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* General Genealogy
* Genealogy Software
* De Voy
* Johnson
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General Genealogy

* Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet

* Ancestor's Charts and Records

* Genforum

* SurnameWeb- The Genealogy Web Portal

* RootsWeb Home Page- "The Internet's oldest and largest FREE genealogy community."

* Genealogical Society of Queensland, Inc.

Genealogy Software

Genealogy programs are listed in rough order of my own preference.
* The Master Genealogist (TMG) (see also my review below)
* Ultimate Family Tree
* Legacy
* Family Tree Maker
* PAF V4.0 or later version(shareware)
* Ancestral Quest (AQ)
* Brother's Keeper(shareware)
* Generations (Sierra product)
* Reunion (for MAC users)
* Family Origins

I think it's also worthwhile checking out the following S/W related sites:

* Genealogy Software Springboard
Here you can register submit and read comments by people about all different kinds of genealogy software.

* Garrison Communications
This is one of the few suppliers of "The Master Genealogist" in Queensland.

* The Master Genealogist Genealogy Forum

The Master Genealogist

After reviewing a number of demos, shareware programs, and feature lists over about four months, I decided to purchase TMG. This program has the capacity to store unlimited numbers of names, sources, photos, and text files per individual, and customizable privacy of information settings. It appears to be an excellent program for serious amateurs or professional researchers, and is highly customizable in what reports and charts it can print, what facts are recorded (with customizable unlimited tags and events), and will also easily track tagged events (eg. "clergy", "multiple birth" or "diabetes") through generations. I am particularly pleased that it will let me record conflicting data, such as storing multiple birth dates and names for individuals, and that it allows you to manipulate charts to a high degree. If anyone would be interested in discussing genealogy software with me further, or why I picked TMG over other programs (please, friendly enquiries only), I would be happy to discuss my choice in more detail.

De Voy


* Johnson surname in Scotland and descendants of these families

* Johnson surname in any of the six New England states (i.e., CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT)


* Sandeman Family Genealogy Forum

* Restoration Movement Pages
Robert Sandeman was very involved with the Restoration movement, and also connected to the Glas family through his wife Catherine. Her father John Glas was very prominent in this movement, and has strong connections with the Sandeman family, as two other daughters of his (Agnes and Anne), and one sister (Agnes), also married into the Turnbull, Lyon, or Sandeman families. Robert Sandeman; b.1718, d.1771, m.1737 Catherine Glas, d.1764 [no issue]). John Glas b.1695, d.1773, m.1721 Catherine Black, daughter of Thomas Black.

* Picture of Robert Sandeman (b.1718, d.1771)

* Picture of John Glas and his tombstone (b.1695, d.1773)

* SurnameWeb- Sandeman

* Sandeman Seeds

Who knows if they're related? This is a business web site. One day I will ask the founders what their lineage is!

* Sandeman House- 33 Colinton Road, Edinburgh, EH10 5DR
An old family mansion perhaps? I haven't tracked down it's history yet. Here is a map of it's location.

* The House of Sandeman
This is a business web site, the company specializes in port and sherry. The business is currently run by George Thomas David Sandeman (b.September 1953), Chairman of "The House of Sandeman" and seventh generation descendant of the founder, George Sandeman (b.1765, founded company in 1790, d.1841, m. Mary Biffin, b.1790, d.1852). Some biographical detail on both the founder and current chairman is included at this site.

* Winery of the Week- The House of Sandeman by Fred McMillin, July 25, 1997
Sandeman port review and some history of George Sandeman (b.1765, founded company in 1790, d.1841, m. Mary Biffin, b.1790, d.1852)

* Family History in India
Contains some information on Sir Robert Groves Sandeman, (K.C.S.I., b.1835; d.1892. m1.Catherine Grace Allen, b.1842, d.1868, m2.Helen Catherine Gainsford), and possibly his father, Maj.-Gen Robert Turnbull Sandeman (b.1804, d.1876; m. 1831 Jane Barclay, b.1812; d.1868).


* WALKER Family Homepage- genealogy and history of the Walker family

* Walker surname and variations in Cumbria (Cumberland, Westmorland, and North Lancashire counties), England

* Walker surname in any of the six New England states (i.e., CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT)

* Walker Family History Project- collects and records genealogical information about the surname Walker.

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