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Elijah Brock Interview as given personally to Annie Walker Burns,  recorded in "Harlan County, Kentucky: record of deaths, deeds and births during the years, 1852 to 1862", by Annie Walker Burns, date unknown

Jesse Brock was the first white settler on Wallins Creek Kentucky. He was about a three-quarter Indian, and had so much Indian blood in him, that he had no trouble in living among the Indians who were thickly settled in the mountains when he first came, raised his family among them, hunted along with them, with no trouble whatever. He homesteaded where Park Howard lives at this time. (It is said that Park Howard knows where Jesse Brock's grave is, and has designated same to satisfaction of members of the D.A.R. Including this compiler, Annie Walker Burns. Jesse Brock's grown daughter married William Blanton, an early settler. Her name was Susie Blanton. (could she have been the ancestress of the John B. Lewis line?) His next oldest daughter married Terry Melton, her name was Sally Brock, (for proof of this see deeds signed by them in Harlan County Clerk(s office 1826). Terry's Fork was named for Terry Melton.

James Brock was the oldest son of Jesse Brock married Elizabeth (probably Osborn. Amon Brock was the next to the oldest son of Jesse Brock Sr. Aron Brock was the next to him. Jesse Brock Jr. was the youngest boy, his wife Sallie------ -He had more girls but I don't remember their names Aaron Brock married Amie Ann Waldrup? Dau of Joe Waldrup. The first Ephraim Osborn lived on Fosters Creek all of his life, in Harlan Co.

My grand father's name was Amon Brock, who lived to be age 93 years

and he died in Pulaski County Kentucky about 1863. He had started to Indiana with his family, which consisted of his 2nd wife and 2 children, the names of two of these last children were William and Johnie Brock. There were two girls by name of Rose with them enroute. The children by his first wife were; Mahala, who was the oldest. Ephriam was the next to the oldest, Arron, Mima next, & Solomon next, Mary, Hettie, Rebecca and a boy named Amon and Enoch, who were the children by his first wife, whose name was an Osborn and a daughter of the first Osborn in this county, whose name was Ephriam Osborn, who lived to be 100 years - see compilations elsewhere in this book of Death Records of Harlan County, which shows his death and age at the time of decease. Said Osborn was in the Revolutionary War. (This Osborn woman the first wife of Amon Brock was an Aunt of John L. Osborn of Wallins Creek. John L. Osborn and my father were first cousin.

When my grand father's death occurred in route to Indiana, he took sick three miles this side of Somerset Kentucky, Pulaski County. The Civil War soldiers were at that time encamped at Camp Nelson and four of my brothers were among the soldiers and the two Rose girls who were en route to Indiana with my grand father's family went and notified my brothers about the death of my grand father and my 4 brothers, together with their Captain Ben Howard with fifty other soldiers buried my grand father three miles this side of Somerset Kentucky. After the burial of my grand father they returned to Wallins and did not go on to Indiana as they had planned. I had an uncle who died in Indiana, whose name was Ephriam Brock and who was my oldest uncle as was the custom in those days to go to Indiana to wait until peace was made it was not far from Indianapolis where they were staying.

Telling the stories about the Civil War and his having four brothers

in the Union Army he broke down and cried, and when telling the story about the death of his grand father enroute to Indiana.

The oldest children of Amon Brock had already married at the time he

had left for Indiana in 1863. Mahala Brock married John Brummet, in Harlan Co. Ephriam Brock married Nancy Shepherd. Aaron Brock married Barbara Sheperd (these last two were my parents.) Mima Brock married Colts Caldwell. Solomon Brock married Betsy Saylor Mary Brock married Lige North. Hettie Brock married Leodard Saylor. Rebecca Brock married Bob Saylor. Amon Brock married Mahala Patrick. Enoch Brock married Mima Helton.

My father mentioned above Aaron Brock lived to be 100 years of age.

He moved to the head of Kentucky River, Clay County but part which was

later cut off into Leslie County. - He had two girls when he moved there and 1 girl was born after that, and the balance born were boys. He raised his family in what is now Leslie County. The name of the boys were Calvin - the oldest, Amon Brock, next Jim Brock (Senator Brock's father) next Aaron Brock, next, the next Gilbert Brock, next Carlo Brock, next George Washington Brock, and the next Elihue, and the next myself, Elijah Brock and one girl younger than myself. The oldest girl was named Nancy, next Polly, next Mima, next was Linda, next Marjie, next Delia. All lived to be 21 years of age, - raised by the same father and mother.

