Joseph Northrup


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Joseph Northrup                           Immigrant Ancestor                              see FAMILY TREE
Born: 1619 Wilkersfield, Yorkshire, England

Married: Abt. 1646 Milford, New Haven, CT

Died: 11 Sep 1669 New Haven, CT          


Joseph Northrup


Katherine Birdsey


Mary Norton


1. Joseph Northrup b. 17 Jul 1649

2. Samuel Northrup b. 26 Oct 1651

3. Jeremiah Northrup b. 19 Jan 1653/4

4. Zophar Northrup b. 21 Jun 1661

5. William Northrup b. 02 Jun 1666

6. Mary Northrup b. 06 Jan 1669/70

According to Northrup  - Northrup Genealogy by A. Judd Northrup 1908

During the reign of Charles the First, multitudes of Protestant non-conformists emigrated to America.  "Among these seekers for religious freedom were Eaton and Davenport's company, 'of good characters and fortunes.' Joseph Northrup, it is said on good authority, was a member of that company.  They came from England in the ship 'Hector and Martha,' landing at Boston, July 26, 1637.  - On Nov 29, 1630, the little company who had come to Milford from New Haven signed a document which laid the foundation for their government of the 'plantation.'  Jan 9, 1642, Joseph united with The First Church in Milford.  He married Mary, daughter of Francis Norton, who came to Milford from Wethersfield with the Rev. Peter Prudden and his party.  Joseph died Sept. 11, 1669.  His will was dated Sept 1, 1669.  It mentions of his children only Joseph, Samuel, Jeremiah, and John.  Codicil to his will says, ' My mother shall have a living in my house as long as she lives' - perhaps meaning his wife's mother.  His wife survived him, and made her will Jan 24, 1683; mentions Joseph, Samuel, Jeremiah, (omits John, who probably was dead), Zophar, Daniel, William, and Mary -- the latter two being in their minority."