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Joseph Merriam   see Family Tree
Born: Abt. 1600 Hadlowe, Kent, England


Married: Abt. 1623 England    
Died: 01 Jan 1640-41 Concord, Middlesex, MA   The last will & Testament of Joseph Miriam of Concord.
I Joseph Miriam of Concord being weake in bodie, but blessed be God of good memory and sense inwardly do comit my soule to God in Jesus Christ & my body to the earth from whence it came.
Item. I give & bequeath to Sarah my wife all my whole estate towards & for the bringing up of all my children; & I do give to the said Sarah my wife power  and authority to sell my house that I now dwell in if God shall offer such an opportunity  it being larger and bigger than she shall stand in need of; and that overplus of providing a lease house shal be disposed in some way for the good and benefit of my wife & children: And my mind and will is ha my wife shall have the bringing up of all my children untill they come to the age of one and twenty years the sonnes: & the daughters either at that time or at the day of marriage: & my will & mind is that when my eldest child shall come o the age of one & twenty yeares, then my estate shalbe prised & the said Sarah my wife shall have the third part of my estate a that time in possession, whether augmented or diminished, according as God hath blessed it: & my sonns shall have a double portion with my daughters and according as my children come to age, I meane my sonns to one & twenty and my daughters either at that age or at the day of marriage: hey shall receive theire portions according to the proportion of estate at that time when each of them shall come to age or as aforesaid  And my will & mind is that if the said Sarah my wife shall marry againe that then my estate shall be prised: & valued & the said Sarah my wife shall have the third wholely to her selfe; the rest of my estate shalbe for my children, & the increase of that shalbe for the bringing of them up untill my sonne William shall come to one & twenty yeares, & then he shall have his portion as aforesaid:L & then the rest of my estate both principall & increase shalbe preserved for my other children I conceiving they then being sufficient to live of themselves: except it be in case of sickness or infirmity; wch then according to any of theire necessities shalbe supply made out of the stock undivided.
And further my will & mind is, that if my wife be with child; that then none of my children shall have any increase of my stock preserved for them, but according as they come to age they shall receive theire portions as aforesaid; & the increase of the stock still undivided shall go for he bringing up of the yonge one.
And my mind & will is o make my wife my whole executor & with her my trusty & wellbeloved brethren Mr. Thomas Flint, Simon Willard, Robert Miriam, whom I humbly intreate & put in trust to take care & oversee & give counsel to my wife about my estate & children and theire affaires; & especially my wife shall not sell my house or any accommodations without theire councell & approbation or the major part of them.
Proved 26 October, 1642


William Merriam


Sarah Burges


Sarah Goldstone


1. William Merriam b. Abt. 1624

2. Sarah Merriam b. 1626

3. Joseph Merriam b. 1628

4. Thomas Merriam

5. Elizabeth Merriam

6. Hannah Merriam

7. John Merriam b. 09 Jul 1641

His widow was about two months pregnant when he died.  Sarah, his widow, married again to Lieut. Joseph Wheeler on May 19, 1642.  "The three sons, William, Joseph, and John, joined in a quitclaim deed of any rights they might be supposed to have in the estate of Joseph Wheeler, "their father-in-law", April 17, 1667.