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July 22, 2009: This database represents an on going effort at recording the descendants of Alice Freeman Thompson Parke. It will be updated periodically. It should not be considered a finished genealogy. It is simply a tool that I use in my own efforts in compiling a genealogy of Alice Freeman's descendants. It's primary purpose is to allow me access to my current working database from locations other than home. Since it is therefore publically available thru internet access, you are welcome to use it as well. However, it should be used as a source for further research and not as final word. Users should take the time to verify or confirm all information found on this site, either by checking the source cited, or by confirming with complimentary sources. Use the "Surname Index" or "Master Index" to locate specific individuals of interest. The various charts, also provide direct links to individual profiles.

Alice Freeman was probably born between 1595 and 1600, in Northamptonshire, England. There she was married to John Tompson (or Thompson) in 1616. Her marriage, the baptisms of six children, and the burial of one, are recorded in the church records at Preston Capes, Northamptonshire. As the widow, Alice Tompson, she came to New England with at least three daughters and settled at Roxbury, Massachusetts probably sometime late in the decade of the 1630s. Records of the marriages of daughters Bridgett and Mary are found at Roxbury in March 1640/41 and December 1641 respectively. Daughter, Dorothy Tompson, was married at Weathersfield, Connecticut to Thomas Parke on 20 October 1644. Only a few months prior, widow Alice Tompson had married widower, Robert Parke, the father of Thomas. Robert and Alice soon relocated to Stonington, Connecticut.

Through her three daughters, Alice Freeman can claim to be the ancestress of tens of thousands of descendants, now found worldwide. Among them are many persons of note including U.S. Presidents, leaders in the worlds of industry, finance, arts, and entertainment, as well as well known British figures, Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Diana Spencer, the Princess of Wales. In addition, a Royal ancestry as been demonstrated for Alice Freeman. Her accepted Royal ancestry has changed over time as new research has come to light. The currently accepted ancestry that should be referenced can be found in Gary Boyd Roberts, The Royal Descents of 600 Immigrants to the American Colonies or the United States (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 2004). All of this makes Alice Freeman one of the more interesting 17th century immigrants to the American Colonies. The fact that all of her descendants flow through three daughters makes the job of documenting her descendants all the more challenging (there is no single surname to follow as most compiled genealogies do).

As mentioned above, this is a work in progress, and although the initial launching of the website is limited in the number of persons included, it will be updated periodically. In addition to the descendants of Alice Freeman some other families, primarily ancestors of Warren A. Beeman, and some collateral families, can be found on this website.

Please note that data on living persons or persons of the most recent two generations has not been included.