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Descendants of Henry Bristol of New Haven, Ct.

Original Immigrant Ancestor

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This is a website for the members of the Bristol Family who are tired of being sent all over the world to geographical places named Bristol instead of being sent to family sites.

To visit the Bristol Family Association, Inc. Page and get information about the Books and other publications, CLICK HERE: Bristol Family Association

BFA Genealogist Information: Al Hefflon, BFA Genealogist 420 South Stone St. West Suffield, CT 06093

CONTENTS of the Books:
The books include information about connected and unconnected Bristols without prejudice, something many compilers haven't done, and without unconnected Bristol searchers, the books wouldn't be what they are.
The Bristol Family Association reserves the right to make the final, or official, determination of lineages and linkages for its publications.


There has always been a place for "Unconnected Bristols" and this will continue, because those who have searched the hardest and longest to learn about their ancestors and find out where they fit in more often than not have been able to discover and produce the data that have helped so many of us less skilled "orphans" connect to our particular ancestor.

The book and supplements have grown out of these labors. Even now Supplement 2 is being readied for printing and there are enough additional pages for a completely separate Supplement for a book on UNCONNECTED Bristols alone yet to go.

What You Can Not Find Here

Some people plod away at "genealogy" for years and never get the hang of it, always expecting that someone else will have done the work for them. This website is a resource that bridges the gap between the IMAGINARY COMPLETE DATA SET and the reality of our limited knowledge, experience and resources.

Unconnected Bristols are what have driven the BFA in its continuing enterprise of collecting, analizing, organizing and publishing Bristol Family information from its beginning.

The Bristol Family Association was also created for socializing and community through the years. It has sponsored a Reunion in Connecticut each year in order to meet and to see some of the places where some of our earliest ancestors lived or worked or fought to help make the Country. It has also supported the efforts of local or regional families to gather and do the same things. Your contributions will be helpful for others and appreciated by those who labor behind the scenes to enable you to find and make your connection.

In one year, if all the regional families would communicate about their gatherings and if each of you who visit this site would contribute something of interest before you leave it, this site would explode like wildflowers in springtime.

BRISTOL ORPHANS: (Orphan is another word for Unconnected)

Just because you're a "data-missing" Bristol doesn't mean you are not a part of the family. Submit your data to this website and join the club. All Bristols are members of this family. If you want to make a contribution to the BFA you can do that by paying a membership fee to the BFA, Inc., which money goes for the expenses of the annual meeting and to the publication of the books and to an annual newsletter. This website requires no contributions and doesn't solicit any. Only your data are needed here.

Best Link for Bristol Searchers to begin with:


This link is to Sandy Gaston's newly posted gedcom at World Connect which is based on the NYGBR Journals' genealogies of the earliest Bristol generations, published in 1914 and 1915. These articles were the basis for the creation of the Bristol Genealogy plus the many additions, connected and unconnected, that formed the final copy. Sandy Gaston performed a herculean task in making this GEDCOM and publishing it on World Connect for all of us to use.
The link is:

Some Bristols

eMail for Sandy Gaston:

In addition to the above, I have acquired the descendancy chart with its links to put here so that the search engines on this webpage will enable it to be searched by those who come here and don't know how to use the World Connect system yet.
Alternate Descendancy Chart


Please, also use this address for any queries that you can't get answered at a Genealogy Forum. Someone will reply with your answer or a suggestion on how to find the answer.
I recommend that Bristol searchers use
Bristol Genforum
as the main forum for queries and that you use the E-mail address for questions about the website.

Ancestry.Com Bristol Family Forum:
Bristol Family Forum


Don't forget to Bookmark these locations.

New England Resources:

Mayflower Lore-a great starting point:CLICK
Savages Index-searchable online:CLICKAll Four Volumes.
Center for Connecticut Studies and other Great things: CLICK

National Resources:

GENEALOGY SEARCH-An excellent all-purpose website. To see a sample of results go to:Click and to go to the website click here:Click
CIVIL WAR website: Civil War RecordsSoldiers, Sailors, POWs, Union and Confederacy. 239 Bristols.
U.S.GenwebA national network of state based resouces for history and genealogy with national and state based query boards.
Directory of Genealogical LibrariesA Nationwide list of the better genealogical libraries. Click "Marriage Records", click "Pennsylvania", click "Request Free Lookup", click "Directory of . . . "
Searchable Census Data-Bases
Federal Land Grants and Patents
American Places Named Bristol

Links to Bristol Specific Resources:

SurnamewebThis is a referral source for many surnames.
Surname List: Bristol
Surname Helper
Metasearch: Type "Bristol"
Family SearchLDS Search Engine: Use the records, be careful of the reports.
Cyndis List
GENDEXGendex by Gene Stark is one of the most well-known GEDCOM repositories.

Some Links to Bristol Websites:

CAVEAT--When you come upon a "genealogy" that names parents of our ancestor Henry as Daniel and Esther/Hester Sperry, you know you are wading into quicksand.

