Richard Henry Fenner


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Richard Henry Fenner    
Born: Abt. 1793


Married: 28 May 1816 Franklin Co., NC


Died: 23 Sep 1823 Little Rock, Arkansas
Source: Raleigh Register, NC Nov 21, 1823
  Deed Bk 22, Franklin Co., NC  p. 21
Euginea Ann Fenner, Richard Joseph Fenner, Catherine Rivel Fenner, and Stephen Outterbridge Fenner were the children of Doctor Richard H. Fenner, deceased, with their mother, Sarah M. Fenner, as their guardian, June 29, 1825.


Richard  Fenner


Ann McKinney Geddy


Sarah Maxwell Outerbridge


  Deed Bk 26, Franklin Co., NC  pg 16
Sarah M Fenner, widow of Richard Fenner, deceased, was now the wife of Henry N. Jasper, according to a deed of trust; said Sarah was a daughter of Stephen Outterbridge, deceased, April 10, 1829


1. Richard Joseph Fenner b. 1812

2. Eugenia Ann Fenner b. 1816

3. Stephen Outerbridge Fenner b. Abt 1820

4. Catherine Revels Fenner b. 06 Jan 1821 Franklin Co., NC

Deed BK 21, Franklin Co., NC p. 402  Richard Fenner sold land, witnessed by Rich'd H. Fenner, March 20, 1823

Referred to as "Doctor Richard Fenner" in his father's will.