thomas, Brick & Tile Maker
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Directory of Derbyshire, by F. White & Co., 1857
Those marked * are in Leicestershire
Albrington John, farmer, Midway
Blood John, corn miller
Blood Robert, farmer
Brooks Henry, furniture warehouse
*Brown Charles, gardener
Brunt Mrs. Ann
Brunt & Bucknell, brewers & maltsters
Buckley John, temperance house
*Ensor Andrew L. manufacturer of Stoneware sanitary pipes, &c., &c.
Hallam John, beerhouse
*Jones Richard, National school
*Matthews Rev. George F., incumbent of St. Stephen's
Pountain Benjamin, railway goods station master
Rhodes Thomas, superintendent Lock-up
*Thompson Mr. Edwin
Thompson Wm., earthenware manufr.
Ward Mrs. Mary
Watts William, farmer
Wright John, rope maker

Inns & Taverns.
Joiner's Arms, Joseph Thompson
Mason's Arms, Robert Staley, Midway
*Nelson Inn, Thomas Brunt
*New Inn, George S. Read
Potters' Arms, Robert Morley
Queen Adelaide, Thomas Villiers

Foster Joseph
Sabine Thomas

Betteridge John
Holmes George
Thompson Samuel

Earthenware Mfrs.
Brunt Thomas
Hall Thomas
Jones Edwin, (brown)
Read George S.
Sharp Edmund, Midway
Standley & Harding
Thompson Brothers, (and manufacturers of ironstone earthenware, Rockingham ware, brownstone ware, fire-bricks and red quarries, and dealers in fireclay, Harthsorn Potteries.
Watts & Cash

Marked + are Drapers also.
+Cash William
+Read George S.
Staley Rd., Midway
+Thompson Samuel
Villiers Mary Ann

Robinson Wm.
Turner William

*Proudman Thomas
*Richards Joseph
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Harrison, Harrod, and Co.'s Directory  and Gazetteer of Derbyshire, 1860
Gentry, &c.
Bousfield, Rev. Alfred, incumbent of St. Stephens
Brunt, Mrs. Ann, Midway
Thompson, Edwin
Thompson, Samuel
Ward, Mrs. Mary

Traders, &c.
Albrighton, John, farmer, Midway
Betteridge, John, butcher
Blood, James, farmer
Blood, John, corn miller
Brown, Charles, market gardener
Brunt and Bucknell, brewers and maltsters, Hartshorne Brewery
Brunt, Thomas, Nelson Inn
Brunt, Thomas, earthenware manufacturer
Buckley, John, Temperance house
Cash, William, grocer and draper
Ensor, Andrew L., manufacturer of stoneware sanitary pipes, &c.
Foster, Joseph, blacksmith
Hogg, George, blacksmith
Holmes, George, New Inn and butcher
Jones, Edwin, brown earthenware manufacturer
Lawson, Edward Weeks, superintendent of police
Nadin and Betteridge, earthenware manufacturers
Nadin, George, joiner
Pountain, Benjamin, railway goods station master
Read, George S., grocer, draper, and earthenware manufacturer
Rhodes, Thomas, Potter's Arms
Robinson, Nathan, tailor
Robinson, William, boot and shoe maker
Robinson, William, hair dresser
Standley and Harding, earthenware manufacturer
Staley, Richard, grocer and earthenware manufacturer
Staley, Robert, Mason's Arms, Midway
Thompson, Brothers, earthenware manufacturers, Hartshorne Potteries
Thompson, John, (firm of Thompson Brothers.)
Thompson, Joseph, Joiner's Arms, and brewer and grocer
Thompson, Richard, (firm of Thompson Brothers)
Thompson, Samuel, butcher
Thompson, William, (firm of Thompson Brothers.)
Tunnicliffe, Henry, earthenware and furniture dealer
Turner, William, boot and shoe maker
Villier, Thomas, Queen Adelaide
Villiers, William and Joseph, grocers
Wright, John, rope and twine maker
Watts and Cash, earthenware manufacturers
Watts, William, (firm of Watts, and Cash.)
Watts, William, farmer
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History, Gazetteer, and Directory of the Counties of Leicester and Rutland, by William White, 1863
In the following DIRECTORY OF WOODVILLE, those marked with * are in Harthsorn parish, Derbyshire, and the others in the parish of Ashby-de-la-Zouch :-
Adcock Hy. manager, Mount Pleasant
Bettridge John, butcher
Bousfield Rev. Alfred, B.A. Parsonage
Brentnall Mrs. Mary
Brown Chas. gardener & seedsman
*Brunt & Bucknall, brewers & maltsters
*Buckley John, baker and flour dealer
Buckley Thomas, manager
Carter Daniel, schoolmaster
*Carter George, police inspector
Cheatle John, commercial traveller
Eardley James, music seller
Foster Joseph, blacksmith
Healey Stephen, clogger
Holder Chas. school superintendent
*Jones Joseph, general dealer
Nadin Samuel, carpenter
*Newbold John, news agt. & tobcnst.
*Outram Joseph, timber merchant
*Sims Orlando, station master
*Tebbutt Wm. plumber, painter, &c.
*Thompson Joseph, grocer and brewer
Thompson Neavil, confectioner
*Thompson Mr Sl.
Villiers Wm. & Jph. grocers & provn. dlrs.
Ward Mrs. Mary
Watts William, farmer
*Wright John, rope and twine manfr.

