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The two teams I support are the Chicago White Sox and the San Francisco Giants. Gotta support the locals!

Chicago White Sox- Doesn't everyone know they're the best baseball team in history? Read all about legends such as Frank Thomas and John Mostil.

San Francisco Giants- The official Giants website. I haven't had much of a chance to catch them in action yet, only on TV.


I don't know about anyone else, but personally the argument that "dolphins don't build cities (or do other human things) therefore they aren't smart" isn't very convincing for me. How human looking does someone have to be before you think they just might be intelligent? A couple of hundred years ago, white humans debated whether black humans were the missing link between man and ape, or perhaps descendants of Cain. Certainly they couldn't hope to equal white men in sophistication, intelligence, or spirituality. Even the most mundane scientific researcher will tell you dolphins are at least as intelligent as chimpanzees, and have individual names, just like humans.

Tursi's Dolphin Page- One of the best factual webpages on dolphins around, with an easy to navigate menu. Not produced by a scientist or anything, but still a great collection of information.

John C. Lilly Homepage- One of the best known dolphin intelligence researchers, he runs the Dolphin/Human Institute in San Francisco. I visited there recently, their research into dolphin language isn't as impressive as I'd hoped, but I guess slow & steady can win the race eventually.

Dolphins and Man.....Equals?- An interesting article about dolphin intelligence, hopefully thought provoking! Plenty of dolphin links too.

How to shape shift to dolphin form- Perhaps more fiction than fact, it's a guide to shapeshifting to dolphin form. Very "New Age"!

Tursiops Truncatus- A page giving a quick scientific overview of the bottlenose dolphin. Browse the website to find out about other dolphin species too.

Bibliographic Guide to Dolphin Intelligence- Includes some webpage links. Not very readable, but good for those interested in further researching stuff on dolphin intelligence, or sub-areas of this field.

Dolphin and Tuna Fishing Report- Buy dolphin friendly tuna to help stop the murder of dolphins in their thousands, or millions, each year.


Yup, dragons are real! My little companion dragon, Timmy, is living proof. Not to mention the various Norse and Mexican dragons we've run into around the place. Did you see my hand-drawn picture of me and Timmy? He's a small, purple, magical dragon, and smarter than many people give him credit for. He can say about a dozen words (on a good day...), but he understands a lot more.

Dragons- Some light, some serious sites about dragons, including a page about a support group for dragon-weres (dragon shape-changers).

Dragon Spirituality- A mostly serious New Age tone listing of sites and mailing lists about dragon magick, dragon spirit guides, etc.

Here Be Dragons- Click on the section "What is a dragon?" for an excellent overview (with pictures) of the various types of dragons. The history and physiology sections are worth a look too. It's really a great site all round!

Mythology- A good page on mythology in general, including some stuff on dragons.


The Common People Warehouse- Ordinary "common" mutants reminisce about their experiences, some stories clearly written by relatives or friends, such as those with unhappy endings, to say the least. Lest we forget those who suffer.

Vegetarianism & Animal Rights:

As a telepath, I'm more aware than the average person that animals are thinking beings that feel joy, and fear, and pain. After spending some time looking in animals minds in a deliberate effort to decide whether I could feel happy remaining a meat eater, I decided to become a vegetarian. Even fish and oysters have minds, and can feel pain and fear. Humans don't have to eat meat, we can survive quite nicely on a vegetarian diet, so given we have the free will to decide, choose the moral option and be vegetarian.

Happy Cow's Global Guide to Vegetarian Restaurants- San Francisco, California, USA- 22 veggie restaurants in 'Cisco. Great for searching for veggie restaurants or health food stores in your locality.

Vegetarian Restaurants in San Francisco- Only 7 restaurants listed, but the little personal referrals are a nice touch.

Veggies Unite!- Heaps of good recipes for the morally conscious eater. You can do a search for recipes with a particular ingredient in them.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society - Animal rights activists who protect whales & dolphins & other marine mammals. Happily admits to placing mines on whaling the past. Not much on their site about recent activities, oddly enough. ;)

CA Law Enforcement:

Various kinds of official websites for government departments and the like that we liaise with as X-Men.

Reports and Status of Missing Children in California- It's scary how many kids go missing every year. This page has a breakdown of how many are runaways, how many disappear in suspicious circumstances, how many are stranger abductions, etc. Link to missing adults page.

California Missing Person Registry- California has a reward of up to $500 for information leading to the location of a child listed in the "Missing Children Registry".

CA Law Enforcement Agencies- Find your local police force online.

Peace Officer Selection- Want to be a peace officer? Well, not having completed high school, I'm not in the running, but if you're interested in official law enforcement check out this website.

SFPD Main Menu- The 'Cisco police webpage. Check out their "Volunteers in Policing" program under the Community Relations section.

Emergency Services Courses- CA- The X-Men periodically do training or refresher courses by the Office of Emergency Services, or similar ones by the SFPD or other organizations.


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