Elizabeth Fuller



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Elizabeth Fuller   see FAMILY TREE
Born: Abt. 1626



1st: 23 Jan 1646/7 Hartford, Hartford, Ct to Thomas Upson

2nd: shortly after the death of her first husband to Edmund Scott

Elizabeth Fuller, daughter of Matthew Fuller, married Moses Rowley April 26, 1652.  Thomas Upson was alive in 1652.  This Elizabeth Fuller could not have possibly married Moses Rowley.  


1. Thomas Upson

2. Edmund Scott

CHILDREN with Thomas Upson

1.  Mary Upson
    b. Possibly about 1647
    m. 1666 to John Welton
    d. 18 Oct 1716

2. Hannah Upson
    b. Possibly about 1648
    m. 25 Oct 1664 Samuel Hickock
    d. 20 Jul 1707

3. Thomas Upson
    b. Possibly about 1649
    d. 9 Dec 1672

4. Elizabeth Upson
    b. Possibly about 1652
    d. 20 Jul 1655

5. Stephen Upson
    b. Between 1653-1655
    m. 28 Dec 1682
    d. 5 Nov 1735

CHILDREN with Edmund Scott

1. Joseph Scott b. 1656

2. Edmund Scott b. 1658

3. Samuel Scott b. Abt. 1660

4. Jonathan Scott b. 1661

5. George Scott b. 1664

6. David Scott b. 1666

7. Robert Scott b. 1668

8. Elizabeth Scott b. 1671


Biography of Thomas Upson
by Susan Brooke
June 2020

Originally it was thought that Thomas Upson sailed with his son Thomas in 1638 leaving his wife and daughter Mary behind.  However, it has been speculated that all five children could be from the marriage of Stephen Upson to Elizabeth Fuller. 
On January 3, 1639 Thomas Upson is listed in the Hartford records as one "who received land by courtsey of the town with liberty to fetch wood, etc." so we know he is a landholder and appears to be a man settled down with a family. Savage says some of his children were born in England.  However, there are no records.  Then he is found in the court records a few months later in Aug of 1639 "These following were censured and fined for unseasonable and immoderate drinking att the Pinnace."  Thomas Upson, 20s.
Seven years later he was courting Elizabeth Fuller.  On Aug 21, 1646 she was brought to court.  "Elizabeth Fuller, for comitting fornication is to be severely corrected."  Five months later on Jan 23, 1646/7 "Thomas Upsunn was maryed to Elisabeth fuller."  Elizabeth may have been pregnant.  Their daughter Hannah was born about 1646/7. Some trees say May 25, 1646 but no record of this is evident and that date is before the date of marriage.
Thomas Upson died July 19, 1655 and his daughter Elizabeth died the next day. He left no will.  His inventory was taken Sep 6, 1655.  It contained his house, orchard and other land valued at 20, 2 cows, two heifers, a yoke of oxen, two mares, two calves, four swine, some household items and a musket. It was valued at 108.8s. His debts were over 60 leaving only 39 to go to the widow and children. The widow was ordered to administer the estate.  Elizabeth married Edmund Scott shortly after the death of Thomas Upson.  In 1671 when Edmund Scott was distributing the estate of Thomas Upson he named "To Thomas, Eldest son, 7. To Stephen, 5. To Mary, eldest daughter 4, To Hannah 4."  The rest went to Edmund Scott on behalf of his wife.
So, all we know for sure is that Thomas was the oldest son and Mary the oldest daughter. They could all have been born after 1647, the time of the marriage.  Thomas Upson, Jr was killed Dec 9, 1672 "by an ox-cart going over his head, nigh to the house of Edward Shipton."  He was unmarried.  He had been a servant of John Baysey of Hartford and treated by John Winthrop in 1666. 
 Stephen Upson was a minor in 1674 so born after 1653 and presumably before his father's death in 1655. On April 1, 1674 Stephen Upson, a minor son of Thomas Upson, made choice of Samuel Wyllys to be his Guardian.