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When I started this research over ten years ago I was convinced that my McHALEY line was ofScotch-Irish orIrish origin, for such was the family lore. I held to this presumption strongly for a long time.

I telephoned a McHALEY in Colorado who described that his family came from Germany in the mid 1800ís, and changed their name. So, I became aware that this possibility might apply to our family.

At Boris Neubertís website in Germany I found a lot of research that he has done on families with surnames that might be German counterparts to our family, including MICHAELY. But, I found no direct evidence connecting us to Germany.

I created a database of census, court, land, marriage, military, and will records of MICHAELEY sounding names in North Carolina. Surprisingly, I found that often records indexed as MCHALEY, included MAHALA and MAHALEY name variations. And I found that records indexed at MAHALA, or MAHALEY included the McHALEY name. Variations included MAHALA, MAHALAY, MAHALEY, MAHALY, MALEY, McGALEY, MCHALY, MCHALEY, MCKALEY, MEHALA, MEHALEY, MICHAELY, MICHALEY, MICHALY, MHALY, MHALEY, and MICHALY. This data made it apparent that the surname was very fluid in the early 1800ís. Generally by the 1840ís descendants became established as MAHALA, MAHALEY, or MCHALEY.

So far, the evidence is from secondary sources, and should not be assumed to be entirely correct. Hopefully it will be more fully verified that the children are siblings and not cousins. Bible and church records would be helpful.



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