Thomas Upson



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Thomas Upson
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Born: 01 Mar 1692/3 Waterbury, New Haven, CT



1st:  28 Jan 1718/9 Waterbury, New Haven, CT to Rachel Judd

2nd: 20 Apr 1753  to Sarah Savage


  gravestone of second wife Sarah reads
the Wife of
Thomas Upson
formerly the wife of
Ebenezer Norton
She died March 11th 1795
in the 88h year of her age
Died: 29 Sep 1761 Farmington (now Southington) , Hartford, CT  
Buried: Oak Hill Cemetery, Southington, Hartford, CT  

Headstone Thomas Upson

Here lies interrd the Relicks of
Mr Thomas Upson he departed
this life Sept. ye 29th 1761 in ye 69th
year of his Age.


Stephen Upson


Mary Lee


Rachel Judd

CHILDREN with Rachel Judd

1. Thomas Upson
     b. 20 Dec 1719 Waterbury, New Haven, CT
    m. 29 May 1749 Hannah Hopkins
    d. 10 Feb 1798 Wolcott, New Haven, CT

2. John Upson
     b. 21 Jan 1720/1 Waterbury, New Haven, CT
     d. 1741

3. Mary Upson
     b. 21 Jan 1720/1 Waterbury, New Haven, CT
    m. 18 Feb 1745/6 Josiah Newell
    d. 20 Feb 1804 Southington, Hartford, CT

4. Josiah Upson
     b. 28 Jan 1723/4 Waterbury, New Haven, CT
    m. Elizabeth Bell
    d. 21 Dec 1806 Marion, Hartford, CT

5. Asa Upson
    b. 30 Nov 1728 Waterbury, New Haven, CT
    m. 17 Jan 1750/1 Mary Newell
    m. 14 Aug 1776 Mehitable Whetmore
    d. 03 Feb 1807 Bristol, Hartford, CT

6. Timothy Upson
     b. 08 Oct 1731 Waterbury, New Haven, CT
    m. 25 Mar 1755 Delight Norton
    d. 4 Sep 1799 Southington, Hartford, CT

7. Amos Upson
     b. 17 Mar 1733/4 Southington, Hartford, CT
    m. 27 Feb 1766 Sarah Woodruff
    d. 8 Jul 1819 Southington, Hartford, CT

8. Samuel Upson
     b. 08 Mar 1736/7 Southington, Hartford, CT
    m. 5 Apr 1759 Ruth Webster Cowles
    d. 25 Feb. 1816 Wolcott, New Haven, CT

9. Freeman Upson
     b. 24 Jul 1739 Waterbury, New Haven, CT
    d. 19 Jul 1750  Waterbury, New Haven, CT


Upson Family in America 1940 pg 20

"Thomas Upson spent the first forty years of his life in Waterbury where his father was an influential citizen who had given home sites to his three sons. In 1715, he was made a proprietor and lived on Cole Street near East Main Street. Thomas and John married sisters, Rachel and Elizabeth Judd, whose father owned a vast tract of land on Southington Mountain, which they would eventually share. The idea of settling there proved so attractive that in February 1732, Thomas sold his property in Waterbury, which is described as three and a half acres with house and barns, to Jonathan Baldwin for one hundred and fifty pounds. During that year, Thomas and John removed with their families to Southington Mountain. Thomas and Rachel affiliated with the Church of Southington Parish and they are buried near the site of the first Meeting House, which is marked by a boulder. The graves of Thomas, Rachel and Freeman, and Sarah, are the three oldest Upson gravestones extant."


History of Waterbury, CT by Henry Bronson, 1858 pg 194

"Thomas; b. Feb. 14, 1692-3; was accepted as a 40 pound proprietor in 1715; m. Rachel, d. of Dea. Thomas Judd, and d. in 1761.  He lived on Cole street, near East Main, on the place owned first, by John Richards.  His father bought it of Benjamin Warner, executor of Thomas Warner, and in 1718, gave it to the son, with the house.  In the deed making this grant, the father 'thinks it reasonable to consider' his sons 'above' his daughters, in the distribution of his estate, and orders the gift 'not to be recorded as part or portion in the distribution' of his estate among his children.  In Feb. 1732-3, Thomas Upson sold out to Jonathan Baldwin for 150 pounds money, the property being described as 'three and a half acres of land with a house and barn,' etc. He then removed to Farmington, afterwards Southington, and now the eastern part of Wolcott, (Southington Mountain.)



