WOOD family files

WOOD family files

My family name is Brohmer, but as we Brohmers reach back along maternal family lines, we bump into the Wood clan. Therefore it was with great joy that a thick Wood family history was placed into the hands of this amateur genealogist.  In verifying or confirming hand researched information with some of the great online genealogy databases and websites currently available, I found that some ofthe extended branches of the WOOD family history are already online. I wish at this time to simply point visitors of this webpage to some other quite comprehensive webpages already created by other genealogy enthusiasts for the REED and WELBORN families. See links below.

Another maternal line brings a connection with the KIMBLE family. A link below will take you to a full page of informtion on that colorful family. Enjoy!  A. Brohmer, 01/01/06, updated 2/21/08.

LINK to KIMBLE family connections page.

The REED and WELBORN families are other maternal connections from the WOOD family tree. Enjoy exploring the links below to websites already covering parts of this part of the family tree:

1. The following Rootsweb genealogy file intersects with the WOOD family records, but we must look several generations back. Find Noah Reed on the following website. He married Elizabeth Caroline (or Carline) Welborn. What this record does not show is that they had a daughter, Rebecca Ann Reed.  Rebecca links this entire data file to our WOOD clan, as she married Franklin Wood. Franklin is the father of Carson Wood, grandfather of Wanda Lorraine Wood, Nadine Lavelle Wood, Donald Wood, and David Carson Wood.

Rootsweb family file featuring WELBORN family history and more...

2. Here is another file with much of the same WELBORN family data:

Rootsweb file of "Some noteworthy Southern genealogies" including those WELBORN relations

3. Rootsweb file, more REED and WELBORN records