Trowbridge Atherton connections

Trowbridge/Atherton/Althoff Connections

Our Althoff family branches into the Trowbridge family via the Atherton's. Enid (Atherton) Althoff 's grandmother was Martha Elizabeth Trowbridge. This is our "jumping off" or more truly a jumping into point for the Trowbridge connection. In researching my Althoff and Atherton ancestors, I have found mostly farmers; people without great distinction, and for research purposes, people without a great deal of comment in the public records. Therefore, I was delighted to find that the Trowbridge family came with a published genealogy!(1) And because most of my Althoff ancestors came to America from Germany in the 1800's, it was exciting to know that I have ancestors who were among the earliest settlers in America. There is already a fair amount of information on the internet from other Trowbridge family descendants, so I will not duplicate that information. I have listed the direct line Trowbridge ancestors for our Althoff/Atherton/Trowbridge family below. Click on any name to take you to a page for that person. Also listed below is a compilation of other internet resources. If you have comments, please email A. Brohmer at [email protected]

The Generations:

10. Enid Grace (Atherton) Althoff, (10/11/1911 - 2/25/1984)

9. Guy Wilbert Atherton, (6/6/1873 - 9/22/1965)

8. Martha Elizabeth (Trowbridge) Atherton  (In process)

7. David Trowbridge  
(Stay tuned)

6. Samuel Trowbridge  
(Stay tuned)

5. Daniel Trowbridge  
(See internet resources)

4. David Trowbridge  
(See internet resources)

3. Joseph Trowbridge  
(See internet resources)

2. William Trowbridge  
(See internet resources)

1. Thomas Trowbridge  (See internet resources)

Trowbridge Internet Connections:

The Genealogy of Cheryl Trowbridge-Miller

    The Cheryl of this website and we Althoff/Athertons share many generations of Trowbridge connection. She lists each generation     of the descendants of Thomas Trowbridge and we cut out at the "Children of Daniel and Sarah", where our ancestor is then             Samuel, #6 above, and hers is another Trowbridge son.

Genealogy of the Trowbridges of Morris County, N.J. & Other related families

    This website contains some great background history on the Trowbridge family in England, has a copy of the family crest, and
    some information about a genetic disease experienced by some Trowbridge family members. Note that while we share the
    common initial ancestor, this family line focuses on one of the immigrant Thomas Trowbridge's sons, Thomas, as opposed to         "our" ancestor, William.


    This website also has some of the Trowbridge family background data found in the published genealogy. Note that the
    generations include two generations previous to "our" Thomas. Generations III and IV match our family file, then this family
    follows another Trowbridge son. (Of course, generations I and II are pertinent to us as well!) The great bonus on this website is
    coverage of the LAMBERTON family history. William Trowbridge, #2 in my list above, married Elizabeth Lamberton Sellivant,
    a widow. Her father was a Captain of the ship Fellowship about which
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote the poem,
    The Phantom Ship. Link to the poem.

Map of New Haven, Connecticut in 1641

    Shows Thomas Trowbridge's property. In relation to the
block of nine squares, Thomas' property is in the odd chunk of land to     the left and bottom of the block.

Trowbridge Mountain - in the stats: one of the 100 highest peaks in New Jersey! (And makes good hiking, too.)


Big Run Cemetery listing - includes Lydia (Deforest) Hicks Trowbridge and other HICKS, BLAKER and DEFOREST family


1) The Trowbridge Genealogy, History of the Trowbridge Family in America, by Francis Bacon Trowbridge, 1908