Bridges: Descendants of John Bridges and Mary Ligon

Descendants of John Bridges, 1742-1836, VA, KY, and Mary Ligon

Married: May 5, 1772, Charlotte Co., VA

Soldier, Frontiersman, Pioneer

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Author: John E. Bristol, eMail:

The Family and Connections of John Bridges and Mary Ligon

Rev. War United States (USA)

Brief Abstract of John Bridges' Biography With RW Record

Minute Man Rev. War United States (USA)

On 02-10-1832 John Bridges in open court in Mercer Co., KY, made the following statements in his formal petition for a pension as a veteran of the Revolutionary War:

[I have abstracted these from the application instead of typing it word for word, because it is on file and I believe what he actually did stands out better this way minus all the "legalese."]

I am 90 years old. I was born in Gloucester Co., VA.
I resided there until 1769 when I removed to Charlotte Co., VA.
I lived there when the Revolutionary War began.
I was called into the service of my Country in the Spring of 1776.
I volunteered in the Minute Militia in Col. Morton's regiment.
I marched to Petersburgh and Williamsburg and stayed for two months serving out my tour.
In the Summer 1776 I served another two months at or near Richmond.
When the Declaration of Independence was written I was at Oldfield.
I was drafted in the Spring of 1777 in the regiment of Col. Miller under Gen. Lawson.
I was at the Battle of Hot Water near Williamsburgh under Col. Campbell.
I volunteered in Capt. Caldwell's Company under Col. Reid when Gen. Green was retreating from Lord Cornwallis and in Gen. _______'s Brigade when we marched to Prince Edward and Fredericksburg.
I again volunteered in the same Co. and Regt. And was transferred to Gen. LaFayette, our Commander in Chief.
When the British occupied Williamsburg, Major Armistead applied for a detachment to attack their picketts and I was selected as one.
Served twelve months in 1780 and 1781 under Capt. Caldwell marching in Prince Edward Co., and marched to Richmond and Fredericksburgh.
After this my company was placed under Gen. Wayne and later were in an engagement at Green Springs with Lord Cornwallis' troops near Jamestown. This was in 1781.
Later in two other towns for three months under Capt. Caldwell also in 1781.
Later was serving until just a few days before Lord Cornwallis' surrender (1783).

I served in all nearly three years of actual service.

I am enclosing a Certificate of Character dated 1775, my Oath of Allegiance dated 1777 and my Discharge dated July 12, 1781.

Signed: John (X) Bridges

NOTE: From the above we know that John was born in 1742 in Gloucester Co., VA, moved to Charlotte Co., VA in 1769 from where he served in the Rev. War from 1776 to 1783, on and off as needed, for a total of three years actual service.

We know from other Records that he was married in Charlotte Co, to Mary Ligon in 1772. He received a Land Warrant in 1789. And he was in Mercer Co., KY before 1794. He died 8-14- 1836.

He has a D.A.R. National number: 309895.

John Bridges is listed on P. 84, DAR Patriot Index, Washington, 1966 as: John Bridges mXpvtVa* Those who want to change his name to "Bridge" including DAR, or so I have heard, had best search their own material first.
John's great-grandson, William4, (Ambrose D.3, William2, John1) was quoted as saying his grandfather was born in England. It could have been that he was born in Gloucestershire, England, but we have no proof. There is a report that a John Bridges was christened 1-19-1741 in Gloucestershire, England.

Abstract and Notes by John E. Bristol May 2, 2001

This information is copied from data I have been accumulating for the past 35 years, portions of which I have already made to Bridges and has been reorganized here to help you all to clarify who were and who were not the progeny of John Bridges and Mary Ligon:
Many years ago the county clerk of Gloucester Co, VA wrote and said that the destruction of the Civil War caused the loss of all the ancient records. I do know that this statement was not 100% true. Occasionally some item shows up and causes one to wonder whether there are others. The earliest record of a "Bridges" I've found in Gloucester Co, VA, was this one:
"Johannes Bridges, clerk, Gloucester C. C., witness to will of Thomas Kirby, 16 March 1613/14, at Gloucester."
from Virginia Settlers and English Adventurers, Noel Curren Briggs, 975.5.

There are several decades to be accounted for between this item and 1742 when he was born. All we know so far further than what he said of himself is a statement by his gr-grandsoon, William Bridges, that he was from England.


Will Book 10, page 505, written Mar 24, 1832, probated March, county court, 1837

John Bridges will:
sons: John L., Thomas E., James, Ambrose, William, Martin C.;
daughters: Elizabeth Pherigo, Polly Bottoms;
grand-daughters: Eliza Bottoms and Nancy Bottoms, daughters of Turner and Nancy (Bridges) Bottoms. NOTE: Nancy was no doubt deceased before the will was written. JEB

1. John L.      b. bet 1770-1780, m. ca. 1803, Anna Palmer

2. Thomas E. b. bet 1780-1790, m. ________
3. Elizabeth b. 1787, VA m. (1) 1805, Hall Pierson, (2)
1819, William Pherigo

4. Nancy b. bet 1770-1780, m. 1812, Turner Bottom
5. Mary(Polly) b. bet 1780-1790, m. 1805, Jacob Bottom
6. William b. 1792, d. June, 1846, m. 1820, Nancy Davis,
d. ca. 1838
7. Ambrose -- no further info
8. James b. 6/17/1793, d. 3/-/1879, m. (1) ? Sally____?,(2)
1814, Lucy Lowery (12/26/1814)
I am absolutely certain of this marriage,
but not so certain of any other purported marriages.
9. Martin C. b. 1800-1810, m. Lucinda Higgins

All the info here has been established by Bible, deed, wills, court records and other previously printed histories.

To see family data on children of John and Mary (Ligon) Bridges, go to the directory section below and click on the child's name: John L, 2. Thomas E., 4. Elizabeth, 3. Mary, 6. Nancy, 7. William, 9. Ambrose, 8. James, 5. Martin C., 10.

The above info has been transferred from this page to the individual pages to make room here for other items here.

We are still looking for children of Martin C. Bridges who m. Lucinda Higgins and Ambrose Bridges who m. ??. (This Ambrose was the uncle of Ambrose Davis Bridges, son of William). It is probable that this Martin C. Bridges was in the Civil War from Arkansas. There was an Ambrose that showed up in Louisianna about 1840 which causes one to wonder.

If you have any information about any of these people, please send it to us, or post it at the GENFORUM for all to benefit.


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  5. Elizabeth Bridges
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  10. Son of John and Mary; Spouse: UNKNOWN.
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  14. Daughter of John and Mary; Spouse: Jacob Bottom.
  15. Nancy Bridges
  16. Daughter of John and Mary; Spouse: Turner Bottom.
  17. Ambrose Bridges
  18. Son of John and Mary, Uncle of Ambrose Davis BRIDGES; Spouse: UNKNOWN.
  19. William Bridges
  20. Son of John and Mary; Spouse: Nancy DAVIS; Parents of Ambrose Davis Bridges.
  21. Martin C. Bridges
  22. Son of John and Mary; Spouse: Lucinda Higgins.
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