Inns and Taverns
Joiners' Arms, Thomas Nadin
Nelson, Walter Rowland Tunnicliff
New Inn, George Holmes, and butcher
Potters' Arms, Thomas Rhodes
*Queen Adelaide, Thomas Villiers

Earthenwr. Mfrs.
Cash Wm. Post off.
*Harding and Cotterill
Jones Edwin
Nadin & Betteridge
*Rowley Joseph Benson
Smith, Dooley & Co
*Thompson Bros.

Fire-Brick Mnfrs.
Ensor Edward
Ensor Hy. Loader
Knowles John
Thompson Bros.

*Robinson Wm.
Wood Thomas

Lander George
Rowley Jph. B.
Tunnicliff Sarah

To Ashby, Gilbert, Poynton, and Staley, Sat.
To Burton, Gadsby Thurs.
To Derby, Gilbert, Tu. and Fri.
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C.N. Wright's Directory of South Derbyshire, October 1874
Adcock Chs. mgr. at Woodville Co.'s brick yard, h. Smallthorns
Adcock Mr. Hy. Hearne house
Ball (Wm. Hy.) & Son, brewers of mild, pale, and strong ales, Woodville brewery
Ball Wm. Lawrence, of Ball and Son
Barnett Js. Wm. of Joyce, Ward, & Co
Beech Mr. Edw.
Beech Mrs. Susan, school
Betteridge Ths. earthenware mfr
Betterton Hy. Inman, of Joyce, Ward, & Co, and Brunt & Co
Brown Chs. gardener and green grocer
Brunt, Bucknall, Ratcliff, and Betterton, brewers, maltsters, &c, Hartshorne brewery
Brunt Chs. of B., Bucknall & Co, h. Midway
Cash (Wm.) & Son, ironstone, caneware, &c mfrs
Cash Ths. of Cash & Son, and agent to Manchester fire office, &c
Cotterill Wm. Derbyshire ironstone, caneware, &c mfr. h. Sandwich cottage, Sandwich
Dooley Ths. C. of Smith, D., & Co, h. Gosley
Drakefield Jno. station master
Eardley Jas. music seller
Ensor Hy. gentleman, the Shrubbery
Farmer, Jno. painter, plumber, &c, h. Ashby
Foster, Jph. blacksmith
Godfrey Jno. bricklayer and builder
Heape Rt. crate mkr
Jebbs Ths. do [?crate mkr]
Johnson Jno. & Co, bricklayers and builders
Joyce, Ward, & Co, brick, &c mfrs
Joyce Jno. Hall, of J. Ward & Co
Jones Jph. draper and herbalist
Kirby Ths. master of national school
Knowles Hy. of Tugby & Kn.
Knowles Jno. & Co (limited) fire brick, crucible, terra cotta, &c mfrs, Mount Pleasant works
Mansfield Ths. crate mkr
Morley Mrs. Hnh. brick and pipe mfr
Muggleston Jas. wheelwright
Nadin Ths. earthenware mfr and v. Joiners' Arms
Newbold Jno. news agent and herbalist
Robinson Wm. hairdresser
Rowley Jph. Benson, Derbyshire ironstone, caneware, &c mfr
Sharpe Jno. supt. Police station
Slater Jno. bricklayer and builder
Smith (Geo.) Dooley & Co, Derbyshire caneware, &c mfrs, Rawdon pottery
Thompson Bros. glazed pipe, earthenware, terra cotta, &c mfrs
Thompson Mrs. Ellen
Thompson Mrs. Jane
Thompson Rd. of Thompson Bros.
Thompson Willoughby, of Thompson Bros, Butt hse
Toft Wm. hosier and haberdasher
Tugby (Hosea) & Knowles, terra cotta, earthenware, &c mfrs, Albion works
Villiers Wm. Taylor, of T. and J. Villiers, and agent Briton life office
Ward Jno. of Joyce, Ward, & Co
Wilmhurst Rev. Alf. Ths. M.A. vicar
Wright Jno. rope mkr

