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My Morlock Tree


Broughton Family Tree

This is a work in progress.  I have been researching the Broughtons for four years now. I have meet many  relatives through my online research. Willim Storie of New York contributed a great wealth of information on the early Broughtons. Donald Broughton shared these notes with me. Donald has been researching the Broughton name for many years and has discovered so many facts and locations.  Thank you Donald for sharing these discoveries with me. In January 2001 Walt Broughton of CA sent me a wonderful CD with over 16,000 names.  The CD was full of facts about the Broughtons.  Thank you Walt. Chuck and Dotie Broughton shared a great book on the Pennsylvania Broughtons.  The book "The Pine Creek Families" was written by Rhoda English Ladd.  Rhoda and her husband have done extensive research on the families of Tioga County, PA.  Esther Harier was the first Broughton relative I ran into online and she supplied with the first clues on how all the Broughtons were related.  John Broughton, Lois Lang, Marjorie Close, Kathy and Mel Jangard, and Beth Wills have added information on their branches of the tree. And the others who wish their names not to be included.  Another wonderful source was the online page of Tioga County, PA which is run by Joyce Trice who has done a marvelous job providing internet searchers like myself a wealth of resources.  Visit Joyce's site sometime and see all she has to offer. At the left you will see a table of contents for this book and below is a summary of each chapter.

The Tree

Chapter One is of course the family tree.  You can see all the names and how they are related.


Here will be the census for the families

Military Records

There has been a Broughton serving in every war since the Indian uprisings before we were a country.  I have tried to find as many records as possible for these brave men who served our country.

Death Records

This chapter deals with obituaries and death certificates.



Photos of Broughton tombstones.  These are from all over the country.


Photos of Broughton past and present


This is the most fun chapter of the Broughton book.  Here I have related stories of past Broughtons.  Read the love story of Mary or about the Indian massacre of Thomas's family.

Land Records

Here will be deeds and land patents for our Broughtons


This chapter will have other records that I have found. (marriage, wills, family bibles, etc.)