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Ann McKinney Geddy  
The child in the photo is her granddaughter Matilda Mcknight, the youngest daughter of Julia Keyes Fenner McKnight  Source Cindy Taylor [email protected]   "Mary McKnight (Molly) Herron gave the picture to Dudley Baker's mother - Mary Gilmore Burgess - when she sold her home in Seguin." It now hangs in a prominent position in the home of a grandson of Dudley & Agnes Baker.
Born: 1767 - 1770 Halifax District, NC


Married: 23 Jan 1788 NC Halifax, Halifax Co., NC


Affidavit from sister Elizabeth stating that Ann married Richard in Halifax, Halifax Co., NC.  Ann was applying for a Revolutionary War Pension


Died: 1851 Jackson, Madison Co., TN


  Will of Ann Fenner   In the name of God I Ann Fenner of Madison State of Tenn. being of sound mind and disposing memory do make this my last will and testiment, hereby revoking all other wills.

I give and bequeath to James Vaulx, ? M Fenner & Calvin Henderson all and every species of property, of every kind of which I shall be entitled to dispose at my death absolutely and fully, to be held by them in trust for the following uses, trust & purposes and for none other to wit. It is my will that my said trustees shall hold all of the property above bequeathed in trust for the sole use and benefit of my beloved daughter Juliana H M McKnight and her heirs forever, with all the increase that may arise there from, it is my will that she be permitted to have possession of all said property of what ever kind it may consist and that she enjoy the use of the same for herself and her heirs, and I further desire that if at any time hereafter it should be the opinion of my above named trustees or such of them as may be living, that the necessities or interest of my said daughter Juliana shall require that all or any part of the property hereby bequeathed shall be sold and the proceeds applied for the use of herself or her heirs, that the same be done and by this will they are hereby empowered to make such sale and application of proceeds.

I give and bequeath to each of my other the sum of five shillings each and my blessing they all knowing the motives that induce me to make the above disposition of my property and that it does not proceed from any preference or favoritism, for I love them all alike.

I constitute and appoint the above named trustees my executors of this my last will and testament hoping they will see it executed as they know I intend.

In testimony whereof I have here to set my hand and seal this 16th day of August 1837 Ann Fenner.

Witnesses who signed in the presence of testator  Mr. H. Burges L. CooPender William F. Henderson C. C. Harris

Codicil     As a codicil to this my last will and testament it is my will and desire and I do hereby bequeath to my son in law James Vaulx as special trustee, my negro girl Ann and her child now living and such increase as she may have hereafter to be held in trust for the sole use and benefit of my daughter in law Miriam Fenner and her heirs forever, to be held by him for her use and enjoyment in the same way as the property above bequeathed to my daughter Juliana Mc Knight hereby revoking my said will so far as relates to the said negro Ann & child but confirming it in every other respect.

My testimony whereof I have herewith set my hand & seal this 15th September, 1842 Ann Fenner

Witness who signed in presence of testator  C. C. Harris  William F. Henderson 

Codicil No 2   As a further codicil to this my last will and testament I Ann Fenner do here will and bequeath to my two grand-children, Laura B. Fenner and Junius P. Fenner children of John M Fenner dec. as tenants in common the negro boy Dick now about seven years old whom I bought from Samuel Lancaster and I ordain & publish this as a part of my last will and testament.

Witness my hand & seal December the 23rd 1850 Ann Fenner

Signed, sealed & acknowledged in our presence on this day of the date   Julius Johnson    Wm H. Burges  

Buried: Bolivar St Cemetery, Madison Co., TN (unmarked)
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John Geddy


Patience McKinnie


Richard John Fenner


1. Ann McKinney Fenner b. Abt. 1790

2. Margaret Fenner b. 1789

3. Richard Henry Fenner b. Abt. 1793

4. William K. Fenner b. 1795

5. Mary Geddy Fenner b. Abt. 1795 Louisburg, Franklin, NC

6. Eliza Geddy Fenner b. 11 Feb 1799 Louisburg, Franklin, NC

7. Martha Matilda Fenner b. 24 Mar 1801 Franklin Co., NC

8. Robert Fenner b. Abt. 1803 Raleigh, NC

9. John McKinney Fenner b. Abt. 1807  Franklin NC

10. Dr. Erasmus Darwin Fenner b. 12 Apr 1807 Louisburg, Franklin, NC

11. Junius Pobton Fenner b. Abt 1811

         d. 18 Dec 1833 Madison Co., TN

12. Juliana Keyes Fenner b. Abt. 1813 NC


From The Fenner Forebears of Samuel Fenner Leslie 1877-1969 by Ruth Leslie Barrett 1987

"In one of the notebooks of Robert Earnie Fenner (1912-1975) says that she was familiarly known to her descendants both as "Lady Ann" and "Grandma Fenner." A statement attributed to her reads that if forced to the alternative she would rather be the mother of ten knaves than one fool.  She was doubtless a remarkable and perhaps imperious old lady.  The title "Lady Ann" which her personality may have earned could have been transferred to the earlier Ann Fenner of Athlumney Castle."