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Welcome to my Devoy (or De Voy) genealogy page! Those visitors with specific genealogy queries, or comments on this website, are invited to sign my guestbook, or contact me by e-mail. You are also welcome to visit my other personal webpages, which you will find a link for at the bottom of this page.

I've created a little batch of webpages listing my maternal ancestry, including the Devoy line. Please follow the links below to view this. Remember, this is for looking at, not for copying or submitting to any GEDCOM collection. If you are interested in any of the individuals listed, please contact me by e-mail or via my guestbook to discuss any overlaps in research.

* Ancestry of Bronwyn Jane Walker (primarily mother's father's ancestor's- Smith/Devoy, Payne, Bunhill, Thompson, Cunningham, Bradford, Rennie)

* Chart of descendants of Percy Devoy (married prior to 1821) and Margaret Glen.


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