Briggs, Beckerleg and Beyond...

Briggs, Beckerleg and Beyond...


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Marriage of William H Briggs and Florence M Wilmin - Huntington, Staffordshire, 1935


Welcome to my family tree website.

This is a work in progress, with further information being added regularly.

All contributions are welcomed, especially photographs and anecdotes.

Last updated: 20th December 2013



Table of Contents
My ancestors
Thomas Briggs (1797-1861) and his descendants
George Matthews (1830-1907) and his descendants
John Wilmin (c1790) and his descendants
James Daniels (b1823) and his descendants
Richard Beckerleg (c1680) and his descendants
Samuel Gilbert (c1760) and his descendants
Samuel Rothwell (c1810) and his descendants
Photos relating to Briggs, Wilmin, Matthews and Daniels relatives
Photos and further information relating to John T Briggs (1910-1935)
Photos relating to Beckerleg, Rothwell and Paynter relatives



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