Betteridge Jno. bhs.
Buckley Ths. v. Potters' Arms
Clewes Andw. bhs. Prince of Wales
Davenport Levi, v. Queen Adelaide
Harrison Jno. bhs. Rising Sun
Holmes Wm. farmer and v. New Inn
Mee Edw. bhs. Small Thorns
Nadin Ths. v. Joiners' Arms
Whitehall Lewis, v. Nelson

Foster Jph.
Smith Sml.
Watson Jph.

Boot Makers.
Holmes Ths.
Robinson Wm.
Wood Ths.

Betteridge Jno.
Betteridge Wm.
Holmes Wm.
Tunnicliff Edn. Rowland
Wilson Jno.

Dress Makers.
Blood Mrs. Jn.
Daws Mrs. Mary
Mee Mrs. My. Ann

Blood Jno. and miller
Cash Wm. & landowner
Cotterill Wm. & earthenware mfr
Hair Jno. Littleworth
Hough Geo.
Storer Jno.
Thompson Bros. & landowners
Trussell Rt. and joiner

Grocers and Shoprs.
Collins Ths. Cope
Hoult Mrs. Ann
Lees Rd.
Tunnicliff Wltr. Rowld.
Tunnicliff (Mrs. Srh.) & Son (Edn.)
Villiers Wm. T. & Jph.
White Wm. & grn grocer

Joiners and Bldrs.
Atkins Wm.
Brealey Hy.
Kirby Ths.
Peace Ths. & wheelwrt
Trussell Rt.
Yardley Ths.

Albert Village (Leicestershire)
Blood Abm. shopr
Dunnicliffe Rd. v. Albert Inn
Jacques Geo. tailor
Jones Wm. shopr
Saddington Ths. shopr
Swann Jno. shopr
Toplis Jph. beer retlr
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Kelly's Directory of Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire & Rutland, and Derbyshire, 1881
[Listed under Swadlincote]
Those marked + should be addressed Woodville
Private Residents.
+Dyson William
+Hanson Mrs
+Petley John Charles

+Adcock Anne (Mrs.), shopkeeper
+Aldridge Thomas, grocer
+Atkins William Robert, builder
+Booth Joseph, shopkeepr. & beer retlr
+Bullen H. & E. grocer ; & at Ashby-de-la-Zouch
+Collins Thomas, shopkeeper
+Cook Arthur, painter
+Godfrey John, builder
+Grice John, shopkeeper
+Harrison William, shopkeeper
+Harvey Jas. saddler & harness maker
+Heap Robert, crate & hurdle maker
+Heath Sarah ( Mrs.), milliner
+Lowe Julia (Mrs.), shopkeeper
+Peace Thomas, wheelwright
+Salisbury George, shopkeeper
+Slater John, builder
+Smith Thomas, shopkeeper
+Waterfield John, Granville
+Wood Thos. draper & boot & shoe ma
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Kelly's Directory of Derbyshire, 1887
[Listed under Swadlincote]
Those marked + should be addressed Woodville
Private Residents.
+Banks Nehemiah, Granville villa
+Bragge Geo. Stephenson, Woodville rd
+King Hy. William, Woodville road
+Thompson Rev. Michael [Wesleyan], Woodville road

