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Ambrose Brown was born March 15, 1820, in Manchester, Ontario County, New York, to Ballou and Rhoba Brown. On November 17, 1841, he married Matilda Allen, daughter of Jedediah and Mary Pearsall Allen. In 1853, they moved to Galesburg, Michigan. Ambrose died October 27, 1880, and Matilda died (in Chicago) on September 8, 1901.

They had five children, three of whom died young.

Jediah Allen Brown, b. 7-12-1844; d. 8-27-1847

Henry Ambrose Brown, b. 7-1-1850; m. Nancy Catherine Keith 10-5-1872; d. 5-22-1901

Thadeus Brown, b. 5-31-1852; d. 5-31-1853

Theodore Brown, b. 5-31-1852; d. 10-28-1852

Willis Allen Brown, b. 3-18-1860; m. Elizabeth Ogden 11-12-1884; d. 2-16-1932

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