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Welcome to my genealogy page! Construction is now almost at the base level I desire, I just have to put up some information on the Johnsons, and then webpage construction here will all be about enhancing pages, rather than creating them (though I'm sure I'll continue to do that too!). Those visitors with specific genealogy queries are most welcome to contact me by e-mail, using a clearly descriptive subject header (e.g. "Question about Walkers in Queensland").

I have a GEDCOM available listing Sandeman relatives, but it needs some tinkering & checking done before I can distribute it, and is only available for sharing to members of my own Sandeman line only (i.e. descendants of David Sandeman and Margaret Ramsay).

For those who are interested in the surnames I have most data on, and/or am most interested in researching further, they are:

* De Voy/Devoy- my maternal grandfather's family, the line originating in Ireland.
* Johnson- my fiance's family. The particular Johnson branch of interest emigrated from England to Rockhampton on the "Dacca" in 1887. I haven't put up any information on this branch yet, but in the meantime, why not visit Connie Johnson's excellent website with info on our branch of the Johnsons (the Johnsons of Gracemere, Rockhampton).
* Sandeman- my Sandeman Surname Resource Centre is affiliated with SurnameWeb. Interested in both Sandeman relations, other Sandeman families, and Sandeman trivia.
* Walker- interested in relations (however distant) only; not a one-name study.Mar '04

* Earliest Walker Genealogy Mar '04
* Walker Family Reunion- (External link) This reunion will be in NSW, Australia, in May 2004.Mar '04
* Genealogy Links- various websites I've stumbled across that may be of interest.
* Search my website for names, places, and anything else!:

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