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Here is where you can find a summary of how the construction is going on my various webpages. Please note that changes to the collection of Sandeman surname webpages are kept track of at the Sandeman News Updates webpage. Some minor changes may not be noted on this webpage (e.g. updating outdated links is not noted, as a rule).

10th January, 2007- Uploaded some more photos of baby Vanessa, from 0-5 months old. Check out the cuteness of baby Vanessa!

8th November, 2006- Uploaded some wav file recordings of baby Vanessa making cute little noises. Listen to the cuteness of our talky little girl!

3rd August, 2006- Created the first of what may be many pages of photos of our beautiful little baby girl, Vanessa Anne Johnson, who was born at home on 24th July, 2006. Check out the cuteness of baby Vanessa!

21st July, 2006- Created a page with photos of me and my pregnant belly! My & Gary's first baby is due July 2006. My Bronwyn's Belly page also has a couple of photos of Gary, and a photo of my Blessingway necklace.

22nd March, 2004- Updated the Walker Genealogy page to include Terence Walker's descendants, my marriage, Scott McLeod Walker's descendants, and a number of other updates, mostly sourced from "Glenlyon Connections". Added Walker Family Reunion link to main page and Walker Genealogy page. Created an Earliest Walker Genealogy page, adding a few extra generations of ancestry. Updated internal links on my Genealogy page. Fixed a few broken links on my Roleplaying page.

17th March, 2003- More updating of the Roleplaying Resource Links page.

6 March, 2003- Due to Rootsweb deleting some of its folders, including the "games" folder, my roleplaying pages at http://freepages.games.rootsweb.com/~bronwyn can no longer exist at that URL. They have now been moved to a "misc" folder, and can be found at http://freepages.misc.rootsweb.com/~bronwyn. The gaming pages have also had some modifications to e-mail contact details, and the Roleplaying Resource Links page has the long-planned new format.

3 October, 2002- Innundated by an increasing influx of spam, to my *new* and *restricted release* e-mail address, I became determined to track down where the bastards were harvesting my e-mail address from. Aargh! There were still non-graphic links to mail to my uqconnect address on my wedding pages! So, those have now been fixed, to the new improved, hopefully spam safe e-mail graphic format. Plus, some updating of the wedding pages, and e-mail graphics for the library oriented webpages. Plus, I'm tired of having my CV online (and it was way out of date), so I've taken it down. I'm pretty sure there's still some pages with text e-mail links in the Sandeman section, but hopefully not to my uqconnect account. I'm also experimenting with the addition of an internal search engine to scan my genealogy pages (specifically)- look out for it on the main Sandeman and/or genealogy pages, as well as the main index page.

22 June, 2002- Updated by biography page with a more recent photo, and did minor changes to the text.

19 June, 2002- Removed some offensive material and spam from my guestbook, re-uploaded the guestbook. My guestbook is now happily spam-free once more!

17 June, 2002- Corrected an error on my D&D game page, and added a link to Nicole's character page on my main roleplaying page.

15 June, 2002- Added campaign resources for my Dungeons and Dragons (3rd ed) game, including maps, background documents about the campaign world, and house rules. See Bronwyn's D&D Game.

21 January, 2002- I began the mammoth task of changing my e-mail address on every page from a text link to a graphic. My new e-mail address has begun to attract spam, thus the switch to a graphic display of my e-mail address to prevent harvesting of it for spam lists. I also have been updating metadata to include creation and modification dates. My biography page was also updated.

15th November, 2001- Updated roleplaying pages, notably the Religion and Mutants in the X-Men Universe-Religious Groups in the U.S.A. webpage, which now includes, for the first batch of groups (who have positive attitudes to mutants), links to websites of the real religious groups in question (where such sites were available).

6th August, 2001- The remainder of the wedding photos go up. The next sections due for a rework are my roleplaying resource links page, and my online resume & biography.

26th July, 2001- Lots of wedding photos go up, and the wedding pages are overhauled. The lengthy process of changing my name and my e-mail address on all my webpages begins (from Bronwyn Walker to Bronwyn Johnson, and from [email protected] to [email protected]). Sandeman Guestbook temporarily redirected to general guestbook until bugs are worked out.

12th June, 2001- Major updates to the whole Sandeman SRC section (see Sandeman News Updates for details). Minor updating of Wedding Page.

2nd February, 2001- Minor updates to Wedding Page.

30th January, 2001- Creation of Belleforde House page in Stellar's Homepage section.

27th December, 2000- Walker genealogy page created. Some updating of Genealogy page, and minor changes to many others. Creation of Dolphin page in Stellar's Homepage section (roleplaying).

3rd November, 2000- Curriculum Vitae uploaded.

1st November, 2000- Reorganization of Stellar's Homepage.

31st October, 2000- Censorship: "Harry Potter" Books section added to Current IM Issues: Resource Links page.

26th October, 2000- Current IM Issues: Resource Links page uploaded (in IM Guide section). Some updating of main homepage to include icons instead of a plain bulleted list. Wedding Details page created, main Wedding Page updated. Biography page updated slightly.

25th September, 2000- Picture of "Baby Chaos" added to Stellar's Homepage.

4th September, 2000- Religious Humour page is created and uploaded, links to it created.

3rd September, 2000- Roleplaying resource links page created, and I updated some text, links, and formatting on roleplaying and main pages.

27th August, 2000- Stellar's e-mail address (yes, it really works!) added to her home page (see Roleplaying section). Also, pictures on this site properly identified as to source (AFAIK how).

14th August, 2000- Mum's Stuff links page created, and link on home page to it added.

24th July, 2000- Stellar's pictures' names modified to be more Netscape friendly. David Lloyd's picture of Stellar as a frog added to Stellar page.

22nd July, 2000- Modifications to Stellar's Home Page. Creation of Devoy Genealogy pages. Some tidying of main home page.

17th July, 2000- Stellar's Home Page added, in Roleplaying section. Includes AGLS metadata (except subject tag not filled in yet).

20th June, 2000- Wedding Humour page added, main Wedding page updated. Some icons added to home page.

6th June, 2000- Links to "Library and Information Management Guide" and "Library Links" put on home page.

30th April, 2000- Information Management Guide webpages are uploaded.

21st April, 2000- Updates to the roleplaying section, with a new page on "The Law and Mutants in the X-Men Universe" created and added, and a link to my archived work on the Friends of Humanity added. My university assignment of the creation of webpages on Information Management continues, and these pages will eventually be added to this website, and include extensive links to websites of interest to librarians (focused particularly on library internet portals).

12th April, 2000- Extensive changes made to the Sandeman Surname Resource Centre pages, including the creation of two new pages, one of which, the "Sandeman News Updates", will in future keep track of changes to my Sandeman webpages. Wedding Page updated.

14th March, 2000- Photo added to Biography. "The Sandeman Family in India" page added. Webpage construction slows as I begin my post-grad. degree. Some Dublin Core meta information added to the main index page (Bronwyn's Home Page).

19th February, 2000- Genealogy Links page created, links to it are made. Some spelling errors are corrected on Sandeman pages.

18th February, 2000- Bronwyn's Guestbook is created, ready to receive general comments & suggestions, and links to it are made. Banners are added to some pages. Biography and Wedding pages are created.

16th February, 2000- The Sandeman Query Guestbook is fixed, and is now ready to receive queries and comments! Also, this "What's New" page is created, to keep people updated on my website construction..

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