World Trade Center and Pentagon Bombing - September 11, 2001

For 3 days I have sat watching the news from the east, speechless, horrified and angry.  I have searched for a way to express my thoughts and feelings at the atrocities the nation is witnessing and those in New York and Washington D.C. are living through.  But how do you express an anger and pain that runs so deep that your blood seems to burn with it?

To those whose lives have been most deeply affected by this tragedy, my heart and my prayers are with you daily.  I cannot imagine your pain but wish there were some way I could take it upon myself, if only for a little while, to help you bear the load.  I know my words are inadequate, but they are all I have to offer you and they come from the deepest reaches of my heart.

To those who perpetrated this unspeakable act of barbarism I have a few things toMemorial Graphic courtesy of my friend, Kelly say.  You think we are soft.  We are not.  You think we are weak.  We are not.  Beneath the flab of our pampered civilization runs the forged steel of many generations who came before us, who fought and died for the freedoms we believe in.  You have awakened the voices of our ancestors and we are listening.  All school children learn the words, "One Nation, under God, Indivisible."  Perhaps you should have heeded them as well.

You say you do this for Islam, I say you are a liar.  Your religion is Violence and your God is Hate.  Mohammed does not know you.  You have no soul and there is no Paradise waiting for you.  Only a long, cold night as black as your heart.

My voice is only one, but we are millions, and our voices together will blow like a whirlwind through the dark places you inhabit, sweeping the shadows before us until you have no place to hide.  The vermin you rely on to shield you will run away as they desert the sinking ship that is your world.  As before you will try to hide behind the skirts of your women and children, the coward that you are, but this time it will do you no good.

You will never know my name nor my face, but I will know yours.  To those who would try to destroy us, our name is Justice and this time she is blind with rage. 

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