Brittain-Craft Family

Brittain-Craft Family

I never knew my paternal grandfather, Lee Craft. He and my grandmother divorced before my father was born and he moved to Oklahoma and remarried. Also, he died before I was born.

My paternal grandmother was very beautiful and lots of fun to be around. Sadly, she also died while I was very young, leaving a gaping hole in the fabric of my life.

My maternal grandparents were very simple people who loved unsparingly. Whenever any of us went to visit, you could see the joy light their faces with delight. We lost Paw Paw in 1988 and Granny turned 99 in December of 2010.

This page is dedicated to all of them and the legacy they created that will continue into eternity.I am, as you can see, just getting started with this, and my records are in sad disarray, so bear with me, and check back often for new files.

				     Mary Ann Craft Fussell
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Martha and Dick Brittain

Jewel holding Wina, Billy Wayne, Mary Ann, and Billy Craft

Ruth, Harry Lee, and Billy Wayne Craft
All unmarked information was accumulated from various sites on the internet, including,, and by Mary Ann Fussell. I regret that I did not always label my early information with the sources, but all new info will be labeled. This site is simply a place to put all the information for my family together in one spot so it'll be easier to sort through it and others might find it useful as well. Please feel free to copy anything you want.