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Mary Roote
Born: Abt. 1650 Farmington, Hartford, CT


Married: 1669 Farmington, Hartford, CT


Died: After: 17 Feb 1719/20    


John Roote


Mary Kilbourne


Isaac Bronson


1. Isaac Bronson b. 1670

2. Lt. John Bronson b. 1673

3. Samuel Bronson b. 1676

4. Mary Bronson b. 15 Oct 1680

5. Joseph Bronson b. 1682

6. Thomas Bronson b. 16 Jan 1684

7. Ebenezer Bronson christened. 08 Apr 1689

8. Sarah Bronson b. 15 Nov 1691

9. Mercy Bronson b. 29 Sep 1694

Mary Roote
by Susan Brooke
Sep 2021

Many sites, including findagrave, give the date of birth of Mary Roote as 6 Aug 1650 in Farmiangton, Hartford, CT. 1)  However, there is no corroborating evidence and these same sites list her death at 13 Jun 1701 which is incorrect.  Based on the estimated age of her first child, Mary Roote married Isaac Bronson about 1669.  Her father, John Roote, died in Aug 1684.  In his will he named his daughter, "Mary, the wife of Isaac Brunson." (2)
Her husband, Isaac Bronson died in Feb 1719/20.  When his estate was settled Mary was named as widow and mother of the children. (3)


(1) Findagrave on Mary Roote

(2)   Will of John Roote

Inventory taken August 1684, by Thomas Porter, John Heart, John Woodruff.  Will dated 22 April, 1684. 
John Roote, sen, of the town of Farmington do make this my last Will & Testament:  I give to my wife Mary Roote a Constant Comfortable maintenance to be paid to her by my Executors during her Widowhood, and oe (Old English) 20.  But in Case she marry again, I give her oe 20 more, and then the Constant maintenance to cease.  I doe solemnly charge my sons Joseph & Caleb, as long as the care of their Mother shall be incumbent upon them, to carry very dutifull and tenderly towards her & see from time to time that she want nothing for her comfortable support and I hope that the Overseers of this my Will will have an eye to this care.  To each of my sons which are already married, 20 shillings; & to my gr. Children 5 Shillings. I give to my daughter Mary, the wife of Isaac Brunson, 15. I do Confirm to my son Steven Roote the 20 acres of Land, which I engaged upon his Marriage with his Wife that now is. I give to my son Joseph both my Looms with all the Tackling. To my sons Caleb & Joseph I give the remainder of my Estate. My sons Caleb & Joseph to be Executors, and Mr. Hooker and Caleb Standly to be Overseers.Witness: Samuel Hooker & Thomas Hooker.John X Roote sen.Court Record (not found) 4 September, 1684: Joseph Roote gave oath to the Inventory.Test: Samuel Talcott.


(3) Estate of Isaac Bronson 17 Feb 1719/20

Whereas our Honoured father, Isaac Brownson, of Waterbury, --- having left a widow, Mary Brownson, to whom as the Law Directs  --- one third of the personal estate forever.---
We the subscribers, Isaac Brownson, John Brownson, Thomas Brownson,k Ebenezer Brownson, Thomas Hikcox and Steven Upson of Waterbury and Sameul Bronson of Farmington and Richard Brosnosn of Woodbury---the children and heirs of the above Isaac Bronson of Waterbury, Deceased, Do take that part of the Estate which Belongs to our mother, the widow, and should have been set our to her by Law etc.

Estate of Isaac Bronson