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Bronwyn's Belly


Pregnant belly icon Bronwyn's Belly Pregnant belly icon

Welcome to my pregnant belly photos page! I had photos taken every month of my pregnancy, to track the progress of my growing belly. This is my first baby! Please enjoy browsing the photos below, but do seek permission if you're interested in copying the photos to another webpage or using them in any way. Links to this page are welcome, and friends and family are welcome to print out copies of photos for their own use.

Pregnancy months are tracked by calendar months elapsed from date of conception (some photos are a couple of days late). For example, in the "Month 0" photos, I am only 5 days pregnant, while in the "Month 4" photos, a full four calendar months have been completed since conception. This might not be the standard counting system, but it's my preferred dating method for pregnancy months (which is a fuzzy measurement anyway). Click on thumbnails to view larger photos.

First Trimester

Month 0


Month 1


Month 2


Month 3


Second Trimester

Month 4


Month 5


Month 6


Third Trimester

Month 7


Month 8


Week 40 - EDD


Month 9




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