First Will of Thomas Upson

In the name of God Amen, the thirteenth day of January in the year of our Lord one Thousand Seven hundred and Fifty, we Thomas Upson and Rachel Upson his wife of Farmington in the County of Hartford and Colony of Connecticut In New England, being in Good health and of perfect mind and memory thanks be given to God, therefore calling to mind the Mortality of our Bodies and Knowing that it is Appointed for all men once to dy and being desirous that our Estate may be settled according to our minds, do make and ordain this as our last will and testament. That is to say Principally and first of all we give and recommend our Souls Into the Hand of God who gave it and our bodies we recommend to the earth to be buried in decent and Christian Manner at the discretion of our Executor whenever yt shall be the pleasure of God to Call us out of this world Nothing doubting but at the General Resurrection we shall Receive the Same Again by the Almighty power of God--and as touching such worldly Estate wherewith yt has Pleased God to bless us in this life, we Give Devise and Dispose the Same in the following Manner and Form.
Imprimis, we Constitute and Appoint Thomas Upson our eldest Son the Executor of this our Last will and testament and whoever of us dy first, we constitute the Surviving testator an Executor or Executrix of this our last will and testament with our son Thomas Upson.
And I Thomas Upson do give and bequesth to my wife Rachel Upson if she outlive me, one third part of my House and Land under improvement for her maintenance so long as she remains my widow. Also I give her the one third part of all my moveables or personal estate to be by here disposed of, posessed and enjoyed as her own forever.
Also I Thomas Upson having given my son Thomas Upson a deed of Gift of Certain Lands in Waterbury in the parish of Westbury, I reckon yt the full and whole of his portion out of my estate considering him as my Eldest Son.
Also all the remainder of my Estate, Real and personal not disposed of I give to my Sons Josiah Upson, Asa Upson, Timothy Upson, Amos Upson, Samuel Upson, Freeman Upson and my daughter Mary to be equally divided among them. Counting what each of them have Received as portion in my life time to make them Equal.
Also It is my will that my Daughter Mary take her part or portion out of the personal or moveable estate, each of their portions to be set out to be by them fully possessed and enjoyed forever.
Also I the said Rachel Upson do dispose of the Lands coming to me by descent in the manner of following: First to my son Thomas one quarter part of a Lott as it lies undivided in the west division on the Mountain and is the 46th lott in number and was originally John Lee s Lott in Said Division, one quarter of which lott I give to my son Thomas to be by him freely possessed and enjoyed forever.
2d to my son Asa Upson, I give part of a lot called purchase land and to begin at the west at a point, and to run eastward till it comes to the fence a little westward of Judd Brook so called and one acre at the southwest corner of Judd Lott so called in pant Horn Division the 83rd Lott, Also one fifth part of Richardson s Lott and is the 47th lott in number and lies undivided which parcel of Land I hereby Make it over and Give yt to him my son Asa to be by him freely possessed and enjoyed forever.
Also I the said Rachel do Give and bequesth to my son Amos Upson and my daughter Mary Newell one third part of a lott called Wyllys s Lott lying on the Mountain and is the 81 st Lott for number, my whole right in this Lott which is one third part and lies undivided. I give unto my son Amos and Daughter Mary as Above to be by them freely possessed and enjoyed forever.
Also to my sons Samuel Upson and Freeman Upson, I Give and bequesth one half of a lott lying on the Mountain and to take the south side of the Lott as the division is begun and is the 83rd lott in number which I give to them and is my whole Right in this lott to be by them freely possessed and enjoyed forever, and it must be understood the lands disposed of as above ly in Farmington bounds in the County of Hartford in Connecticut and I the said Rachel do give and bequesth any and all the Lands that shall appear belonging to me and not disposed of wherever the same may be found, unto my children Thomas, Josiah, Amos, Asa, Samuel and Freeman and Mary to be Equally divided among them.
My sons Josiah and Timothy, I have considered by Deed of Gift.
Also it is the will of the Testatrix that where two have Lands Given together that they shall Divide the Lands Equally between them according to Quantity and Quality.
Also it is our will that our lawful debts be paid within some convenient time after our Decease and we do hereby utterly disallow, revoke and disannual all and every other and former testaments, wills and legacies and executors by us in any ways before named wills and bequests. hereby ratifying and confirming this and no other to be our last will and Testament in witness whereof we have hereunto set hands and affixed our seals the day and year above written.
Signed, sealed, published, pronounced and declared by the said Thomas Upson and Rachel Upson as their last will and testament in the presence of us the subscribers.

Thomas Upson
Rachel Upson
John Southmayd
Thomas Porter
Dan'l Southmayd


Later will of Thomas Upson leaving his estate to his second wife, Sarah.

On the twenty second day of December in the year of our Lord one Thousand Seven hundred Sixty, I Thomas Upson of Farmington in ye Colony of Connecticut in New England, being of perfect mind and memory. Thanks be to God for it, do make and ordain this to be my last Will and Testament. That is to say principally and first of all. I give and recommend my Soul into the Hand of God who gave it, and my Body. I recommend to the Earth to be decently interred at the discretion of my Executor, when it shall please God to call me away, expecting to receive ye same again by Almighty Power of God at the General Resurrection; and as to such worldly goods or estate as it hath pleased God to bless me with in this Life. I give devise and dispose of same in the following manner and form.

I give to my dear and beloved wife Sarah Upson all yt she brought with her to be her own and at her disposal. Also I give her a right in my House and Barn and the use of one third Part of my Improved Lands about the House and liberty of her getting her firewood on my Land; these Privileges to be enyoyed so long as she (cares to live where she now is) abide my widow. Also I give her one year s Provision out of my estate for herself and what She shall have after my decease.
I give her also a Cow and a Horse and the Bed and Furniture of it which we purchased together.
Also to my Son Thomas Upson in addition to what I have before given him, I give all my right in the undivided lands of Waterbury and Forty Acres in Watertown at a place called Tame buck--entered Waterbury Record Book 9 page 431--two pieces of it and the other a Five Acre piece.
Also to my Son Amos, whom I constitute Executor of this my Last Will, I give my dwelling House and Barn to be his own and heirs forever.
Also to my sons Josiah and Amos, I give all my Land lying near my House both on the east and west side of the highway to be equally divided between them.
Having already settled my other Sons, I give all my personal or moveable estate to be equally divided among all my children viz: Thomas, Asa, Timothy, Josiah, Amos, Samuel Upson and my daughter Mary Newell to be equally divided among them.
And I do hereby ratify and confirm this to be my last Will utterly disallowing, revoking and disannulling all other forms, wills, legacies, testaments and Executors by me in any Will named, confirming this and no other to be my last Will.
In confirmation whereof I hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above written


signed, sealed, published and pronounced
by the said Thomas Upson to be his last will in presence of
Mark Leavenworth
Samuel Barnes
Sarah Leavenworth

Two of his children, Asa Upson and Mary Upson, married siblings.  Asa Upson married Mary Newell. Mary Upson married Josiah Newell.