Norton Cuckney

Cuckney village is situated in North West Nottinghamshire, just a couple of miles east of the Derbyshire border at Whalley Thorns and about 6 miles across the corner of Derbyshire to the Yorkshire border. The nearest towns are Worksop about 5 miles north by north east and Mansfield about 5 miles south by south west. Also included in the parish of NORTON CUCKNEY are the villages of Holbeck, Langwith and Norton.

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St. Mary's church is situated on the edge of Cuckney Village, it is a largish building mostly dating from the 13th century and being extended in the 15th century.

According to the 11th Century Domesday records there was a church at Cuchenia, nothing remains of this early building.

St. Mary's Norton Cuckney


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St. Mary's Churchyard

The Graveyard behind St. Mary's is a wonderful experience being left to nature, full of an assortment of wild flowers and grasses amongst the overgrown gravestones.




Close to the church is the Greendale Oak Inn, which in 1967 was designated as a building of architectural and historic interest. Here good food and ale can be enjoyed during a break from walking around the village.

In 1864 the Greendale Oak was both Inn and a Post Office, here the stage-coach stopped on its way from Mansfield to Worksop.

The Greendale Oak Inn




Ten Row

Ten Row, at the end of Creswell Road was built during the 18th century as homes for the local mill workers, there are now only nine houses as the end one was knocked down around 1950-1960.

In the 18th & 19th century the locals worked in the main on the land or in the large cotton & corn mills. The River Poulter which runs through the village was the source of power for the mills.


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