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The following is a list of documents that were used as source information when compiling the Farley/Hass genealogical database. Not all of the documents are available on line; but, the documents that are on line are linked from the name of the document.

This is not necessarily a complete list of referenced documents. And, some of the data from these sources may not have been used in the genealogical database. This is simply a list of the documents that were examined when the genealogical database was compiled.

Biographical and Historical Sources


Memorial and Biographical Record
publisher unknown (cover and first pages missing)
published 1897 (info. from 1901 obituary of Archie Duncan)

Biographical Directory of the South Dakota Legislature 1889-1989 Volume II L-Z
State Legislative Research Council, State Capitol, Pierre, SD

South Dakota Legislative Manual 1913
State Pulishing Company, Pierre, SD


Beresford Republic
newspaper of Beresford, SD
Family history articles (publication dates):

Beresford- 100 Years
printed by the Beresford Republic and the Lennox Independent, 1983
The family histories:

Beresford 75 Year Jubilee
Personal Recollection:

Dakota Territory
The family history:

Hartford, SD Centennial 1881-1981
The family history

Hawarden Centennial 1887-1987
printed by LeMars Daily Sentinel, 1987
The family histories:

Unpublished Family Histories

Marriage Articles

A number of announcements of engagements, weddings, and anniversaries published in the Beresford News and the Beresford Republic were used as information sources.

Click here for a listing of marriage articles.


A number of obituaries published in the Beresford Republic, the Beresford News, and the Argus Leader were used as information sources.

Click here for a listing of obituaries.


Service Record of Men and Women of Beresford, South Dakota and Community
published by Walsworth Brothers
Veteran's Profiles:

Official Records

A wealth of information on dates of birth and death as well as the names of parents can be obtained from a number of official records, most of which can be obtained at county courthouses.

The following county records are available:

Birth Certificates

Anne Farrelly
The following was obtained by the Meath Heritage Center

11th November 1839
Anne born to Laurence Farrelly and Mary Goff
Sponsors Edward McDonnell and Elizabeth Goff


Death Certificates

Homestead Papers

Laurence Farley
Section No. 10 in Township No. 95 of Range 50
Application: 23 March 1874
Final Certificate: 21 April 1880

Land Patents

The following land patent records can be accessed at the Bureau of Land Management's GLO web site.

Land patents were issued to the following people of Prairie Township (Township 95N Range 50W) of Union County, Dakota Territory.

Military Papers

James Farley
Freeport, IL
Co. H, 67th Illinois Infantry
Company Muster-in Roll: (age 18) 13 June 1862
Company Muster-out Roll: (age 18) 6 Oct 1862


Naturalization Paper

Laurence Farley
28 January 1860
Stephenson County, IL

Social Security Death Index

The following social security death index records are among those which can be accessed at the Sierra Home Network Social Security Death Index

These records and others are also available at the Rootsweb Social Security Death Index

Other Records

Business Directories

The following transcriptions of business directories are available at theUS GenWeb site.

Newspaper Articles

Articles from both the Beresford News and the Beresford Republic were used as references.


The following is a list of notes which documented recollections made by members of the family. In some cases, these notes were taken by the interviewer as he spoke with these people. In one other case, the notes were made by the person at her leisure.

Charlotte A. Farley (2000)
One evening, C. A. Farley was visited by her cousin, Brian Hass. The two spent hours talking about a wide variety of topics, much of which pertained to the family history. Brian took dated notes on stationery. C. A. Farley's father, James Farley, was the brother of Brian's grandfather, Frank Farley.
Mary C. (Lass) Farley (1991)
During the fall of 1991, Mary's grandson, Brian Hass, left a blank notebook at Mary's apartment at Evergreen Squares for the purpose of allowing her to document her personal recollections about the family's history. After Mary's death in December of that same year, the notebook was returned to Brian Hass. In the notebook, Mary listed the names of the children of James and Bessie (Swift) McGuire, and the names of the children of Peter and Regina (Cooper) Lass. She also listed the children's spouses as well as some of the dates of birth, marriage, and death. Brian has since been able to verify some of this information.
Ann W. (Ranschau) Hass (2000)
A. Hass received a phone call from her grandson, Brian Hass, and discussed family history. Brian documented her comments in dated notes on both loose-leaf paper as well as on a printout of the GSCGS cemetery survey, which Brian frequently used as the basis for his questions.
Myrna E. (Farley) Hass (1996-98)
During the last two years of her life, Myrna was frequently interviewed by her son, who documented her remarks in dated notes on loose-leaf notebook paper in a ring binder. Some of the collected information was of nostalgic value only; but, some of it was genealogically significant.
Edna Farley and C. Leach (early 1990's)
During the early 1990's, Edna Farley brought her cousin, D. Leach, and D. Leach's daughter, C. Leach, out to the St. Joseph Cemetery in Emmet Township, Union County for a tour of the older family gravestones. They were joined by Edna's other cousin, Myrna Hass, and Myrna's son, Brian Hass. Brian gathered many notes from Edna Farley as well as one or two notes from C. Leach, who was also performing genealogical research of her own. Many of the notes Brian gathered were nothing more than transcriptions of names and dates from gravestones pointed out by Edna Farley; but, some of the notes also recorded some family history as told by Edna Farley on that day.

Passenger list

The Famine Immigrants, Vol VII
SHANNON, 10 July 1851, from Liverpool (pg 420-1)
The ship's manifest includes:

Web Page

Possible Zodiac Victim: Donna Lass: This web page from the web site on the Zodiac Killer documents the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Donna Lass in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.


The research at this web site also contains data from documents shared by the following researchers:

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