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Welcome! A big "hi!" to genealogical researchers, roleplayers, religious humour fans, book lovers, librarians & information managers, friends & family, and intrepid Internet surfers! Visitors with specific genealogy queries are most welcome to contact me by e-mail. Construction of my webpages is ongoing; as well as checking the "What's New?" and "Sandeman News" pages for changes and additions to my website, you can now also keep an eye out for the little "new" icon which highlights pages that have been added or significantly modified in my last upload or two of pages. Please note that some website links below are listed twice, once under the topical section, once under my master list of "links" pages, to aid site navigation.

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Info Guide Home icon Information Management Guide- These webpages provides two bibliographies with critical abstracts of journal articles, firstly on the topic of information management, and secondly on the more specific information management area of library creation and development of Internet portals. Also incorporates my Library Links page, and the recently created Current IM Issues: Resource Links page.

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