Nancy Brock my oldest sister married James Roark, married in Clay County, Ky (for further records of families of Clay County, write to the compiler of this book). Polly Brock married Shadrick Napier, Clay Co., Ky.

Mima Brock married Isaac Simpson Clay Co, Ky. Linda Brock to Ezekiel Hoskins of Clay Co, Marjie Brock married Doc Simpson, Clay County. Delia Brock married Joshua Mosley, Leslie County, Ky. Calvin the oldest married Margaret Long Harlan County. Amon Brock married Delia Helton, Clay Co, Jim Brock, married Rutha Jane Griffith, married Perry Co, Ky. Aaron Brock to Lucinda Pauley, Wayne County West Viginia. Gilbert Brock to Mary Gross in Clay County Kentucky Carlo Brock married Polly Jackson in Magoffin Co, Ky - Sandy River. George Washington Brock to Eliann Napier Clay Co, Ky Elihue Brock married Hannah Sheperd in Perry Co, Ky. Elijah Brock married Angeline Mosley in Leslie County 1879 Sept 30 (This latter is myself and wife). The names of children of Nancy Brock and John Roark were as follows;

Mary, James, Addie, Isaac, Debbie? or Deborah, Linda, Jane, Martha, Barbara, Polly, Jack, Wade, Aaron, Bill (14 children) lived in Clay Co, all the time.

Polly Brock and Shadrick Napier, had two children; Sally & Susie Napier. They moved to Wayne Co., West Virginia.

Mima Brock and Isaac Simpson - children; Sallie, Polly, Martha, Barbara, Ellen, Amon, Jim, Nancy, Calloway, Manda, Carlo, Lottie - they lived in Clay County until their children were married and left them, then they spent the balance of their lives in Laurel County Ky.

Linda Brock and Ezekiel Hoskins, their children Sidney, Barbara, Polly, Nancy, Bill, Hettie, George, James, Irvin, Delia --- another, I have forgotten her name but she lived in Laurel County. Nancy visited me the other day she is married to Sarlin Taylor. Linda and Ezekiel Hoskins lived in Leslie County. Marjie and Doc Simpson live in Leslie County. Their children; Aaron, Delia, Jim, Nancy, Hettie, Andrew, Leander, Jemima.

---Delia Brock and Joshua Mosley, oldest child was Martha and Samuel? (Sammie).

---Calvin Brock and Margaret Long's children were Wilson and Tilda Paulina.

---Amon Brock and Delia Helton's children were Jim, Charlotta, Martha, Ellen, Millard, Carter, Mat, Carlo, Willie, Mila?.

Jim Brock and Rutha Jane Griffith's children were Polly Ann, Sallie, William, Joe, John, Hiram(Senator) Amon, Tilda, Jane, Dora, Clora, (Nancy & Timothy, twins) Myrtle (14 children).

Aaron Brock and Lucinda Pauley - he had no children by his first wife.

Children by 2nd wife: Rebecca McCoy of West Va, were Matthew, Ross and others,

---Gilbert Brock and Mary Gross of Clay Co, Ky children; Nancy, Mahala, Jimmie, Willie, Anna, Martha, Alice, Ollie, Albert, Mollie (10 children).

---Carlo Brock and Polly Jackson - children; Lucinda, Millard, Payton, other

children names not known, he got killed in a well in Wayne Co, West Va, where he had moved to. Killed about 1877- he lived in Magoffin Co, Ky about 7 or 8 yrs then moved to West Va.

---George Washington Brock and Eliann Napier - children; Lizzie, Aaron, John, Floyd,

-Hannah, Jemima- Lloyd, Amon, Elihu, Lawrence, Normis? Fronie, Florency and Lucy,

-they all lived in Clay & Leslie Counties.

Elihue Brock and Hannah Sheperd -- children were Sallie, Ellen, Amon, Andy, Mary and Polly.

Elijah Brock and Angeline Mosley -- children; Elihue, Henry, Sarah, John Hamptom, Lee, Ross, Shelby 4 children died in infancy.





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