+Allsopp Isaac, shopkeeper, Bernard st
+Aldridge Thos. grocer, Woodville road
+Biddle Thos. tailor, Woodville road
+Bodell Thos. crate mkr. Woodville rd
+Boffey Jph. beer rtlr, Granville street
+Bragge Geo. Stephenson, mining engineer, Woodville road
+Bullen H. & E. grocers, Woodville road
+Collins Thos. shopkpr. Frederick street
+Cook Arthur, painter, Woodville road
+Cotterell Wm. (executors of), earthenware manufacturers, Woodville road
+Godfrey & Hall, cement dealers, Bernard street
+Godfrey John, builder, Bernard street
+Grice John, shopkeeper, Granville st
+Hall John, shopkeeper, Bernard street
+Harvey James, saddler & harness maker, Woodville road
+Heape Robert, crate & hurdle maker, Woodville road
+Holmes Thomas, boot & shoe maker, Granville street
+Hollingsworth Rowland, blacksmith, Woodville road
+Mackie Joseph, shopkpr. Granville st
+Martin Alf. Granville inn, Granville st
+Plummer Chas. shopkeepr. Bernard st
+Salisbury Geo. shpkpr. Granvile street
+Salisbury Jn. seedsman, Woodville rd
+Sankey Geo. photogrphr, Woodville rd
+Stones Edwin, shpkpr. Bernard street
+Toft Charles, butcher, Granville street
+Tooth & Co. Bretby art pottery mnfctrs
+Waterfield John, bricklayer
+Whittaker Geo. beer rtlr. Woodville rd
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Kelly's Directory of Derbyshire, 1895
[Listed under Swadlincote]
(Those marked + should be addressed Woodville, Burton-on-Trnt.)
Private Residents.
+Banks Nehemiah, Granville villa
+Beech George, Woodville road
+Biddle Thomas, Woodville road
+Bragge Geo. Stephenson, Wodville rd
+Heath Richd. Cyprus vil. Woodville rd
+Kent Rev. Jas. (Wes.), Woodvile rd
+Patey Richd. Wm. Ash vil. Woodville rd
+Tooth Henry, Woodville road
+Webb Jacob, Woodville road

