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Welcome to my biography page! Construction of this webpage is ongoing, such is the nature of life, and my biography.

So who am I? I am Bronwyn Jane Johnson (nee Walker), and I was born on the 7th of January, 1976, in Mullumbimby, N.S.W., Australia. Please check out my Genealogy Page if you want to know more about my family! I have been researching my extended family tree for some time now, and I have quite a bit of information online now, on both sides of my tree. I still haven't put anything up yet on my husband's family, but I have quite a bit of info on paper.

What do I look like? Here's an oldish picture of me (from 2001) at my postgraduate graduation ceremony. If you want to see more photos of me, have a look at my wedding photo pages. There's a small handful of pre-wedding photos up there too (i.e. when we were engaged). I also now have a page full of photos of me with an increasingly pregnant belly!

I live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, with my wonderful husband Gary Johnson. You are welcome to check out his webpage too, if you like! We became engaged on the 14th of February, 2000, and got married on the 30th of June, 2001. Please check out our Wedding Page if you would like to see some wedding photos or a copy of our vows (which we wrote ourselves).

In 1997 I completed a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Qld. with a double-major in Studies in Religion. In 2000 I did a one year (full-time) postgraduate course at QUT (Queensland University of Technology); a Graduate Diploma in Library and Information Studies. I completed my studies with the best grade possible- a GPA of 7.0, and came top of all full-time students in the course in my year.

My hobbies and interests can be easily deduced from the content of my website; genealogy, roleplaying (see my D&D page), reading (fantasy & sci-fi), and lurking on the Internet in general.

I am currently expecting my first child (July 2006), a planned home birth. I have a natural parenting philosophy.

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