DEGOLIER family files

DEGOLIER family files

My family name is Brohmer, but as we Brohmers reach back along maternal family lines, we bump into the Degolier clan, via the Matteson branch. Therefore it was with great joy that a thick Degolier family history was placed into the hands of this (very) amateur genealogist. At some point in the creation of this website, scanning and uploading that book will be in order, but in the essence of time, I wish at this time to simply point visitors of this webpage to some other quite comprehensive webpages already created by other Degolier family genealogy enthusiasts. Enjoy!  A. Brohmer, 01/01/06
June, 2006 - Added information on TANNER family links. AB


1. An excellent summary of the first forbear of the Degolier clan can be found at the following website:

2. Some family pages contain excellent Degolier (and Seekins) family records:

Stephan Seekins Degolier family history

Lisa Degolier's "Degolier" website at

Rootsweb Freepages listing - includes Degolier and Seekins names (use index feature)

Rootsweb Worldconnect file - Title "Johnson Family" by Eileen Johnson
    -Greatly expands on the family of Jane Hatch, wife of immigrant ancestor James Degolier, Sr. (Use index to look for Hatch and Degolier names)

3.) Book resource:
From some of my poking around, I have learned that much of the Degolier family history was published in a book titled, "The Washington Ancestry and records of the McClain, Johnson and Forty Other Colonial American Families" by author Charles Arthur Hoppin. (This is actually a three book set.) My local library subscribes to some terrific databases which actually include copies of this text. With internet access, I can log in to the local library and get to one of three of these databases from my home computer. The one I can access from home is called Heritage Quest. Ask your local library if they have similar services. It is fun to learn how to use these terrific resources!


The Tanner and Seekins families intersect through the marriage of Julia Sophia Tanner and Josiah B. Seekins in 1840. Their daughter, Emmaline Baldwin Seekins married Herbert Denzil Degolier in 1875, linking both families with the Degolier clan.
Website including Tanner genealogy records

 The Tanner and Seekins families are linked by more than just this marriage. Both families were involved in the early church history of Chataqua County, New York. "Joseph Seekins and wife" are listed as some of the first members of the Free-Will Baptist Church of Ellington, organized in 1828. "The first settled pastor" was Francis B. Tanner, who served the church about 20 years. In the following website, look for "Ellington" (in alphabetical order), then "Free-will Baptist Church of Ellington (1828)."
Church Histories, Chautauqua County, NY

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