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Current Pictures
Please feel free to save any of these pictures to your harddrive and/or print them out!   To save them, right click on the picture you want (if you want the larger one, doubleclick on it first to open the larger picture up), then choose Save Picture As..., and save it to your harddrive.   You can then open it up and print it out.
I've gotten a new feature in the picture section.... videos!   They are in a zip file so that they won't take as long to download.   If you have AOL I think it's easiest to save the movie to your desktop, then click on the movie on your desktop, not through AOL.   If you do not have a program to unzip them, here is a place where you can get a free download. Winzip
Once the file is unzipped, if you still can't play the movie because you don't have a player, here is a place you can go to get a free download for that. Media Player
Remember to click on a picture or it's description to see a larger picture.   Then hit the back arrow on your browser to get back to the main screen.   So pick a month on the toolbar above and enjoy all the pictures!!
More pictures (and videos!) are on their way!

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