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* * T I P * * When doing genealogy, do NOT use your correct mother's maiden name as the security code for bank accounts and credit cards and such.   This information is to easily available to too many people.   Make up something or use some other easily remembered name instead.
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I have done all of my genealogy work on a great program called Family Tree Maker.   I have also made a web page through Family Tree Maker that has a lot of my information included in various reports.   Please feel free to go to that site and check it all out.
My personal Family Tree Maker web page
To see a listing of the surnames in my family tree, click below or on the navigation menu above.   Once in the listings, click on the surname to get the individual names, then click on the name to see a tree chart of that person.   Please email me if you find a connection!!   (I'm listed as Alisa Mathews by the way!)
List of my family names
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