Bowhay, Friend, Lowery, McMicken, Lindsey, McHaley, Mahaley, Mahala


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1931; Dad, myself,


and grandfather near

Sanger, California.






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This site includes all of my ancestors that I know of, and some individuals connected by marriage, and their ancestors.

More verification is needed regarding the accuracy in cases where there might be some reasonable doubt.

In addition to McHaley, Mahaley, Mahala lines—all of my mother’s and my father’s lines are included.

For every individual, up to five generations of ancestors or descendants are displayed per web page. So, click a 5th generation ancestor (on the right), or a 5th generation descendant to show more generations.

*  List of Surnames


    William Michaely and Catherine Strecker’s children became families with the surnames of McHaley, Mahaley, and Mahala. It seems certain that Henry McHaley was a part of this family, although it remains yet to be shown whether he was a son. There are many questions to be resolved. I am grateful for the many people that have helped in the research.

     For information about the surname variations, and members of this early family, look at

       William MICHAELY and Catharine STRECKER and their children



Donna Hull has contributed information about early families on the Kings River in Fresno County, California, including their ancestors. She is the author of two books; "And then there were three thousand", and "Jacob Miller, Our Immigrant...And More".
Donna Hull


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