Stephen Upson



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Stephen Upson
Born: 30 Sep 1686 Waterbury, New Haven, CT



1st: 26 Feb 1712/3 Waterbury, New Haven, CT to Sarah Bronson

2nd: 28 Nov 1750 Waterbury, New Haven, CT to Elizabeth Johnson


  In the name of God Amen
On the eleventh day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred sixty three, I Stephen Upson of Waterbury in New Haven County and colony of Connecticut in  New England being of advanced age but of perfect mind and memory, and calling to mind the mortality of my body and considering yt it is appointed for all men once to die; do make and ordain this to be my last will and testament.  That is to say principally and first of all I give and recommend  my soul into the hand of God to call me away; expecting to receive ye same again at the general resurrection by Almighty Power of God and as to such worldly good or estate as it hath pleased God to bless me with in this life I give devise and dispose of ye same in the following manner and form after the payment of all my just debts and funeral expenses..
To my dear and beloved wife Elizabeth Upson, I give all the portion of good which I received with her, including also a cow, and one third part of all my personal or moveable estate to be her own and her heirs forever--also I give her necessary provision for one years living.
Also I give her the use o fmy part of the house I live in and sufficient room in my barn to bestow hovel for her creatures, and the use and improvement of one third part of my land: these privileges to continue so long she remain my widow.
To my eldest son Stephen Upson whom also I constitute executor of this my last will, I give all my land lying within the inclosure of his home lot bought of John Scott and my lot in Beaver Meadow and all my land lying at the round swamp.  These in addition to what he has already received by deed.
To my son Benjamin Upson I give in addition to what he has already by deed ten acres of land joining to the farm he now lives upon.
To the heirs of my son Joseph deceased in addition to what my said son received by deed, viz, to Ezekiel and Jemima Upson, I give ten acres of land at ye north end of my farm at Judd's meadow southward of Samuel Warner and east of the highway.  Also four acres joining to  land which their father bought of James Hull, meaning yt in the distribution of this and any part of my estate Ezekiel have double to Jemima.
To my daughter in law, Comfort, Widow and relict of my son Joseph Upson deceased,k I give ten pounds out of my estate to be her own and her heirs forever.
Also it is my will yt all my own daughters be made equall in their portions out of my estate, that is to say, yt those which have received least share have so much as to make an equivalent in the whole to her yt has most.
Also it is my will that all the rest of my estate real and personal wherever it be found, be equally divided among my children Steph Upson, Benjamin Upson, Sarah Hicox, Mary Porter, Thankful Johnson, Hannah Sperry and my two grandchildren Ezekiel and Jemima Upson meaning these two last to be equal to one of my children in ye distribution.
And I do hereby disallow revoke and disannual all and every other former wills, testaments, legacies, bequests and executors by me in any way willed or named, ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will.  In confirmation whereof I hereunto set my hand and seal this day and year above written.

Died: 10 Sep 1777 Waterbury, New Haven, CT    


Stephen Upson


Mary Lee


1st  Sarah Bronson

2nd: Elizabeth Johnson

CHILDREN with Sarah Bronson

1. Daniel Upson b. 08 Mar 1713/4

2. Sarah Upson b. 26 Jul 1715

3. Stephen Upson b. 09 Dec 1717

4. Benjamin Upson b. 04 Aug 1720

5. Joseph Upson b. 04 Aug 1720

6. Mary Upson b. 02 May 1724

7. Ebenezer Upson b. 29 Sep 1727

8. Thankful Upson b. 29 Sep 1727

9. Jemima Upson b. 08 Apr 1730

10. Hannah Upson b. 28 Sep 1735

In FEB.1720, he was enumerated with those who had fulfilled all the aricles for making town-land his own.  His house was built, it is thought, by his father.  It was given to him by his father and had a stone chimney.  In may 1732, he was made ensign of the second trainband of Waterbury.  In May 1743 he was made captain of the trainband in the first society in Waterbury.  On Oct. 1743, he was appointed representative for Waterbury  to the general court.  In 1755 he was made townsman.  In 1764 Captain Stephen Upson was appointed on a committee to go out eastward, to lay out a cemetery, the one at Wolcott Center.  It was in 1761 that Abraham Hickox and Stephen Upson Jr. lay before the town the following notable memorial: :"WHEREAS IT HATH BEEN CONJECTURED THAT THE RIVER FROM WATERBURY TO DERBY MIGHT WITH A LITTLE COST BE MADE NAVIGABLE FOR BATTOOING, WE PRAY THAT THIS MEETING WOULD GRANT THAT WHOEVER SHALL SUBSCRIBE AND WORK AT CLEARING SAID RIVER, SHALL FOR EACH DAY'S WORK BE ALLOWED TO HAVE IT GO OFF FOR A HIGHWAY DAY."  On April 23, 1765, he was appointed to a committee to adjudicate the boundary between Waterbury and Milford.  Captain Upson was sent to the May and October sessions of the general court in 1765-66.  In 1767 and 1768 he was a justice of the peace.  In the church his name appears in several capacities.  That he was generous is proved by his gift of five acres "GOOD LAND" as part of the settlement upon Rev. Mark Leavenworth in 1739.  After Sarah's death, Stpehen married Nov. 28, 1750 Waterbury, CT  to Elizabeth b. 8/28/1701 Ct   d. 12/10/1797 Ct. Widow of James Pritchard and daughter of George and Hannah (Dorman) Johnson at Waterbury, Ct.  After the death of his father, he was one of  wealthiest men in Waterbury, Ct.  In 1670, his property was taxed at forty-four pounds.  He was a man of public spirit and outstanding ability as was exemplified by the number of public offices which he was called upon to fill.