+Bodell Thomas, crate maker, Woodville road
+Bragge George Stephenson, mining engineer, Woodville rd
+Cook Arthur, painter, Woodville road
+Godfrey John, ironmonger, Woodville road
+Grice John, shopkeeper, Granville street
+Hall John, shopkeeper, Bernard street
+Harrison Mary Ann (Mrs.), china dealer, Granville st
+Harvey James, saddler & harness maker, Woodville road
+Heape Robert, crate & hurdle maker, Woodville road
+Hollingsworth Rowland, blacksmith, Woodville road
+Jones William Francis, boot & shoe maker, Woodville rd
+Mackie Joseph, shopkeeper, Granville street
+Mansfield Frederick, crate & hurdle maker, Burton road
+Martin Alfred, Granville inn, Granville street
+Nadin Thomas, earthenware manufactr. Hartshorne pttry
+Parr Emma (Mrs.), beer retailer, Woodville road
+Peace Thomas, joiner
+Salisbury George, shopkeeper, Granville street
+Sharratt Arthur, grocer, Woodville road
+Smith G.R. & Brothers, earthenware manfrs. Woodville rd
+Smith George, beer retailer, Granville street
+Smith Henry, music warehouse, Woodville road
+Thacker Robert, grocer, Woodville road
+Toft Charles, butcher, Granville street
+Tooth & Co. Bretby art pottery manufacturers
+Villiers Edward Albert, hair dresser, Woodville road
+Warren Willoughby, shopkeeper, Granville street
+Waterfield John, bricklayer
+Watson John, baker, Bernard street
+Wileman George, greengrocer, Woodville road
+Wileman Michael, butcher, Woodville road
+Wood Thomas & Son, drapers, Woodville road
+Wood George, shopkeeper, Bernard street
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T. Bulmer & Co. History, Topography and Directory of Derbyshire, 1895
Post, Money order, Telegraph Office, and Savings Bank: Mrs VILLIERS, postmistress.  Letters from Burton-on-Trent arrive at 4.30am, 1.43 and 3.45pm.  Despatches at 8.50 and 11.0am and 7.55pm.
Alphabetical Directory
- BACON, D., tailor
- BALL, Mr William L.
- BARWISE, Rev Charles Edward, St Stephen's Vicarage
- BELTON, Thomas Daubney, painter and decorator, Ellsmere House
- BENNETT, John, Midway
- BENNETT, Samuel, Midway
- BETTERIDGE, Mrs Mary, High Street
- BETTERIDGE, T. & Sons, brewers, Wooden Box Brewery
- BETTERTON, Henry Inman, Esq
- BLAKESLEY, Mr George B., Ivanhoe
- BODELL, Charles, cowkeeper, Hedgefield Cottage, Boundary
- BROOKES, Absalom, builder, Station Road
- BROWN, George, printer and bookseller
- BRUNT, BUCKNALL & Co Ltd, ale and porter brewers and maltsters, Hartshorne Brewery, Woodville.  Directors:- Henry Inman BETTERTON, Esq, Woodville, Burton-on-Trent (chairman and managing director); Samuel RATCLIFF, Esq, Ashby-de-la-Zouch; Charles Robert RATCLIFF, Esq, Ashby-de-la-Zouch; Charles George MARKHAM, Esq, Woodville, near Burton-on-Trent.
- Burton Union Bank, sub-branch to Swadlincote;  open Tuesday and Friday, 10 to 2.30;  E.K.L. LAWSON, manager.
- CARVER, Arthur Oswald, beer retailer, Box House
- CASH, Mr Thomas, Butt House
- CLARKE, Edwin, builder, Swadlincote Road
- DEVENPORT, Mr Levi, Clare Cottage
- DOOLEY, Trevor, manager
- EDWARDS, William, builder, Mill Field
- EVANS, Thomas, manager, High Street
- GREENWOOD, John Tatam,
- GREENWOOD, William James, draper, High Street
- JONES, henry, head brewer, Station Road
- LAWTON, Robert, manager, Albion Clay Co Pipeworks; home: Newholme
- LYTTEL, Mr Edward Shefford, High Street
- MANSFIELD, George, postman to Hartshorne
- MAPP, Richard William, station master and goods agent, Woodville station
- MARKHAM, Mr Charles George, Mill Field
- NADIN, Mr Thomas, The Laurels
- NEWBOLD, John, newsagent
- NICKELS, William Fox, cashier, Clare Cottages
- OLDFIELD, James, superintendent, Police Station
- OUTRAM, Charles William 9C.W. Outram & Co); home: Norwood
- PEACE, Thomas, wheelwright & beer retailer, Sandwich House
- RATCLIFF, S. & C.R., brewers
- ROWLEY, James William, architect, High Street
- ROWLEY, Mr Joseph Benson, High Street
- ROWLEY, William, carter
- SHERRATT, Joseph, hairdresser
- STALEY, Edgar R. (Staley Bros & Co);  home: Ash Villa, Midway
- STALEY, Mr John, Bottom Midway
- STALEY, John, junr (Staley Bros & Co);  home: Midway
- STALEY, Robert Cheshire, clerk, Midway
- STALEY, Thomas (Staley Bros & Co); home: Ash Villa, Midway
- THOMPSON, Joseph Samuel, newsagent
- WHYATT, George, greengrocer and coal dealer, High Street
- WILKINSON, J.B., painter
- WRIGHT, John, rope and twine maker, High Street
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