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This is the home page for the Brown Family originally descended from William Brown, born in 1702 in Scotland or Northern Ireland. William emigrated to Blandford, Massachusetts from Northern Ireland with the Ulster Scots in the religous turmoil of the early 18th century (about 1730). For more information on the full family tree please use the link below to see all 1800+ members. I want to thank "cousin" Herman C Brown of VT his well documented contributions, without which I would be years behind. I also recommend the book "Ulster Scots and Blandford Scouts" for a little background on this family's history, as well as "The Decendants of Robert Brown of Madison County by Leon Brown". Here is this line of Browns, as we know them:

Name Birth/Death Location Spouse Birth/Death Location Chld. Spouse Mother Spouse Father Location Chld.
William Brown 1702/1763 Blandford, Mass Martha Miller 1704/? Blandford, Mass List ? ? ? List
Solomon Brown 1737/1786 Blandford, Mass Jenne Anderson 1739/1802 Ireland List ? ? Ireland List
Samuel Brown 1765/1829 Granville, New York Elizabeth Prindel Gillette 1765/1839 Granville, New York List ? ? ? List
David S Brown 1797/1868 Delhi, New York Orpha Duell 1797/1890 Delhi, New York List ? ? Granville, New York List
James Henry Brown 1824/1892 Center, Wisconsin Jeanette Thorburn 1835/1901 Center, Wisconsin List Margaret Glendinning George Thorburn Roxburgh, Scotland List
Adam Tobias Brown 1875/1903 Center, Wisconsin Florence N Hayford 1882/1908 Whitewater, Wisconsin List Martha Ann Munger Selim S Hayford Parma, New York List
Ervin McColl Brown 1901/1944 Janesville, Wisconsin Viola Pierce 1906/1983 Janesville, Wisconsin List Caroline Sahloff Alan Pierce Janesville, Wisconsin List
Ervin George Brown 1933/Pres Janesville, Wisconsin Elaine Lois Amble 1932/Pres Janesville, Wisconsin List Edna May Helgeson Lawrence E Amble Dane, WisconsinList
Matthew Ervin Brown 1963/Pres Janesville, Wisconsin Kelly Ann Hawley 1972/Pres Utica, Michigan List Susan Marie Owen Murray Charles Hawley Sterling Heights, MichiganList

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