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(The below Counties are in alphabetical order)

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Jefferson County, AL:

William Smyer Obituary - 1945 (Provided by WNS)

Mobile County, AL:

Cameron Lawrence Browder Death Certificate

Lawrence Sanders Browder Death Certificate


Montgomery County, AL:

1850 Mortality Schedule--Montgomery County, AL - William Browder

John A. Rollo to Dorcas Monny Marriage Record - 1834


Pike County, AL:

Hardy Browder to Anna Morris-25 April 1839

Sarah Browder to Coleman Powell-27 September 1839

John M. Browder to Elizabeth Fowler-5 January 1842

James R. Browder to Elmira Ann Clark-21 Jul 1846

Charlotte Browder to Henry Parker-3 August 1846

Lucinda Browder to William Barnhill-2 September 1846

Arthur M. Browder to Sarah M Clark-18 June 1848

J. O. Browder to A.E. Huggins-5 January 1877

M. R. Browder to Olive Caston-8 December 1883

Mary J. Browder to George W. Flowers-24 December 1885

J. N. Browder to Elizabeth Stanley-14 November 1892

Nettie Browder to William Andrews-12 April 1902

Gussie Browder to John Hughes-9 March 1903

Nettie Browder to J. T. Strickland-6 March 1905

Willie Browder to Mathew Murphee-25 June 1905

James Napolian Browder to Berta Bill Partin-9 November 1919

James Napolian Browder to Berta Bill Partin(#2)-9 November 1919

Hardy Browder, Jr. to Sarah Ann Browder-15 November 1855

Martin V. Browder to Eliza A. Northcutt-27 December 1865

Melissa F. Browder to George T. Hooks-3 January 1866

Matilda Browder to Laurence Rollo-4 January 1866

Martha Browder to William Price-8 August 1866

Elisabeth Browder to Lewis B. Hooks-10 December 1868