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Hi. I'm Brian Martin. I was born in Huron, South Dakota. My parents are Eddie and Jean(O'Rourke) Martin. The link at the bottom of this page will take you to my Geocities Genealogy page. If you check it out, please sign my guestbook while you're there.

My ancestors are from Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Belgium(Flemish and Walloon), England, Sicily and Croatia and include famlies with these 45 surnames:

Martin, O'Rourke, Marsh, Stockman, Duffeler, Daly, McAlister, Balurdo, Josse, DeConinck, Mahoney, Armstrong, Hull, Bressentine, Defrenne, Zicot, Kielbaey, De Hauwere, McCallum, Mottoulle, Noel, Charlier, Debouk, Huon, Tilley, Motte, Dumont, Damoiseaux, Delcarte, Job, Veragen, Dierick, Guillaume, Warnier, Delvaert, Defoin, Hans, Masse, Blair, Groessens, McInness, VanDenHeuker, Monier, VanderJeught, Van Driessche

Here's the link to my genealogy website:

Brian Martin's Genealogy (http://www.geocities.com/brimartin10/genealogy.html)

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