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Peter Huff
Born: Abt. 1678

Married: Abt. 1704

Died Aft 03 May 1748  Raritan, Somerset, NJ    


Derrick Pauluszen Hoff


Aechtje Teunise Covert


Catherine Brokaw


1. Peter Huff    bap 28 Aug 1705 Raritan, Somerset, NJ   1705 Aug 28
Hoof, Pieter & wife              Peter
Witnesses: Piter Lafever and wife, Broeckarts.
2. Borgon Huff   bap 3 Aug 1707 Raritan, Somerset, NJ   1707 Aug 3
Hoff, Piter & wife                Bborgon
 Witnesses: John Broekaers and wife, Koevers.
3. Derck Huff  bap 26 Oct 1709 Raritan, Somerset, NJ   1709 Oct 26
Hoff, Piter & wife                Derck
Witnesses Piter and Maria Broka
4. Kateleyn Huff  bap 30 Apr 1712 Raritan, Somerset, NJ    1712 Apr 30
Hoff, Piter & wife                Kateleyn
Witnesses Isack Brooka: Hilletje Broocka
5. Egjan Huff   bap 18 May 1715 Raritan, Somerset, NJ   1715 May 18
Hoff, Piter & wife               Egjan (?)
Witnesses: Hans Koevers; Aeltie Spieten
6. Gertrude (Maria) Huff   bap 31 Jul 1717 Raritan, Somerset, NJ   1717 Jul 31
Hoff, Piter & wife             Maria
Witnesses Abraham Brocka & wf.
7. Isack Huff  bap 28 Feb 1720 Raritan, Somerset, NJ   1720 Feb 28
Hoff, Pieter & wf Kattryntie    Isack
Witnesses: Wilhelmus Post; Sara Broekaa
8. John Huff  Abt 1723

  Babtism not confirmed
9. Elizabeth Huff   bap 25 Jan 1728 Harlingen, Somerset, NJ    1728 Jan 25
Elizabeth, dau Peter Huff and Catalina Brokaw:
wit  John Brokaw Jr and Catherine Bord

New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, Vol XC, pg 246

"Investigation has revealed that Catrina's husband was Pieter Hoff, a son of Derick Hoff of Maidenhead, N.j.  Pieter is not mentioned among the children of Derick in the latter's will, dated Nov. 19, 1722, and proved Dec. 22, 1730, but he is named as a debtor in the inventory of the estate taken April 7, 1748.  In the will two daughters are named Sarah; this is undoubtedly an error in transcription and one of them was evidently meant for his wife.

Pieter and Richard Hoff were two of the witnesses of the will of Jan Kuvers of Millstone, N.J., who was the husband of Jeane Brokaw  That instrument was dated May 2, 1719, and proved April 1, 1723.  As Pieter named one of his sons Dirck (Richard), it was assumed that the Richard Hoff, signatory of the Kuver's will, was the father of Pieter.  Such has proved to be the case.

Moreover, this Derick Hoff with wife Sarah are undoubtedly the couple listed in the Census of Dutch Inhabitants of Flushing, L.I., in the Census of 1698, for their children, as there given (including a Peter), tally almost exactly with those given in Derick's will of 1722 (Doc. Hist. of N.Y., v. 1, 1849, p. 662).  This also shows that Derick was a son of Paulus Dircks (before the surname Hoff was adopted) who came to America in 1651 and died after 1687.  The latter was a sponsor at the baptism of his grandson Dirck Aug. 29, 1686, in the Brooklyn Dutch Church.

Edwin W. Huff, Jr. East River Road, Neshanic Station, N.J."




Raritan baptisms

Raritan Dutch Church Baptisms

Below are the other baptism involving the name Huff or Hoff.

1706 Apr 14 Andriessen, Andries and wife--Mary. Witnesses: Piter Hoff and wife.

1713 Oct 27 Remer, Jurjen and wife--Elisabet. Witnesses: Piter Hoff; wife of Tam Bort.

1714. June 3. Schol, Piter and wife--Elsjen (?) Witnesses: Piter Hoff and wife.

1717 Oct 15 Broka, Jan and wife--Catalentien. Witnesses: Kataleyn Hoff; Jan Van Middelswaert

1718. Mar. 22. Hayman, Nicolaas and Willemyntje--Sara. Witnesses: Pieter and Cattelyntje Hoff.

1720 Feb 28 Hoff, Pieter and wife, Kattryntie--Isack. Witnesses: Wilhelmus Post; Sara Broekaa.

1739 May 13 Hoff, Bergon and wife, Frantceyntye--Catolintye.


The Pieter HOF will of 3 May 1746, never probated, named Bergon; Dirck; Catterin. wife of Henry Stevens; Isaak; John; Gertje, wife of Abraham Tichworth; Jeane, wife of Burgon Brokaw; and Elizabeth, husband not listed. Pieter HOF had settled in Somerset Co, NJ, along with his BROKAW brothers-in-law. He gave his negro man "Sam" to Dirk and his land to Bergun. He appointed as executors his son Borgone, his cozyne John BROKAW, and his friend William CROOK.