These links are to sites that relate to the earliest generations and offer references to sources of the data which they contain.
Henry BristowJulius Whitney Gedcom (Many notes of original sources)
Richard BristowJulius Whitney Gedcom (same as for Henry)
Henry and Richard BristowCarty Family Gedcom: From the pages of the 1967 edition of the Bristol Family Genealogy, by W. E. Bristol
Richard BristowFrom the "BigGedcom", a truly great resource for New England and New Jersey research
Richard BristowAlso from the "BigGedcom"

Pane-Joyce GedcomSome early Bristol connections: Baldwin, Brown, Foote, Hine, Osborn, Peck, Royce, etc.
African Americans Named BristolThis will be a Directory at this website where I will post any information about "AA" Bristols, i.e., Links to other sites or Lists of Data or Genealogies, etc. I welcome all contributions.

This link is here to pique your curiosity. Anything else you can find out about him, please pass on its location to me.

JohnBristowA notable British Bristow in India. This man was so troublesome to the British East india co in India during the Revolutionary Era here that, he is one of the reasons Lord Cornwallis was called back to England and surrendered early at Yorktown. Cornwallis didn't arrive in India for several years afterwards. See notes #112,113 & 115, with more to follow.

British Resources:

Almost every primary British resource is in this list. Enjoy:

GendocsBritish site which is a guide to genealogical research in Great Britain
St. BedeEcclesiastical History of the Christian Church in England-online
Anglo-SaxonAnglo-Saxon Chronicles On-line
English Parish RegistersEnglish Parish Locaters
English RegistersEnglish Registers
FreeRegistersFree Parish Registers
About Domesday BookAbout Domesday Book
Domesday BookDomesday Book
Magna ChartaMagna Charta
Institute of Heraldry and GenealogyHeraldry and Genealogy
Society of GenealogistsSociety of Genealogists
Taken from Victoria County History This is the source for the information about the Parish of Burstowe in Surrey which gives what history there is about the descendants of Stephen Fitz Hamon de Burstowe-the putative ancestor of all English Bristow/Bristol/Burstow families.
Heralds' VisitationsLibrary of Congress references to its collection of British resources, including The Heralds' Visitations
Heraldry and VisitationsUniv of Minn, Catalogue of Heraldry and Visitations
A BRISTOW Coat of ArmsThis is not the only Bristow Coat of Arms
GazeeterGazeteer of British Placenames
Cyndi's List Cyndi's List of English Records
British Places named Bristol

Miscellaneous Links to Forums and Other Search Engines

Genealogy Discussion Links
Chat and Forums
Genealogy Forum
Genealogy Link
Multi-purpose Site
Yates Publishing
Genealogy Message Boards
Kinship ChartDownloadable
One Stop Free Shop
As the site grows other links will be added which will take searchers directly to Bristol Family locations and not to hundreds or thousands of businesses and locations which have nothing to do with your quest.

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This is the Directory Structure for where we need to post all those things pertaining to the specific lines of descendants of Henry.
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  2. These are the sub-directories of genealogy_htmland they are all clickable.
      A. ANCESTORS of Henry and Richard:
      If you don't see the notorious Daniel and Hester Sperry Bristol here, it is because they never existed.
    1. Burstow Parish, Surrey-Stephen Fitz Hamon, de Burstow
    2. Maybe, maybe not! SCROLL DOWN TO "MANORS"
      B. Henry, Sr., and Richard Bristol:
    3. Henry, Sr.
    4. Richard

    5. E. Births, Deaths and Marriages:
    6. Necrology

    7. F. Honored Guests:
    8. Guests of Honor

    9. G. Military Records:See Civil War link above
    10. Bristols in American Wars

    11. H. Unconnected and-or Orphan Bristols:
    12. Orphans

    13. I. Author's Page:
    14. Author's Page

    United States Towns Named Bristol Click Here


    This is a topic that intrigues many people and also causes many people to err when looking for "their coat of arms." The article to which this is a link will not answer all your questions, but I hope it will keep you off dead-end streets. Go to:Bristol Heraldry


    GEDCOMS do not need to be placed on this website, because Rootsweb has its own place to put them. Rootsweb is a good place to put them for public viewing. But, now that MyFamily.Com owns Rootsweb, if you want a GEDCOM location for restricted viewing, it is a good place to put your GEDCOM. {See ads for links to MyFamily.Com} Here is how Rootsweb advises you on putting your GEDCOM on Freepages:


    The first step is to export your data in GEDCOM format (File/Gedcom/Export).
    Now that you've got a GEDCOM file, there're a lot of things you can do:
    Upload your GEDCOM to the WorldConnect server at RootsWeb:


    WorldConnect will dynamically create web pages out of your data. And, your family ancestry will be searchable along with the ancestry of over 1000 other users.


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    I do hope visitors here read all these explanations. It will save you any agony or depression for not finding EVERYTHING you are looking for here in one nice neat pile.

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