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Bronwyn's D&D Game


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I currently run an ongoing Dungeons and Dragons (R) 3rd edition game on a weekly basis. My gaming and GMing style focuses heavily on character interaction, non-combat game scenarios, and a richly detailed game world. Consequently, I have put together a number of documents for player and GM reference over the course of my game. Those that are available for all players to look at are linked to below, in pdf format. Please note that these documents are copyright to myself, Bronwyn Johnson, and may not be distributed or sold without my express permission. They are placed online for the convenience of my players and potential players, not as an open invitation to take them and do what you will. I am, however, happy for 'net surfers to download documents for their own personal use, and would appreciate an e-mail letting me know if you found them useful or interesting.

Disclaimer: Dungeons & Dragons is a registered trademark by Wizards of the Coast. The material below is created to supplement the game, and is not sufficient to allow you to run a D&D game. It is produced under the open gaming licence.


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