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Comments from the Peanut Gallery
EMILY - There's a picture of the bending tower of Pisa (Apr 00)
HEATHER - We saw a field of mustard flowers in Italy, and pointed them out to the kids. A little while later we saw a field with a bunch of red flowers in it, and Heather says 'There's a ketchup field!'
HANNAH - Asked how to rewind the DVD movie! (Mar 2000)
BRADEN - He calls scissors "lizzards" (Mar 2000)
BRADEN - He calls his Yo-yo a Wo-wo. (Nov 1999)
BRADEN - We were in the van going to a soccer game and Hannah's was telling a story about somethine and said 'I'm not stupid!'   Braden, plain as day and with perfect comedic timing says 'yes you are!'   We all just sat there stunned!   Then of course we all broke out laughing. (Oct 1999)
HEATHER - (You have to understand that where we live, we hear gun and tank fire on an almost continous basis....)
'You gotta come outside!   .... I was riding my bike .... and and then an army man shot out my tire!!!'   (She blew out her bike tire when stopping and was dead serious when she said that the army men shot it out!!   Tooo funny!) (Sept 1999)
POP TARTS - For some reason, the 2 little ones can't quite say Pop Tart's.   Braden calls them Hot Tart's and Heather calls them Part Tart's.   If the 2 of them put it together, their Pop Tart's would have Hot Part's! (Aug 1999)
BRADEN - calls his fingers gingers, and his legs yegs (Aug 1999)
HEATHER - says Lesterday instead of Yesterday (summer 1999)
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